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Max is an actor, host, voiceover actor, and true Disneyphile! He has worked on such shows as The Lizzie Bennet Diaries, The Office, Marvel Avengers Academy, Lego Ultra Agents, and Lonelygirl15.

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well is that now that pool is view ever mister cheesy pop hey everyone its max look get my view i don't know i don't i don't really have words for it but this is amazing it's Tower of London and we're gonna gonna go see some gonna go see some cool things today yeah yeah hey hi forget we got le we got Adam here we could we're just it's pretty cool and you actually have actual British people to show you cool things yeah right so we've got this view there and then this way we get that it's just it's a really cool spot and the tallest building in London is behind me oh there yeah the shot chasing that building is the tallest of London but yeah we're gonna actually go into there now what a day I'm walking up Tower Bridge oh so cool yeah so you actually walk across the the bridge there it is goodness wow man this is so cool you know just walking across the Tower Bridge it's like any old day of my life yeah this is an incredible City oh yeah I'm just you know like London's just it's a really it's a beautiful day by the way I really did bring the good weather with me somehow boom so now you can see where we are made it all the way across the bridge all right and then we're gonna head over into Wow that says that says well tower 12 what 12 something 12 the Year 12 something like would it yeah you know my American brain can't comprehend the year 12 something it's just 12 the 12 1212 hundredths traitors gate making a wish that traitors gate okay all right it's good throwing it in here all right let's do it okay yes all right well that that's good may our wishes come true ah traitors gate is very intense famous Tudor prisoners entered the the tower through that Watergate there that is set as some wild stuff well that is where we will be heading it's pretty great so we're doing this tour the guided tour by a yeoman warder so if you have a chance to come to Tower of London and you want to learn you can learn right from the yeoman warder or this one's called bloody tower [Laughter] this is a line for the crown jewels quite a line so if you're saying we need a fast pass for crown jewels right they need that wait how do you say fast pass I love class class oh you like it yeah it's fuzz box only there was a fast pass for crown juice every day I actually saw the crown jewels on a tour here years ago so I'm not gonna do the our weight that it is currently we're gonna go see some more things some other things I was on a tour here like years ago where they took us straight into the crown jewels but I didn't get to do it what we just did would just get that really cool tour from the Beefeater and that was awesome so this is the first time I'm actually like really exploring the grounds in the Tower of London it's really awesome this is history like you can't believe the amount of history that happened here they're like it's not quite the Disneyland ducks so cool horses wow this is out that's it yeah hey no you good news take you a while to read that one through yeah you're looking at a combination axe and pistol why not ascending old staircases another cheesy puffs favorite pastime but you're not ascending old staircases let's just yeah let's go yeah yeah okay what am I gonna say no dragons whoa the scavengers daughter it was said it could compress the body so much that blood was forced from the nose and ears it's quite the happy place here at Tower of London mm-hmm I feel like I should take my head away from there I mean I really feel like that should just be playing the whole time couldn't leave without some March you know got my own yeoman warder gonna live on my fridge now that's pretty sweet yeah beef eater for this beef eater and close to this site where executed oh yes lots of this just is a while to think that these executions just happened right here just there is my rape and friends again as we head on out oh I'll go and get something to say in this video are you thanking me for my visit or are you gonna come after me I don't know what's going on but tower London's pretty awesome Wow to think of the history I just I'm just blown away by by you know standing in these grounds and thinking about what happened here and just ah this is so cool so cool I bought more merch – have you guys ever been to the Tower of London before what do you think did you do the B theatre tour it's pretty cool right let me know in the comments below like subscribe check out my patreon page have a magical day everybody I

30 thoughts on “My Trip to The Tower of London

  1. Cool Max! Did you know that “we” here in Arizona actually have the original “London Bridge” . It was acquired in 1967 brought here to Lake Havasu City in 1968. An American tycoon bought it, all 10,000 tons and moved brick by brick to the desert town! The bridge was built in 1830 and spanned the River Thames in London. It is awesome to see London! So much history! Thanks for sharing this with us!!

  2. If you're impressed by a building from the 1300's, then think about this. Just behind the Ticket Office for the Tower is a church called All Saints by the Tower.
    That site has had a church since the year 675 AD. The church was 400 years old when they started to build the White Tower, the central and oldest part of
    the entire complex. To sum up the difference between our two great nations……….. over here we think 100 miles is a long way but in the US you think that
    100 years is a long time!…………………………………………….the ancient Englishman.

  3. Went on that tour on a trip to London from Scotland when I was about 11. Our Beefeater was such a great tour guide. Would love to go back as an adult. Love your videos Max. Your joy is infectious.

  4. London is amazing! I really enjoyed the Tower of London when I went 10 (!!!) years ago. There was a sign just at the gate to enter with a cute little monster on it- is that still there?

  5. I went 4 years ago. We did the Beefeater tour, and then walked through the White tower and all around the rest of the tower. So many staircases! But I agree, it was SO COOL and all the history was awesome. There was a huge line at the beginning of the day for the crown jewels, but it was gone later so we went in. They were quite underwhelming after all the hype.

  6. I am so super jealous of you Max… Great Britian has always been my ultimate on my bucket list. Hubby knows what an Anglophile I am.. and I know more about British History sometimes than United States. Our 20th Wedding Anniversary is in just 3 years I want to go soooo bad! Hope you had a good time!

  7. Last time I saw the ravens and the crown jewels I think I was 11 years old, really want to go back and see everything again Iam 30 now it's now way overdue at this point

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