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I have lived a very unorthodox life and want to share my learnings I’ve picked up along the way. That’s why I started my podcast, #Life, #Love and #Entrepreneurship.

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Deepak Shukla is the Founder and CEO of Pearl Lemon, a multi-award-winning, full-service SEO agency in London.

Deepak bootstrapped the business from his mum’s place to a £275k company in less than 24 months. He’s since gone on to invest in algorithmic trading, launch 5-figure online courses and continues to grow.

Bootstrapping aggressive growth automation are key tenets of anything Deepak will start

Deepak has featured in TEDx, SEMrush, BBC, Chelsea FC, Appsumo, Bright Talks & more

When he’s not running his agency, you’ll find him running marathons (24 so far) completing Ironmen 2 so far, getting inked 40% body coverage or playing with his cat Jenny.

Trained British Soldier
24x Marathon runner
3x Ultramarathon Runner 50-125km
2x Full Iron Man – South Africa & Holland
1x Fight Won via TKO Muay Thai in Rio, Brazil
Lived homelessly for 1 week
50+ Countries Backpacking
9 Countries Lived In – Amsterdam, Malaga, Malta, Lisbon, Turin, Rio, Lausanne, London, Tbilisi
30+ dives – PADI Rescue Diver
1200+ Km Hitchhiking from London-Tallinn, Estonia in 3.5 days
50+ Tattoos
150 songs
Performed w/Mobo award-winning Rachel Kerr & Nate James
Warm up act for music group Roll Deep
Music Recording Studio – 200+ clients nationwide
Tutoring Company – 120k+ annualized revenue Y2
Online education marketplace. Raised £75k
Freelanced whilst travelling the world 24 months
TedX Speaker on Social Media
19 million views Quora
250k+ Youtube views
15k+ students Udemy 100+ reviews
20+ courses Skillshare w/250+ followers
15k LinkedIn connections
21+ podcast features



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hey folks is deepak shukla here again welcome back to another episode of life love and entrepreneurship and today I'm going to talk about a expression as put forward by a former Navy SEAL I really should know his name but you can google it it's an expression I've actually got to tune up on my body my body my body now beneath a zombie soldier that I've gotten blazoned across my chest so just beneath that I have a quote that is not dead can't quit and that's what I want to talk about today and I want to talk about that in relation to the efforts that we make in all the things that we do in in our lives it's it's a really incredible expression and I've recently spent some time around military or army men shall we say and it's it's it really is the case it was really interesting rather to hear of how they spoke of the kind of modern the modern the modern youngster the modern teenager and how they're growing up in a much kind of well more pleasant and not as harder environment as the kids of yesteryear used to grow up in and the upside of this of course is you know the advancements we see and I don't know technology gaming culture modern media whatever it might be the downside of it in terms of people's willingness to stay committed the ability to go through pain and come out the other side to endure basically has just massively reduced in this kind of AD hey ADHD kind of culture that that we live in so it takes you back to this concept of not dead can't quit and you know I've I've been away for two weeks so I was on holiday you might have noticed that my podcast kind of dried up and I took some time to kind of go away and completely kind of zone out and remove myself from technology and the world quote-unquote and I've come back and it's day one today and Here I am literally jumping back onto to a podcast and I think that it's something that we all fall guilty of sometimes it's very very easy to take the lazy path and the lazy path can still involve hard work some of the time it can still involve you know getting up and going to your nine-to-five or you know carrying out the the chores or the routines that you do on a daily basis working to the extent that you feel absolutely shattered to the bone that you feel that you've got nothing left more to give it's precisely the point when we as human beings can go so so so much further come back extremely tired and there's you know a couple of friends I was away with that are taking this time to go and kind of you know relax and unwind for several days I did go for an 8 mile run as soon as I got back yesterday Here I am today it's 9:20 a.m. and I'm putting together a podcast and not that I'm any kind of inspiration or role model to follow but I think that we are always capable of doing more than you know we ever think is possible and it's it's really really important to kind of remind ourselves in those moments where we feel like we want to give up we feel like you know this is not quite for me I don't know whether I want to do this anymore or for example when momentum gets lost in the case of this podcast I was podcasting daily and you know I took her there was a hiatus as I was away for two weeks as I said and as always the case with my kind of 10 minutes sound bite so I record that you know this one Pat's might not be as strong as the others maybe I might not have a current message but the really important thing is that I I didn't want to I don't want to kind of quit on this project even when there's perhaps lots of logical reasons to say okay well you know let's focus on another project or let's focus on something that's going to bring me some kind of monetary gain immediately or I can't be bothered because it's been a while and it no longer feels because I've kind of broken the habit natural to be talking into you know my my system setup that I've got here and whilst I record this podcast and you're going to have moments like that you're gonna have moments where it's going to be really easy for you to give up especially when there's no one there to tell you to keep going when there's no one there to tell you to carry on and to continue that the path that you're on is a righteous and or noble path in those moments you're kind of intrinsic strength and value really does come into play and there's you know a distinct parallel between physical output in terms of exercise and training or stretching yourself and how that translates into your personal life 100% that is the case so an example of that is with the 8 mile run I did yesterday one of the things I'm trying to do so trying to get my 8 mile run time down to 56 minutes I want to be able to run seven-minute miles because I eventually want to run a much faster math and then I have a late and I at the moment yesterday came in at around 59 30 I believe so I'm running at approximately seven seven minutes 26 seconds per per mile so I need to bring that down by almost one more but almost 30 seconds per mile which is which is a significant amount of time so that's kind of the aim and it didn't mean that yesterday it wasn't the most kind of pleasant run but in that moment when I reached the six mile mark where it would have been definitely definitely easier to kind of just take my foot off the pedal slow down and then accept that maybe okay I'll do an you know hour and two minute run I gave off my best and my fastest mile I ironically was my last mile because I tried to put in everything that I could and it wasn't Pleasant it didn't it doesn't you know did hurt but the reward that I got was I'm edging closer to it considering I was on a two-week holiday to go out and get that eight mile run time of an hour I'm really happy about and that for me means that today I'm like what deeper yes push yourself put this podcast out continue with your podcasting journey because it's one that is of importance to me it is on value and I want to keep building in consistency in turn my life and the podcast is one of the ways of doing that by building a focal point around which I can build out other things so think about what that means for you not dead can't quit where are their areas in your life where you could be giving more doing more where perhaps you feel that you're not getting the results that you want to or that it's just too damn hard and remember that at the point at which we reach our what we consider to be perhaps physical or mental limitations the human body and the mind if it so wills the body can do up to more than 50% more than we think it's capable of it's you know it's a very reason why people are able to achieve extraordinary things extraordinary things in their lives because really the bar isn't some kind of predetermined medical you know limitation where we think we should be it isn't a reference point of what someone else has achieved the bar is simply wherever you choose to set it and every day you can go out and do incredible things as people are whether it's you know normal human beings quote unquote Allah Eddie Izzard who ran 50 marathons in 50 days whether it's a Elon Musk who you know has companies incredibly incredible world-changing companies he just keeps on building and creating or whether it's you know your next-door neighbor who is the most efficient and productive person you've ever met it is whatever it means for you not dead can't quit and the biggest thing about you know recording this podcast today was about podcasting again after being away you know on a holiday for a few weeks and I've come back now and there's that small element of post holiday blues you know I'm coming back and I'm going into work and there's this whole misnomer that you know I'm always 100% excited all of the time no I'm definitely not always 100% excited all the time sometimes I have my days where I slump and yesterday I was I was drinking I'm back here it's on a Monday I am back into working I am back into recording this podcast and I just want to remind you that you are not dead so you can't quit keep going live by that Navy SEALs Creed I've got it tattooed upon my chest and I implore you the however hard you might think something something is you're definitely absolutely 100% capable of doing you

One thought on “Not Dead, Can't Quit – A Navy Seals Creed | LLE Podcast | Deepak Shukla

  1. Where In your podcast did u give credit to Richard “Mack” Machowicz for creating NDCQ and not only that, it’s trademarked?

    This was established through the SEAL teams advertisement that said, “a man can only be beaten in two ways. If he gives up or if he dies!”
    Mack shortened it to not dead can’t quit! He was my friend and I would appreciate it if you give him the credit he deserves!

    RIP Brother!

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