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ranked seventh on the list of America's favorite architecture the lincoln memorial honors our 16th US President Abraham Lincoln has been in the sight of many famous speeches including Martin Luther King's 1963 speech I have a dream the memorial is administered by the u.s. Park Service and is open 24 hours a day for your enjoyment we're at the president's gallery by Madame Tussauds in Washington DC the only location where you can get face to face with all 44 US presidents before we meet the president's Henry let's meet this lady mad at yourself Madison South was born in Strasbourg Germany in 1761 she got her start making wax figures for the first royalties deaf mask that's how as 14 attractions all around the world so what's different about the Washington DC location wasn't DC location is more interactive has 44 presidents only place you can meet and learn a lot about the history a lot about the history but small presidents absolutely so obviously I know who this guy is father our nation George washed tell me something about George we don't know we know he's the father of our nation he was the only president unanimously elected by the electoral college I bet you didn't know when he after he was elected he only had one tooth left I did not know that yep he refused to wore dentures he actually were forced to falsies that were made of hippopotamus human and lt you're kidding no Henry these are so lifelike that the size is accurate the the attributes are accurate how are they made well evidently there were no cities because all of them are deceased so use watercolors watercolors and sketches to make their figures there were no videos anything how longs it take to make one of these well six months so I saw the special on HBO on John Adams he was a feisty guy yeah what else can you tell us about him well he's the first president live in the White House officially didn't know that I did not know that there's something else about these two they both died on the exact same day something was Percy to me but I'm not gonna say one of the odds of that ah one of my favorite President Lincoln Abraham Lincoln here we go Abraham Lincoln first president to be assassinated while in office so you have other figures that weren't presidents we have a lot of fingers move such as Rosa Parks so let me have that seat you don't care I'm not going anywhere Rosa didn't me not very to please from civil rights to a lunar landing lunar lander boss Aldrin and Neil Armstrong right if you mom I'm on the moon hey to present-day Michelle and Barack Obama she'll rock yet game what a fun job you have fun job giving me a lot of great people including yourself like why it's great to meet you Henry Corden you to see to Barack Michelle you don't get it oh hey now let's learn a few fun facts about some of the other presidents like did you know President Reagan began his career as a radio sports announcer in Davenport Iowa President Ford received offers to play for the Green Bay Packers and the Detroit Lions President Eisenhower was the first president to have his inauguration broadcasts on television my fellow Americans I want to thank Henry again for a wonderful tour now it's time to party with some celebrities you

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