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Living in London is exciting but just as expensive! Can anyone afford to buy a property here? Maybe now you can 🙂 Which one is your favourite? Camden, Shoreditch or Old Street?

x Sandy

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– L&Q offer properties across London and the South East including Greenwich, Cockfosters, Walthamstow and Wandsworth. For a full breakdown of our developments, or to register your interest, please visit:

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how everybody how are you doing today yes you have seen correctly this is my first ever sponsored video or video in a partnership with a company and the company is called lmq and what they are is a Housing Association and in case you do not know what that is a Housing Association basically sells apartments and houses to people and is actually very likely that you're watching this video on my videos in general because at some point in your life you are thinking about buying an apartment or a house in London just like me but we all know this is very very expensive so luckily lmq offer a scheme that can help us buy our first apartment or house here in London so let's have a look at my top three areas my personal favourites where I would want to permanently live and buy a property here in London and then at the end I will tell you how it all works so there are probably quite a few areas in London that I would want to live in but I thought today I'll talk about the top three areas that I actually know really well because I go there pretty much every day so the first one is Camden Camden Town I live in Camden Town I think I mentioned it in a few of my older videos I love it here very very much I spent about two years of my life here already and for now I'm probably looking to stay I love the buzz I love how close it is to central London I love love Camden Market and I love the graffiti and create a v of the area and you might think of Camden it's not for me because it's a bit rough and I don't really like rock and roll trust me I don't like rock and roll either it's not rough it's creative and I still feel at home even though I'm not a you know a hardcore rock and roller so yeah Camden is definitely my number one favorite the next area I probably know quite well is old Street that is because I commute there every day for work I arrive in Altered every single morning and we're loved about it instead it's very very busy and it's incredibly buzzing and people will come there to work but also a guest to experience local tiny pop ups and food shops and breakfast places there are a lot of beautiful breakfast places around for you to have your coffee or your cross or in the morning and yeah it's really really buzzing it's incredibly well connected which are very much like plus it has very great nightlife which I find very exciting as well for example in odd Street Station in the tube there is actually a nightclub in the middle of the tube station it's kinda like surrounded by a roundabout and in the middle there is a nightclub so that it's just perfect and they play really good music it's outdoors and indoors and black now in winter it's warm warmed heated so I very much recommend going there over all old street the area the buzzing vibes and the pop ups that is my second thing and then the third area that I do know fairly well in London is shortage that is very very close to old Street but it's even further east and I do spend a lot of time there because my office is between odd Street and shortage so for lunch we very often go to shortage I have explored quite a few areas there I do really like it and there are a few highlights which I want to mention one of them is box park box park is pretty much a kind of food and shopping hub created from shipping containers so you go inside you can discover delicious foods you can discover tiny pop-ups again and and yeah I haven't seen anything like this before they just open a new box park in Croydon in South London as well but this is the original one and yes it's really quite quirky it's also a little bit hipster there's quite a few graffitis around as well so yeah if you're a little bit hipster you might feel very welcome there but also if you're not I'm sure and then there is also Spitalfields markets benefits market is also in Shoreditch it's great for shopping and food and when I say shopping and mean particularly clothing they have a lot of real leather fabricants there and so people you know that kind of sell homemade leather goods but also the food so you can try loads of different variations from food from all around the world go for lunch like I said and yeah it will never get boring one of my favourite markets in London and actually if you go further east into deep shortage you will arrive in Brick Lane and Brick Lane is one of the most vibrant streets in the whole of London it's known for its Indian food which is delicious but also for its party and nightlife and it's very very much recommend going there I had some great times in Brick Lane and shortage so yeah this is my third area as I said in the beginning you and I were probably dreaming about owning a property here in London either in one of these three beautiful areas or in any other area in this city but it is very expensive so what L&Q offer the company that I'm working with is a scheme called shared ownership basically what it means is you will buy 25% of your chosen property and you will pay rent on the other 75% and then as soon as you have more money because maybe you have a new job or better salary you will buy more of your property and you will pay less rent and this is how it goes over the years until you eventually able to afford the whole property and this is a scheme to help people who buy for the first time in their life and I find it quite exciting I'm going to have to be honest as a German I did never really think about buying a property in London because Germans are quite happy renting but since I found out about this I'm actually quite a bit excited I am definitely going to have a look I put the link for you guys down below so you can check it out as well you can add them loads of questions you know and I hope it will help you let me know if this maybe made you you know think about buying a property in London super exciting and I think that is it thank you so much for watching guys I put out videos every week most of the time sometimes very busy but it's normally every Thursday at 4 p.m. and please subscribe to my channel and follow me on social media and probably most Instagram most active on Instagram hockey and I think that's it I will see you next week thanks for watching goodbye

42 thoughts on “My top 3 areas to live in London! #ad

  1. You seem, and probably you are, soooo happy there!! Thank you for showing that it's worth it and being such a good example of a person who moved out is happy with making her dreams come true ❤💕😘 Love from Poland (soon London 😉)

  2. Hey Lovely ! thanks for the advice ! where do you recommend to live If I'm planning to study at the Bartlett UCL ? I have zero experience in London and I need a suggestion of a place that is close to college and safe ! Thanks

  3. I used to work in Old Street in 1977 . It was very dull . No nightclub in the tube station . Amazing how its changed . I cycled from West Hampstead . Negotiating the traffic interchange at Swiss Cottage provided all the excitement I needed for the day .

  4. Don't mean to add a negative comment, but would just like to add a dash of history to the mix. The areas of shoreditch, spitalfields, brick lane and old street were places I grew up in, before they became gentrified. The negative side of these areas becoming wealthy and gentrified, was, they displaced so many people from their homes, relocating them to other areas of the country, like Birmingham or other, where they have no ties or community with. The councils in these areas, pushed up rents, inviting property developers and others, to make the areas so inaccessible by the traditional communities who originally lived there for generations, that, we, now feel alienated to go there. That is the truth and sadly a part, not many acknowledge or care about, until it happens to them. Sorry to be negative, but those areas just leave sour tastes on my tongue now, because I know the reality of what gentrification has done, and the real immoral damage it has caused to so many, because it wasn't planned compassionately beforehand, with the traditional communities in mind. And that's why we sadly witnessed on the news not long ago, the anti-gentrification protests taking place in brick lane, because there's a growing movement to curb or slow down anymore areas in Britain displacing people from their homes and where they grew up in. After all, every human being has the right to belong ~ Whatever happened to the old east end.

  5. I've been stuck with L&Q for two years and it's the worst decision I've ever made. All they care about is money and treat working class like garbage. I was left in a property with no cooking facilities for a quarter of a year and I had to fight to even get a bit of money as reimbursement for having to eat out for three months. I then had to fight to be moved after someone who lives very near to me carried out an abusive criminal offense against me, they refused to move me because 'my life was not at risk' and over a year later I'm still waiting to be moved. They advertise all these schemes and make out to be some amazing association, when they're not!

  6. I've only watched a few of ur vids b4, but I just knew, just predicted, exactly which ones u wd chose babes & it wasn't influenced by the background wall or the I♥️CAMDEN postcard. It was the vibe I got from ur dimin

  7. Even by doing shared ownership, buying in those places is completely unaffordable for most people. I looked at L&Q's website and closest property they have to those areas is in Hackney and it costs £610,000.

  8. Spent many days and nights in Camden and was offered a place to live years ago but I declined. Nice to visit The Underworld, market, Boston Arms, Unicorn etc but to live there would ruin it, for me anyway. I don't like the east side as very little there for me. South East is better value Kennington etc also The Tommyfield. Friends of mine just moved south east London and their house is a nice size

  9. As an American expat living in London with a YouTube channel too, it was interesting to see your suggestions. I love North London and would've picked very different areas, like Highgate and Hampstead. But- for a more artsy and edgy lifestyle your choices are BANG ON! Really enjoyed this!

  10. hello sandy .i am from mumbai , maharashtra, india ………i am doing graduate last year … i am deciding to do my post graduation in london . so i want room rent so what will be the cost if my father and i stay for 2 years ……….? if you suggest me i am very thankful……

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