Nick Ferrari on LBC radio talks says Tommy Robinson should be in prison a bias point of view.

LBC radio host here explains why Tommy Robinson should be in prison he tries to justify a leftist point of view here to demonstrate why tommy deserves to be in prison. This is a bias point of view like the main stream media. He is part of the problem this is not a balanced debate as he attacks all callers who call in.

Please read the text to understand my counter argument to what nick argues.

this time talk now about what happened in the Old Bailey thought yesterday was just the sentencing of Tommy Robinson Allen's in Basildon does he speak for you Allen good morning lots of feature cases he got jailed last year yes he does be for me and he speaks for millions of people across this country out there my friend they are there why did he finish 8 out of 11 in the European elections if he speaks for millions Raj's Brits eat pie okay well that great stop okay we'll give Nigel fries number one why does he come eight because I fear that he is racist but I know that he espouses a lot of racist views I didn't say he was a Nazi but he espouses some racist and he broke the law so he had to go to jail where was I so I can only comment on stories that I actually physically attend tensions in the Gulf he's broken the law he almost he almost prejudiced a trial to the point that someone who was convicted would have had another trial could have been cleared he could to that level so before you hail him as a hero what happened at Leeds the man was subsequently convicted had it been called off had there been a threat the fresh trial he might never been convicted so before you see him as a hero he always he contributed to one of them possibly walking free think on that he's not exposing it the police are exposing it who arrests and the Crown Prosecution Service who then charge and the courts who then convict and the judges or magistrates or whatever it might be who then sentence his interfering which is illegal which is in contempt nearly halted the trial and would have led to a retrial could've actually contribute to the man getting off what do you say now and that is wholly wrong and the police are doing what they can and they have arrived too late and there have been instances where the police have almost it's in been partly culpable but you don't solve that Alan much as I respect your view by breaking the law okay thank you Alan have yourself a good weekend Helen's in Watford heaven does he speak for you mr. Robinson good morning hey Nick yes he does I just wanted to point out that he got the most votes any independent has ever had you missed a career as a spin dot unless you are a spin doctor and that is extraordinary he came totally level taking into account that he's been deeply platformed from social media supposed to refuse to deliver any of his leaflets I think he's vote would have been a lot more paddy had that platform had he not espouse racist ideas he might have done even better than done so unfortunately he does he's talking about Islam not Muslims right and we do have a problem with Islam growing all over Europe everywhere country hold up I just need to tell you there we have a problem with certain way people react perform as regards Islam you can't have a problem with a faith growing can you it's the way people interview people in their beliefs is completely ok have you been to a mosque no ok have you studied in anywhere and I'm not telling I've studied in depth but have you studied in any way shape or form the origins of Islam a little bit yeah a little bit then you know and it has been misinterpreted absolutely right but you notice chord is essence it is a religion of peace at its core it's been misinterpreted I'm some I get you got you but you'll know that religion of peace not from what we've been seeing worldwide and what happens when Islam moves into countries needs to dominate and that's what you see in every country it moves in how is it seeking to dominate the United Kingdom well putting up more is a sign of dominance praying in the street this is dominant why is praying in astra how is it in dominant country they are they are putting themselves out yeah you couldn't say the same could you not say the same of Jewish people who put up synagogue is kosher way but they do helen instead of how about just substituting kosher for the word hello kosher is much more and they you know in system on covering their faces doctors get sacked if they ask them to remove their veil that's the that's ridiculous and that's the fault of the NHS I would argue is not the full the Muslims or people who follow Islam who do that Helen I've enjoyed a conversation I thought she perhaps to reflect on some of your views I can't bear howell food but Jewish people are okay well they call it kosher to account their mosques but Jewish people call it synagogues and that's really what Britain is about the tolerance isn't it we'll have more on that for the rebel media I'm as real Avance standing outside the Old Bailey in London I'm here once again I've probably been to London almost 10 times now covering Tommy Robinson's various travails it all stemmed from a year and a half ago when he was outside the Leeds County Court reporting on a rape gang trial that had systematically raped girls as young as 11 Tommy was there on judgement day the trial was order over the verdict was about to be rendered Tommy was live streaming from outside the court when suddenly he was arrested by an enormous squad of police and within hours he himself was found in contempt shipped off to prison where he was shortly thereafter put in solitary confinement for 10 weeks that was finally overturned by the Court of Appeal but he was tried again last week he was convicted again or found in contempt to use the more proper legal phrasing and today he'll be sentenced I'm worried that he will be sentenced for a grave sentence I'm worried that the judges will throw the book at him because I do not think that this is a legitimate legal prosecution I have studied British contempt of court cases going back many years and I cannot find a case that as being as prosecuted as obsessively as this the tradition in British contempt of court cases if the dozens of cases I've read are any guide is that the judges want the contender that's the person who's done something wrong to simply remedy their conduct take down a publication stop doing a certain thing it's trying to bring people into compliance it's not a punitive aggressive hunter-killer kind of law in fact the only other recent case of someone being jailed for contempt of court was George Galloway's former assistant Ayesha Ali Ken who was only jailed and for a brief period of time after she defied two court orders 26 times only in that extreme case was she jailed and just briefly here Tommy who was a journalist just doing journalism has been the court what five ten times has spent over a hundred thousand pounds surely much more than that in legal fees and they want to put him away in prison and in prison in solitary confinement this is unheard of and it cannot be called legal it is a political prosecution and I am sorry the same the United Kingdom is not free anymore it's partly free it's largely free it's mostly free but when the state has decided that someone is an enemy they'll do whatever they have to do to put him away and I'm worried that Tommy Robinson may well be murdered in prison many of the UK prisons are dominated by Muslim gangs who have sworn to kill Tommy in fact that's why the governor of one of the prisons stashed him in solitary confinement a small box for twenty three and a half hours a day ostensibly for his own protection if we had heard that a citizen journalist in Russia or Venezuela or Aram had been tried what ten times for the crime of journalism and had been thrown in prison and solitary confinement we would rightly call that a political prisoner well that's what's happening here in the UK I don't know if you can see behind me a fairly large crowd is gathered it's only eight thirty four here in the morning in the UK I should tell you I notice a few differences first of all this is a very serious fence that's being erected here there's a young cop who's screwing these plastic ties here these weren't here last time people are not allowed on this part of the street it's clear to mean that the police are expecting a very rambunctious crowd when the sentence comes down these plastic tabs obviously are designed to make sure these metal fences stay together in case they're pushed I see an enormous number of police and some I see police with video cameras I see police with a different kind of headgear they look like a counter riot squad frankly I'm not surprised I think enough Brits have come to see this as a political prosecution and see the police as political actors not neutral enforcers of the law these police have body armor riot batons in a manner that was not evidence last time I've been to every one of Tommy Robinson's court cases in the last year and I have never seen that kind of visible presence of a riot squad I think they're ready to crack some skulls today of course the police would love to crack Tommy's skull they wouldn't be able to get away with that they'll throw him into the general population of the prison to take care of them but there's I have to say I predict there's gonna be rough times on the street outside the old Beatty Dame I wanted to tell you one flicker of hope in this desolate report and that was yesterday I came into London a day early because it's so ironic it's so hypocritical Jeremy Hunt the Foreign Secretary of the UK is sponsoring a media freedom conference along with his Canadian counterpart named Chrystia Freeland it's a laughs both of them are sensors both have cracked down on press freedom but what timing that Tommy Robinson sentenced today for public journalism is the exact day when this media freedom conference is sitting by the way I was at that conference yesterday you can see all my reports there if you're curious at media freedom conference calm but I want to tell you a flicker of hope I met someone yesterday I did not know existed his name is David Kane and he's the UN Special Rapporteur for freedom of opinion and expression it's a very long title I didn't know there was such a thing he's basically hired by the United Nations to go around the world promoting freedom of expression no wonder I haven't heard about him he's not the emphasis of the UN more they emphasize cracking down on free speech but I asked him about Tommy Robinson I put a question to him he said he wasn't well briefed in Tommy's case I think he had heard of him but he was not up to speed with the details but he specifically to me that if Tommy Robinson or a representative of Tommy Robinson were to bring to this UN Special Rapporteur for freedom of opinion expression Tommy's information and Tommy's case he would look into it and perhaps investigate and that's what these UN Special Rapporteurs do they inspect problems amongst the 200 or so member states of the UM so perhaps David Cay the ambassador would take up Tommy's case I don't think that would stop the UK I think they regard Tommy as an enemy of the state and they'll do whatever it takes to shut him up what I don't know is how they're gonna shut up hundreds of people who are already gathered here and the many thousands more who can't be here and indeed I daresay the millions around the world who have started to focus on Tommy's case I'll be in the courtroom for the sentencing hearing I don't expect it to be a very long hearing today it might be over as soon as half an hour it might be a couple hours I'll have reports throughout the court I'll be live tweeting at my Twitter account which is simply slash Ezra Levant I'll have these videos up on our special page called real reporters dot u Kane and I'll try and come out during breaks to give other video updates on behalf of the rebels all around the world keep watching and go to real reporters dot UK unfortunately I'm back in London for another Tommy Robinson hearing this time it's his sentencing hearing there are a gaggle of hostile British media here who will be jubilant I'll do my best to tell you the truth if you can help cover the cost of my travel to come over here I'd be most grateful please go to real reporters dot uk' where you can see all my videos on the subject and help chip in you

15 thoughts on “Nick Ferrari on LBC radio talks says Tommy Robinson should be in prison a bias point of view.

  1. Of course he is racist! There are many vids on here proving he is. One saying 'if Africans don't like it here they should leave. Another asking for a taxi, then he says 'little Paki with a car '. Just a couple of vids for starters.

  2. Refused to let me educate him on live radio . Made me hold for 45mins constantly saying i was next before changing the subject . Nick Ferrari has been completely bought by those Murdoch $$$$$$$$$$$$s Turned into a brainwashed fat public school boy establishment defender ! Every source he ever has is never background checked to discover who is promoting and financing their anti British views !!!

  3. LBC or BBC ?? , I Have never heard so much shite in all my life… The reason Tommy ended up low in the polls was because the Peado Protectors and government made sure he had no platform to get is campagne out to the public.. Silver spoon Ferrari ASS!

  4. He was jailed for three things. 1. Naming defendants outside the court. There was no in court or online post saying there was a reporting ban and even if there was it was already published on a BBC website which Tommy was reading from so there could have been no ban. 2. Intimidating the defendants. He merely asked them questions. In his defence Rolf Harris was shown entering his trial and he was nearly crushed by the press. Also the irony of Tommy being asked questions on his way into court. 3. Asking for vigilante action against the defendants. What he said was himself and others are constantly harassed and asked questions by journalists why don't they harass and ask questions of the pedos. The BBC report conveniently and deliberately only played the harass the pedos part totally out of context.

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