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was a prodigy gang all right part of the game I'm not about to get all Angela your family we just touched down in the egg if you're new to this channel man make sure y'all go ahead and subscribe make sure y'all turn on that puzzle notification make sure you spend the comments right now team Trey it's about to be a live law we just touched down in Atlanta as you can see but basically mostly all the youtubers coming down Sam Lana you feel me so we ona joining Bret we got some crazy stuff to do with Sean's today say sit over there out in Starbucks she wanted some Starbucks oh shoot all the way over there there's some Starbucks this videos about to be so crazy look and say look it's a she's so excited but we do want them baby we just got off the plane man but look ya'll look how gorgeous this is this is this the airport area so yeah look how gorgeous come on camera focus but party mango let's go ahead and get this log to you feel me let's get into 50 likes yeah I'm saying I want to see blog so we give me our blogs today loaded up go ahead and do this do the car all right gang so we just jump up the flight we will lay right now it's some chick filet and then we got a we got an epic surprise for the auto later say is botherby like crazy all right that's cool but do something I know where we get you feel a chick-fil-a right now I need somebody before us now go ahead get back to the house and go to sleep [Applause] all right buddy tell me like we got a big ol supplies right now saying I will meet you with the girls I want my dog keys can you say what's up to the karaoke practice hey make sure that go ahead and subscribe to a channel Bri bringing keys is gonna be in the description below but look yeah I told you our man we got an epic we got a happy week coming man videos getting posted we've got to show you out right now he is in Atlanta Georgia we papa turn this motherfucker city up this week Godfather see how the videos getting posted well I'm about to show you how to surprise that we have for y'all right now we bout to pull up to our destination breasts bring up out to be like what the hell you feel me don't go down man yes I just when they go down like come on man like come on you got one minute we bout to pull up it one many yeah I'm so excited I think we've been waiting for this motherfucking trip since I tell me you gonna turn down this plane yeah it's gonna be right there on the right it says state look at this shit alright yeah so damn so the up is this house right here so yeah look at this surprise look at the house you got turning that one look at the house that we we staying come on man ain't come around look yeah look at the place we gonna hop out say sitting right here she's still with the girls there's one of them here at oh not not no no Brad look at it crave Radley let it create Oh play oh yeah so this is the first bedroom right here when we told you our leg TV or noir right we want to turn it up look they're gonna bathroom make sure you seen the bathroom man everything looking right all right yeah look at the kitchen oh look at it I'm gonna catch it right tell me Brad tell me we in house Austin Brenda like everybody we here with you already know my boy Leo I'm gonna see the garage I'm gonna see the garage yeah look at the living room area though look let's go up Brad come on man come on look at me come on now here's the garage area this world will be getting our little Dino so look any other YouTube and Atlanta right now come out come fuck with us we got the Airbnb fill me everything turning up let's turn up let's turn up look let's turn up though you feel me yeah yeah yeah hold on yeah we will go to the other little dining room area leave the dining room area okay okay let's get it you've met me if you're not hype man may I know what you're doing man we're gonna stare a little stairway come on man who you know in Atlanta with a coat of cream our way you let me look right so look is this my letter right here okay so this is another room leave this room Italy is oh my oh my God look the bathroom with the carpet with the toilet in the bathtub oh well telling you where we another room right here look at it well we turn it up look another coffee Brad come on let's turn up hi so yeah yup saw the laundry room y'all see the laundry room you know got a really worried about that now y'all just the grand finale this with me and say say room look yeah say say right here like oh yeah man leave look at the closet though look ya'll mean say say right there having a little tool a one-on-one talk from me blud we were out there going look at the bathroom row that's what I say every look oh my look look at this well hold on look at this look at the mirror with that time money oh my god Yeah right look at the turtle oh my god bro we turn it up this week yeah we going up with it we're going up yeah yeah I'm with it I'm with it I like this y'all comment down below got like this little um on $5,000 Airbnb house tour you feel me look at the chandelier Ayanna say what's up the beer say what's up to the YouTube channel you flew me it makes me I'll go follow them they're gonna be the description down below I honor the mirrors well you remember me yeah this shit this shit nice alright prodigy gang so look listen st. shake night here we're gonna try to get her good reaction also y'all make sure I hit up with a prank though that will be coming real soon a lot of stuff coming basically trying to see we get our reaction if we don't y'all see her in the next video we are put in post on video daily this week and staying someone to next week hopefully but other than that part you get we love y'all make sure y'all subscribe to the channel make sure you turn on pulsing off the game make sure you go ahead and spend the comments right now team training team say say and all other teams as well that's with us for because it's about being a big ol lot of stuff coming so love y'all gang stay tuned for the next video game

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