Thousands of parking tickets are being refunded by Newham Council after campaign group No To Mob discovered that 12 of the boroughs CCTV cameras were not legally certified.
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hundreds of thousands of pounds is being refunded to drivers by one London council after parking tickets were illegally issued by a dozen cameras Niram issued tickets to nearly 5,000 people since 2009 using CCTV which wasn't legally approved campaigners believe there are a number of similar cameras being used by new which could see further refunds of up to 10 million pounds Alex bushel has the story they've issued thousands of fines and nine um council is to pay out thousands of pounds these parking cameras haven't been raising revenue far from it listen it's service a victory for local businesses one of those who'll now receive refund is Mumma he has the letter to prove it with so many deliveries his carpet business pays out around a hundred and twenty pounds a week in parking fines he's asking for a refund on hundreds of penalty notices it's a stealth tax they use every means possible to squeeze the life out of the local businesses technically the council is breaking down the rules why should we keep the rules and if the law the law is the law and if they break the law then how can they expect us to keep the law the reason why um council is full of foul of the rules is very simple every camera has to be certified by the vehicle's certification agency to ensure that the quality is good enough to be used in court now during an internal audit the council discovered a dozen of their cameras we're not as a result nearly five thousand people have been issued with parking tickets from these twelve cameras since 2009 unpaid tickets have already been cancelled and today the council confirmed 347 thousand pounds worth of paid fines will now be refunded the council had refused to pay back the money that today's u-turn is in part thanks to this man a familiar masked figure in the area his activist group has been fighting the council all the way we caught them with their fingers in the till and now will make them pay the money back and we've now got another internal investigation going on as to another 66 cameras which we dispute have proper certification that they might have been using them in the wrong way and we could be looking at a further um council declined to be interviewed today confirming instead their cameras are now all approved of the government doesn't though it's looking at banning parking CCTV altogether and as for those of us wanting a refund from the parking cameras that pay out well we have six weeks to apply an ex-special BBC London News

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  1. Newham uses traffic cameras for making money, for example, you are driving on a box junction and then you must stop because of sudden traffic jam and then next day they send you a penalty notice. The government must stop Newham council for setting up drivers in order to make money from them.

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