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right [Applause] Sam yo 1742 he'd understand what you're like a little baby like your Nigerian accept it be proud away in from where was it let me ask you where out of way of you are learn and you and find you were born in the plane what would you become I was not born in the plane why will your bone there play why was the fight play would you become maybe the reason why your community because you think you're born you can answer the question I just your question right but you can't answer a man if you were born in the plane let's let me finish you're not let me finish you're not from Israel you can't answer the questions ago so I like to concede my Christian life my question is pending for you you know when something's pending on the computer and your words all day is depending give me the answer if you were born in the plane or you were born in the cruise ship what would you be caught on Sonya British Airways okay so you can okay you can't you see the stock because you see when you know the truth right you can never be stuck here what was that you can never be stopped because what is trying to prove and he was trying to do that some of the Jews here right they were born in England but you see cut himself do how come the runway you burn doesn't make is the gene is the bloodline that's what makes you an example you are not in a bloodline example the royal family their Christian family right Charles Cochran's chance at war points as Prince chest ever drop is royalty and sale today I'm not gonna B's I'm gonna stop being a prince today I'm going to be a Christian when you speak in wisdom wisdom doesn't make sense to a fool you know Sammy because if you are if you are smarter when you are born a prince regardless of order philosophy you go David can kill David you don't this way you see these people right they don't start nothing man prove me wrong when you try to use water you try to use the word ready now you Peter University graduates right tell me what is the root word of Roddy give me the etymology of the root word ready and tell me the origin of the word he uses so you do that you have you know you cannot do you know why you cannot you don't study a damn thing man I don't study yes the world when you go to the wars right what is running those numbers what bloody does not means I have it doesn't mean that you are great or your wife in this you are healthy look it up right now let go to be a master help you just need your healthy be around this house what red means if anyone want to challenge me wait man GIC with the button I can show you that chapter 1 verse 1 Nigeria I will put you to shame now go there now you don't study from stardom and so you know study mentor I see Nigeria is if you look at the one ninja is then the Bible man Niger is there not Nigerian wait what is the difference for heaven's sake when you say Nigel Nigel area is about the same thing damn it girl oh my god Ryan is a weak word that means blood nothing words I speak Latin that's really share check it up so firstly firstly first time you're this fucking David Samuel 1742 yeah and when the Philistine looked about and saw David he could stake him go on first of all no one before he was but a youth and ruddy and a helmet of a fair countenance another beautiful countenance is a youth come out with you man I'm not saying not to look in on your good looking I got so I don't want to look like a fool man make it boy they don't study man okay just wait one second he charging me and so he said he's from he's from the house of David and I know I know I know I know our people man right I know I know who you are your sell out your people you're a Jew right I promise help him out I'm proud to be with African you know I'm from West Africa is defending you right is defending you say you are you right please can you prove for you to know that you're Jews there must be coming from the Bible right yeah no he's not he's from from the Torah you know like you said is a Jew right do you have a Bible on you yes please post in your Bible I'm going to the back open the Book of Isaiah oceans of Devvarman to the end of your ass and I know you very well man your dumb fool I see anyway it's 29 to the to my course you know just that's what it means why you hiding from the camera because I don't go and come out with fools like you man this guy loving son gonna give me a you never see a guy like Isaiah 29 to the tube okay let me put it like that Kim Davis why I must go to death man King David is not a black man and then I'm gonna show you I know scripture says that King Solomon is a white man Song of Solomon Keitel nothing familiar with him for him I mean the text you can't prove nothing Song of Solomon what he looks for his stuff I'll show you straight Oh remember remember remember when sir I know when you understand Hebrew because I don't know 25:25 – no let me read this book of Isaiah chapter 29 verse 22 I know you said that because you are missing some points the words but you taught him to read goes I'm the deceiving you're confusing me then he also deceiver okay now I'm going to 9 to the children he says therefore thus saith the Lord will redeem Abram concerning the house of Jacob Jacob shall not now be ashamed neither shall is face what he'll so if something is not gonna go killed children we asked question what is the original comic and I want to read it Genesis Genesis 25 25 to 28 nobody yeah yeah yes and after that came from out and to what's called change so describe the color no is because no the coma which Jacobs take Jake yes it's Rebecca you have no no no Jacob smallbury Rebecca I mean we agree with you oh my goodness this is Jacob's mobile right Jacob's mom oh yeah this is Genesis 24 15 to 16 let's see about a color of our burner you won't say the color Jabari what do you mean I want all my change all your days is finished just really your days of line is finished me love all your days of the line is that why is that come with me will eyes you'll be buried with your lies man all right story this is Genesis 24 15 to 16 and this is Jacob's mama Rebecca and it came to pass before he that behold now he was born to the field the son of Milcah the wife of naho and she's gonna hams Brava with her picture upon her shoulders so she's walking and the damsel was very fair so it's pretty color no but you may just be beautiful as well oh my god what does fear mean spare me oh my god what does okay mean it means it's all right so what help okay I need help the help I need to do the help I need is to bury your life that's the only happening and I need everybody to help me to bury your life I like us they're asking you what is fear you can't tell us the definition of here when something is fear is that a pretty beautiful why are you showing us tell us the definition of what you're reading if you can understand what you reading that means you don't have the knowledge and understanding of what you're reading show me the Bible verse show me the Bible verse is a Jacobin on one second you don't show me this this is heart show me show me my purse I'll just show you a Bible verse a place that is Rebecca Jacob's mother it's fair okay fine fine let me read this this book of jeremiah this is one of them this is one of those I want to see the Bible Jeremiah chapter 14 verse 2 okay what you can see on are you married you timber stood okay you don't need to go anywhere verse 5 verse 10 he said this book about so much of the true edge of the fall semester he said you the money just to remind you everybody Judah is the fourth son of Jacob the first fourth oh I know you have problem with the year important speech you the way we're now in the radio station so I can talk more time so radio don't switch twice more let's move it you said you demonic and the get there of languages they are black onto the ground under on the crowd Jerusalem is going up evidence number one evidence number two its Brendan this is the evidence number now so you're telling me wait wait wait I'm not telling you nothing I was telling man I'm reading the Bible this is the book of Job job show me somebody will live a set of years where he actually live in a land of Oz where people were called temer time is one of the of one of these people now just as we're living in the UK we live among black white people so call white people right so when he's almost German let's say justice my skin is black upon me for Jake but my job is no it's not my job is not a Jewish energy what you mean you prove it now you know you took me to prove it now I'm gonna prove to you Joe isn't you I'm gonna prove to you because there's something God gives to choose to follow so let's see if job is following you nothing no and Bible verse that's a job is a Jew and then I'm gonna show Solomon this is the Song of Solomon yet verse 5 chapter 5 verse 10 3 it says my beloved is white and ruddy okay yeah so follow me what was it let me now ask you question so anyway you just wrecked sons of Solomon chapter 5 verse 10 right so now you read that what do you understand but is it talking about human being let me ask you a question why why he's dead his clothes I know why you scared me why are you scared [Applause] why are you high right now let me ask a question I know you're full of questions now what you just read and are afraid of the camera cycle what you just read now yeah why are you just read now we Salomon talking about what is the below my is somebody talking about Lee Solomon whoa then and I will come find you right now was it about pulling out the scripture by this guy this guy is about this best chapter 1 verse 1 he says the sense of Solomon's which is solar months keep reading was from he's gonna he's gonna tell ya and he's gonna go to five before he read before he will smile before he was five he's gonna try to music and then verse 5 says I am black comedy anyway look you know that Apollo's Shia okay okay sharp beautiful Shia is the Swiss right I know that is nothing but you say aren't you right yeah yeah you say you're right now I need you to prove to me I need you to prove to me I just brought it on you no I I can see anything I don't care I need you I need you to prove to me right how you became a Jew with the Bible Dora how did you become a painter because we know it doesn't talk a lot like you as a as a Giri usually does enhance your question with a question you've recovered you I'm asking the question is it like lemon are you are you dressing as one right oh like one but you don't know fine I'm not an amateur okay at least one inwardly right now you don't know that come back to my heart your heart so circumcised else as well as a robot clearly I'm putting on the mouth can you answer please your heart is alright when people don't want to answer question with a question that's what is you so I just asked you a question okay I said how can you prove with the Bible of the the Torah your own in house you cannot prove my okay if you're a Jew you must fix this curses we're okay here that's what about another let's get you some medication right oh goody yeah I'm gonna complies one okay that was really just right anyway well for Nigeria right now you're just embarrassing the whole when you finish running your mouth like a long trail on the train anyway this Bible call your dog so yeah I device the Bible in the description ready fish I'll show your Bible verses that says that Moses is fake let's see I'm just pulling out the scriptures first I pulled out Rebecca there I pulled out Sarah sphere I pulled out that King Solomon is a white man and I pulled out King David is a white man when he's finished I'm going to show you a Bible verse that says so this is the book of Deuteronomy chapter 28 verse 15 it says but it shall come to pass if thou will not hearken unto the voice of the LORD thy God to observe to all his Commandments and his statutes which are commanded this day that all these cases shall come upon thee and overtake them this car should not be in the city and cursed shall be in the way one second ambiance of that is are you wearing fringes its Bachman just one on each corner of the pool go let's go show me where that is written in the Bible for Kona on the fork i'ma show me where that is written about I will show you know what we can yeah why is because if you read the book of Isaiah chapter three from best for it's no there's no such thing as I said that oh my gosh oh oh said open your stupidity not to death are you making me all this dope corner see so time we're really done man but it's no picaud OCR we're not just in bloodline rudimental philosophy of main you and I we can create okay this book you say why am I not wearing you for this were the Bible say this book was here chapter 3 verse want to find I said great one second osya it says when the children of Israel shall bind many days for many days without a king oh right once again once again but I a prince without sacrifice and without an image and with that heel foot I'm a listener so anyway fine before the reason why we're not worried for what we don't worry load three forces because many days without those things even a missile weary I must be hundred percent sure that I'm not only from the tribe of Levi but I have to come from the line above even ears Zadok and the coho yes I mean so because if we weary God would continue for wearing something like Smasher and lowly not specific blood line on the front no from no prophecy so with the photo use the photo Phineas our own man can you respond so that's to destroy your mind it's okay that's what this for a line man so now let me go back to your points Ebru that's a dummy okay round away from you what do I tell you did I not save evil he will begin will you be you tell me your photos are busy managing this man is merging oh my god sorry Oscar is empty man your [Applause] question why is your why is why he can't do it he ain't got the buffer mate [Applause] listen to your origin – all your father's or you tell us to fight us I'm not going to go on a date with you we want to beat my parents you don't lose you want to be foolish man watch a bunch of dollars man gathered here today what have you learned from this man manager what have you learned from him today because I will number chapter 6 verse 5 bring it up come on you tell me ROG for me to discuss with you I have to go back to the confused because I'm talking about the Bible he's Monty he's our very nature no he's not okay right you challenged here you go tap dance is my subject trap dancing was called – it's not tap dancing I want you to Mary Jo correction because we were having you will know you are not today I even know you you do not know who you are yet I say can you do not know we were goofing no you rock it anyway Irish covering the concept of the Lord appropriateness gajala it caused a man dancing right the Pyatt rich carnival man what wrong is that old man whooping the Pasha's I was heard the panel from the road he you right for each I feel like a heat you gathered I shall not see my channel what shine every in the past places I just wrote a nice man oh you see is walking away because anyway the issue of not English names do you know the origin of the 1ig or candy chain ghana means working didn't understand the word of me JD no show me the Bible verse that says no no I wanna I wanted to connect you wanted plain Bible that's nice you know you have a mission call on each fine fine through the word the word manga is a Greek is a Greek word is the actual ancient Greek world right which means if you look at the world in this neck or nigga or you know Sammy now if you look at please mentally zombies the word nigger miss what why does into black the record for the record you need to go into the world definition of the world why you got definition he used to be before you must be coyote you see when I use the word fool can she be because he's not our man my gosh because I know you was giving to me it was my Ghana English so now you lose anyone Nigeria do you understand when it comes friend I'm Nigerian wait I am NOT I don't know the world you are if you know why you – I cheer be proud so well I was the more sensitive destroyed you then you get the women [Applause] don't listen to the BBC [Applause]

45 thoughts on “Nigerian Hebrew Vs Jewish Mans Claims of Lineage | Speakers Corner *DJ Riza Cam

  1. Although hand join hand nd hand the wicked shall not go unpunished° The scoffers exude their energy tht is within them as if they are the one's who possess truth in absolution not overstanding nd innerstanding tht No man on earth nor any religion philosophy ideology way of life nor system or any form of knowledge are alone truth in absolution° The contentious spirit is made evident with those who radiate as if they have truth in absolution, for it takes a gathering of all P.O.V's of truth for truth to be in absolution° Their truth is only a P.O.V of truth yet it takes a gathering together of all P.o.v's of truth to make truth be in absolution° P.O.V meaning Perspective of Vision nd or Points of View°
    Peace nd blessings Reflections°

  2. This red man he suporse to earn respect he always talk about african but now he is fighting with black guy about history. Why is he following arabs dummy you are not arab man.

  3. Speaker's corner desperately needs Ty to return. The Hebrew in this video may have had some truth to share but he could not communicate effectively and instead got sucked into emotional bickering and name calling. The Ghanian man used to hang out with Ty as seen in several videos and it looks like he learned nothing at all from the time he spent listening to Ty teach. He still thinks that Jews are the true Israelites and that they were white people. The Red bearded Muslim is nothing but a mocker and had attacked Ty on multiple occasions in the past as can be seen in many videos while Ty is teaching. His only mission is to block the truth from being spoken and heard and he is a disciple of Satan.

  4. @COD why do you not put the camera on this guy. This is very annoying to watch. Please next time is someone is camer shy don't film it, because is someone don't have the guts to be filmed he rather shut up. Btw i am normally enjoying your video's. So go on but please film all de debaters.

  5. Jews are intelligent human beings!! It started off with Insult to the Jew!! the Jew disappeared!! Who stood fighting each other ?? THE GENTILES & It’s only because of the Gentiles the WORLD is in a BIG-MESS!!

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