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we go through an art gallery a pretty similar collection of artists between chips have been on any other Norwegian ships I can't remember their names because I'm not spending the art money but and this gentleman's work or lady's work you can see on a regular basis if you go on the escape same with what you see it am i right in my left there's one artist that does these very striking I don't know what the the word is for it but it's got this layered effect with this a very metallic backdrop that gives it a certain level of energy and he's got a number of these pieces where there's a butterfly it looks like it's flying straight out and I frequently refer to these as butterfly out of a Canon feel that accurate description for the way the energy of the painting kind of flows out there's enough of that so once you're through the art gallery it's going to mean it walk open up it's kind of the main walkway area we're just gonna stop in here for just a second so you can see teppanyaki if you guys have been on one of the other breakaway plus class ships you see teppanyaki is in the same location as before we're just gonna take a quick step into here show you what the decor is like in this step in yaki got some great low-level views just like in taste and savor but of course this is more like a Japanese steakhouse where the food is prepared great we will not be eating here I want these trips well hopefully at some point in time I can convince Jaime to try one of these Japanese steak houses because I think they're highly entertaining she's usually not a big fan of Asian flavor food this is newly added on the Bliss I believe this is like a chocolates and cupcakes and coffee dessert place crepes of this neat little design sculpture don't know but really this is but it looks very cool it's kind of neat to watch these are the stairs when leading up to 6 7 and 8 so this will connect you back up to you can see the casino and back up one level further love the way that's going to be the central shops and the shirt a mojito bar along with the ocean blue and then we see the entrance of social I have a quick video I do of social it's very nice in there I would say so this is opening up to the main atrium this is where Guest Services is located along with cruise next shorts version and the main atrium screen along with the atrium Barb atrium bar has fairly wide selection it's usually a pretty good place to stop for drinks during any time of the day and it's generally the most open bar on the ship see a movie going on so gonna move out of here quick but one place I do want to highlight is now have a starbucks full location on this gym so the escape had just kind of one mole place full counter was maybe this size that had one serving station one bursa this is more like a full-size Starbucks got the crews next desk situated over here I've always enjoyed talking with the staff over here they're very helpful in helping you try to figure out if you're interested in doing all the crews they can help you find a great deal and crews next is a pretty good program I appreciate it because I like to do cruises in the future and they'll give me extra money for doing so

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