This is my London room tour!!! I am so happy with where I am living right now. I hope you enjoy the video :). Let me know your favourite room tour videos so I can watch (hopefully I won’t get addicted).

Jessica Russell Flint bag I mentioned:

– Honolulu Groove (Roman Muller)
– Sky (Markvard)
– Happiness (Crazy Jazz)
– Morning Coffee (Lofi)

good morning and welcome to my room tall I wish that I could say that it was a house talk but I can't afford to live in a house by myself in London so I'm in a house share but I'm loving it so much it's the first time I'm like fully financially independent with my parents and so I'm really happy to be like and very grateful and lucky to be in this position and I really appreciate the room like I spent so much time on spare room looking for a nice room and I just was feeling so disheartened by the end of it but I feel like this room was just perfect for me and I love it so much and I can't wait to show you like what it looks like so the best thing about this house is that it was completely newly refurbished so we got new mattresses new furniture everything also the fact that none of us knew each other in the house so we all got to know each other at the same time so when I first came obviously I just whizzed around the entire place and wiped everything like I am obsessed with antibacterial wipes and so I just used those to just scrub every surface I did all the floors I did all of the inside of the wardrobes and then the sink area and everything so I first made it really clean and then I started to move in it's not actually a hundred percent complete yet because I don't have all my clothes from home but I don't want to film other videos in this room without having filmed the room tour first so I thought I'll get this done and then we'll go from there I feel like I'm in my own little studio and it's the perfect size and I'm obsessed I hope that you enjoy this video so in this corner I have on the ledge my laptop which I just do work on and then my diary and so this has all of my pharmacy chef said everything detailed in there and yesterday I bought this plant at Camden plant market I don't even know what if that's the name but I went there and bought these apparently I got it because it said that it makes the air a little bit pure which I know all plants do but I just dis sold me air so pure this sold me and I thought be nice to have it by the bed I still need to get some plant pots and then we popped them soon obviously because they're gonna grow but for now I'm just happy with it there and it's an indoor plant so it's just perfect and I hope to breathe in nice fresh plant air and when I go to sleep the next is the bed and I got both of these in fact all of these plans in my room from Camden garden center and it cost about thirty pounds in total saws you know pretty pleased with that I usually wouldn't spend that much on plants but I feel like the these two are not gonna be high maintenance I'm happy and then these two just are aesthetically pleasing so I really really like them and I got two these pillows from TK Maxx those two were two for $17.99 and the one in the middle Ward's $12.99 so yeah again not too bad it's turned out that this rooms actually cost me quite a bit in in decorating it out back in total but I feel like it's so important to love where you live and some I'm not like I'm okay with it this I was gifted by my boyfriend and there's my cousins and that married and then that's Angie and my brother and then marry again and my friend Jen and pin this one I actually got in memory of Murray and sting because it reminded me of Joshua Tree and all of the yucca valley trees that we saw next by my website I keep this Laura Ashley fragrance mist but I don't want to use it for my body I use it for the room just so it smells nice it's not a room spray but I just use it in that way and then these two pillow lists and a rolling relaxation thing from Neal's Yard sleeping habits are really important and the while I was in really loud places and where they were by the road and I was trying to train myself that I just needed a nice scent and I was training my body like as soon as you smell this you can go to sleep and so that's why I got these which actually do work and they obviously don't have any you know I don't know if you have any some sort of scientific benefit or anything like that well I think it has trained my mind that as soon as I smell that scent that it's time for to go to sleep right by my bedside obviously keep some water and got this plant that I was talking about earlier oh that's my phone I keep this just because it's easy to read before bed and I always enjoy reading it I watched Ruby core live and last month so yeah I just find it really reassuring that if I can't get to sleep I can just split open a page I don't have to read it in sequence or anything like that and these are a life changer I just like they stop me from waking up in the middle of the night and I'm obsessed so like if they're just so good I stole a list from my sister in Korea hopefully she won't mind and then I also have some eye cream I'm not too much of a massive fan of number seven but I think I was like this for Christmas one time and I think it's just good to remember to put I like I bomb or eye cream on but try and keep it there to remember but I'm not always that good with that so in terms of the bed I went for kind of a little bit more expensive sheets than only would because I'm at 100% cotton and I haven't ever done that before but I have made the mistake of buying really cheap sheets before and it's just ruined my life like you constantly think I saw scratching scratching at your skin and it feels so horrible so then I was like you know what I'm just gonna impact in better heat and so the ones I've got on the bed the white ones are just talking about that cotton and this is this bed Laye think what do you call us again bedspread anyway this was from DKNY and my mom got me it just as a moving present and now we get to my favorite place of all which is this beautiful sink I love it so much so there's actually a bigger room opposite me and I don't know if you saw in my previous video but basically I was running backwards and forwards between the two rooms thinking which one do I get which one do I get which one do I like cuz I had the first pick and I went for this one because my mom was like you need a sink but that is the best thing you can have in the room and I couldn't agree more I've never had a sink in my room before but now I've just realized how convenient it is I don't even have to exit the room on a morning so I shower at bedtime and then when I get up I wash my face and wash my hands I'm brush my teeth all by this sink here and so it's just so convenient I love it so much and it's just a really pretty mirror actually the mirror is what sold me on the room when I saw it in just terms of pictures and so I feel really lucky to have that in here so this is the Atome six-step skin care line which I'm so obsessed with me I don't use it in sequence but basically I always use to all know whether that's morning or night and then I'll use nutrition cream essence and eye cream for the night but then if it's just the day I go off the lotion only and then the BB cream so I just it feels so clean and good on my skin with like 40 subscribers or whatever this is obviously not a sponsored video but I just I love them so much I love atomy like it feels so good I think that it's particularly because it's made in Korea and I feel like it's fit fits for my skin and it goes well with my skin and then I've got Clinique which is one of my favorite moisturizing serums I've tried these two clinic stuff here but I wasn't I wasn't that fond of them but this one I love like my face feels so hydrated after so it feels if it feels dry I'll write put this one on and this is something that I put on when I feel spotty so if I've had a bit of a you know a trauma week or like a hormonal week then I'll go for this one because this one apparently has like calming and antiseptic properties so I'm hoping that like that the bacteria and stuff on my skin is killed by this natural honey and again this is from utter me these are the foam cleansers and that's you know just to take after you take off all your makeup but I do initially take it all off with just a high street band Garnier this is so damn good like this and cotton wall it just removes everything and so I usually do this one and remove it all and now go for the foam cleanser for like a double cleanse and these are these are my retainers I'm gonna put both to one side okay so Miller Harris is my favorite ever perfume brand but I've walked into the store randomly at Westfield and this service was so good and I obviously didn't look that rich but they were still really accommodating really nice and just the sense are they don't smell tacky and also because it's like Miller Harris London I've bought quite a few of these for gifts for my friends but I bought to career and stuff because they can't get them there yet so yeah and then this is a body cream that is from space and K by Wren and it's just absolutely lovely it's Malcolm rose and it feels so soft and it goes straight to my skin so that's the one I'm using at the moment which was for my boyfriend that's just the odorant so yeah these two are the clinic moisture stuff house talking about just now I'm not too fond of them they don't feel that great on my skin so I'm not probably not gonna buy this again but yeah I'll use them probably for like travel related things and take them because they're in quite small pots this is a Urban Decay all nighter sprayed it's like a settings bravery and makeup that my sister got me but I don't really need it on I don't really need on that long at the woman I don't really go out I just go to work so I haven't used this much so I don't really have anything to say about it yet okay and then we get to my foundations I found that Dior is the best foundation for me and so this one is backstage it's called backstage foundation which is relatively new I think and yeah it's alright like I use this for work but the real Holy Grail is nude air like everywhere I go I will say like every Airport I go to or like German you dare Germany there because it's just it feels like it feels like air on the skin I just it's amazing like I cannot bought this foundation and so yeah I try and get this whenever I can because like the airport prices are obviously cheaper so this is the one I'll try and get each time I travel and this is a face mist from new skin which my friend Liam told me about so I just spray this she told me it's about six times a day but I don't remember that and so I'll just spray it whenever I can if I come home and my face feels dry apparently it's supposed to draw in surrounding moisture from the air I think that's the theory behind it so yeah I spray this whenever I remember to and what is this oh yeah this is my sunscreen I don't actually use this one because this one's new I've got a one and half way through that I carry around with me so that's why I didn't recognize what it was and those are all my brushes actually I want to talk about this Beauty Blender so I got this from Dior and it's not the beauty blender brand but it's obviously Dior's I'm not that fond of it I've used it once or twice obviously need to wash this but it just doesn't seem to work for me like I know what everyone says they all say and I have to moisturize it before you use it it's just not I'm just not feeling it but it doesn't good on my skin I feel like am i doing it wrong or like yeah I've tried Beauty blenders but not just this one but some from Korea and I don't know it just doesn't seem to work for me I love sanctuary spa my mom got me this for Christmas and so I like to I don't use the hand at the moment I'm just all about washing hands so it's very stuff turn that yeah one of my favorites and mouthwash that's something I've heard about Martha wash at the moment is actually that you should use it before you brush your teeth because they can wash away the fluoride that the toothpaste gives you which I don't know if that's true or not but the moment when I get up I just do mouthwash first and then I just brush my teeth so yeah we'll see how that goes and this is my morning cleanser so in the morning I really don't want to use a heavy foam cleanser for example this one that I was talking about it's quite heavy and lathers up with this one it's just really really light and so I use this in the morning and this one was from sujin one of my best friends in Canada and so that's kind of my thing oh and at the bottom there's a little raised area that I put my two most commonly worn shoes so there's my work shoes and those was just my casual shoes and I also keep my slippers there I feel like this is like a nice area because I feel that you can just wipe it with wipes very easily so I like keep my yeah I keep my shoes in this area not all of them obviously but just those three I always wear slippers at home at the moment I'm in flip-flops but I'm not exit the room without slippers on we get to sort of my you know essentially vanity area I suppose this is where I get ready in the morning I always always always have my bag there I don't like my bag being anywhere else in the room because if my bag let goes like on the tube with me and stuff I don't want to bring in dirt so I just always leave it there so yeah I've decorated this wall here with a lot of my friends pictures and this is something that I got in Tiger when I was in Korea and I love it like my mom doesn't really like it very much but I am just obsessed with it like it's obviously splitting me an eye and then I hang my jewelry off of here so I I just think it's really really nice and I like it a lot I thought was really interesting like you're hanging off your jewelry off your eyelashes I really like that idea so then here I have my postcard when I first arrived into London from Angie and I just loved it so much it's very like it makes me happy on a feeling day so I like to read it when I can and then this is a calendar also sent from Canada from Stettin and it's got all of our pictures from our LA Holiday Inn I miss them so much anyway and to the room table this is my jewelry stand I got this from Korea for literally like I think it would be a pound here but it was like eternal or something I like 2013 one basically and I'm so cheap and I love it because it reminds me that I actually have jewelry because I always forget like if I show it away in a box I used to have it in this kind of tablet style box which I'm just oh get out now but then I'd always forget it like what I have or as if they just made out like this in the morning I can just tell what will go with my outfit or not and then moving along we have a kind of mismatched area I haven't really organized this that well to be honest but it's got obviously all my nail varnishes and my perfumes and also some of my makeup so it's the no like it's a normal potato or order it's just kind of there right now I think I'll get around to that at some point yeah most of these perfumes are actually for my sister and then kind of makeup that I sometimes use and sometimes don't this is not my regular makeup so I only use that for like special occasions I'm not really using these right now but the lipsticks and stuff on wire so so these EOS lip-balm things when I went to America they were selling for like a couple of dollars but here in England they star for like six or seven power and so I was like what and then so Jen kindly sent me them she was like yeah they're like much cheaper in Canada in America so she sent me a whole bunch of them which I am obsessed with can we all just take a nice little moment to appreciate how cute my brother looks here he's 17 now this is when he was much younger and he hates this photo but I love it so much like he's he's so cute then we have this massive mirror in the room and this is boomer that I used to obviously get ready in and there's a plug right there and so I always do rekt my hair stuff here so at the bottom here is where I just put my straighteners and my hair dryer and my tangle teezer which come on seriously it's like one of the best inventions ever I feel like I can't live without it now it's so smooth and soft when I wash my hair so yeah and then I have this heat protecting spray and then a L'Oreal hair oil as well so yeah I do my hair in this area and then I'm moving up I kind of just keep my wallet and stuff that I'm going to take to work in this area actually if this is not something that I'm gonna take to work this is their face masks that I did last night but I still want to use like the residue left I don't want to waste all of the residue inside so I'm going to use that tonight as well and so yeah this is my makeup bag and so I keep sort of stuff that I'm gonna take to work the next day here and here I guess that I'll have more of a plan like I wanted to put some books here and decorate it but we'll see about that and then we have a shelf which is kind of yeah these two are two new Cleansing Waters that I haven't used yet I don't know why I put them there but I kind of didn't have anything to put here so just put the new ones there and then this is what I'm testing out at the moment which is supposed to kind of help rebuild damaged hair and so it's really expensive stuff this stuff but I'm using it like once a week on Sundays I'm just gonna see if it actually improves my hair I feel like it's so expensive that I don't want to use all at once so I'm not using it daily but I'm using it once a week at the moment and at the top are some of my favorite Korean snacks which I got from New Malden and yeah I eat I could eat like three boxes of these a roll so I'm trying to hide them from myself but I like them because they keep a bit of Korea in my room and so people who know that they're Korean will recognize it and I just like to have them there they make me happy so one thing is because I I just haven't lived in one place for a long time I've always been backwards and forwards from Korea and England and then India to England or Newcastle like Hartlepool to London and buckles affords a University and everything I've just been moving around a lot I moved around during all my university years and so I have this anxiety about settling in somewhere I feel like once I settle in someone's gonna kick me out or I'm gonna have to move and so although I want to feel like the shelves up with books and stuff I kind of think in my head mmm it's gonna be more hustle when I move out so I kind of have mixed feelings some days I'm like I really want to keep the whole place out and some days I think no I need to calm down because it's not the house I own so I don't know how long I'm gonna be here so not only was the sink and major seller in me treating this room but these wardrobes were I like they are amazing they're so spacious this one I'm not going to show you because it's like my underwear drawer and also like current clothes draw it's kind of just stuff that I put in there like that I'm wearing at home and this I have my work clothes in here work cords and cut and these where I put my bulbs which I haven't brought everything else at the moment but so at the top I just have my bags and then on the next shelf I have like tops and t-shirts and then here I have a few jumpers again here I have jumpers this is where I keep my work stuff and this is where I keep off everything for the bottom so I like skirts and then trousers and jeans and things it hasn't been fully organized yet as I said because I don't have all my clothes here but for now I think that it will do I'm upset with this bag which was gifted from Jessica Russell Flint and that's a brand that I'll keep the link in the box below it's so colorful and lovely I kind of just want to take it out all the time but it doesn't always go with my outfit so I feel like it's more like a wash bag but I would still wear this out again I don't have much to fill these drawers but in this one all I do is just keep my cleaning stuff in here and so I've got the X material right that I was talking about that I'm obsessed with for anything just wipe it anything you do wipe it and these are floor wipes so both Asians love wooden floors because we feel like they don't accumulate as much dust as carpets and so I love to just wipe the floors when I can I have this beautiful wardrobe where I keep all of my just dresses and I've tried to co-op color coordinate this and all I obviously haven't because that red color that but I did try initially and yeah it's just kind of like when I go out and summery dresses and things like that and this wardrobe I've just been using to keep my room hoovering I love hoovering so that is my humor there and I super again whenever I need to because a lot of hair falls out and I need that and this is the bay window I haven't left all of the shutters open because I don't want it you know reveal where I live but this is what they look like and I wonder have something here some more plants and things was the one I got one everyone have more plants or maybe like a sitting area or something here but I just haven't figured it out yet so maybe when I get my next paycheck I can think about that so I hope that you've enjoyed today's room tall like I love watching stuff like this so if you've got any good links to send then please put them in the comments anyway I hope that you've enjoyed and I'll see you in the next video

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