Hashim asks Lizzzie some difficult questions that christianity has to deal with , Questions that call into question the validity of such commands given by god almighty!?

the question to you is this is a profit still a profit if you take sex lives because then that would actually disqualify Moses is most as one of their chosen ones of God the Moses get the opportunity to actually see God you see this is Lizzy the reason you're not answering these questions is because you do not abide by the same standards that you would want the Muslims to abide by why why do we see these double standards whenever you bring in a conversation it is always attacking Mohamed Salah solemn why is that why do you want to compare your God Jesus Christ to Mohammed why don't you compare Allah yogurt to my god let's do that okay surely see that shall we see Jesus when he comes back is he going to kill the disbelievers is he going to put them in far in the in the lake of fire what about timing it's about you look look when you came into this conversation when you came into the story nation you were not invited I was talking to the gentleman I was just telling him some truths that I think he should hear as well I'm sure you know do you believe that a prophet when he's given a command from God he should obeyed yes okay so one of the prophets that's what Moses did is so why are you worried you're what Moses missing why why why are you obsessed with what mohammed salah salem did can you please answer my question did moses commit the same atrocities which you are saying mohammed salah salem density because the reason the reason you are pointing fingers to muhammad is because you consider them as atrocities do you not good so the question now to you is this did moses commit these atrocities I can also my question are you going to answer my question Lizzy I going to answer my question yes so my question was did Moses commit the same atrocities of killing women and children and taking sex slaves for example in numbers 23 you'll see the same atrocity the same atrocities which your pointing fingers to Mohammed Abad if you don't let me know I will let you talk I will let you talk but why did you answer the question I asked you you can go if you don't agree if you look if everything is here you need timing it just shows that you're unable to have a decent conversation like an others that is what you what that is what do you want do you see other people you are saying let's have a time conversation no this is come and have a talk and I'm sure you're keeping a lot of doing that leaves you have done it before are you saying that you cannot talk normally without a time conversation I just know that in the past 13 well I let you get a word as well as this time and and I and I'll tell you and I'll tell you right now provided you answer the question I ask you because we're going to go all over and different tangents yes this attacking Islam attacking Mohamed Salah Salaam his life style whatever it is and not responding to the questions I asked you then that wouldn't be a fair conversation so once again did Moses in numbers did he not kill women and children and then give them over sex slaves to his soldiers numbers 23:19 that's fine let's start with one is it it's a one where he he commands his soldiers to go and kill every male everything every female is number 31 yes we just shows I I don't drop into this low-level poly mix so basically it was let's go in and read from them right God have you allowed all the women to live they were the ones who followed Balaam's advice and were the means of turning the Israelites away from the Lord in what happened to pay all okay so the women had actually so before you go to other part tell me why were they saved us so rather the well the boys why were they killed rather the right with the mill children killed that's really probably in the reading again numbers 31 not anyway you have to point out why were the milk because your reasoning for for saving the little girls who were have not slept with any man or whoever jeans was because they were not part of that scheme of committing sins or whatever but then the question arises why would the little boys kill it looks like you're wearing this question it looks like you're wearing it yes because now that you have been cornered in a way that you have given a reasoning that the little girls were not killed because they were not involved in this sinning but then the question arises the boys should also not be involved in the sin because they were too little to understand but Lisa doesn't warn you at that point and wants to go on another topic another words because now she has realized that this is what Moses did so does that disqualify Moses as a no no you have to answer my question before you finish before you once you finish this then I will give you a chance then I'll give you a chance for you to ask your question and that is how it works you listen you do not jump to another topic without finishing I let you talk I'm doing GG okay so give me the reason why the boy started reading know what you did wait what is it you see this is what happens she doesn't know the word says but she knows all the habits of merciless Allah this is this is what we are dealing with unfortunately she knows all the hadith of our prophet mohammed salah salem marrying the young young marriage of aisha she knows she knows how I shall was hit on the chest she knows all this but when it comes to the Bible clearly the case how are you going to also on my behalf I take a charge why will the boys you can go Lizzy unfortunately doesn't let them if you want to attack Islam on the lifestyle of Mohammed only then at least read the serie at least read with regards at least read with regards well is disturbing then Weiss is not disturbing killing little children in cold blood is not disturbing for us notice it's not my example I don't have to do what I know it wasn't Jesus okay so that's why what Mohammed did is way more relevant because this is what I have to follow what my mama did so this is that when we see that Muhammad be either on the chest this is something that should concern us today but because Muhammad is your example for today and Moses is not messy okay so Lizzy Lizzy you said this is okay that's fine that's fine s11 run away she said that if Moses is not the example that she follows but what she forgets is that in that same verse so in that same chapter numbers 31 it mentions the reason why they were killed second it mentions whose sanction is killing it was her god by the way whether you believe it or not it was like Trinitarian God if you're a Trinitarian which includes Jesus as well which includes the father and the Holy Spirit who sanctioned the command to kill everyone except the virgin girls so her argument is only a couple and she says Moses is not the example I follow by the way Moses himself was commanded by him by Jesus if you are a Trinitarian and the reason that was given in this Old Testament is not because these girls or this women or the men they were actually committing some sins the reason is given in that same passage that it was for vengeance very clearly go and read number 31 and he'll give you the reason why they were killed and the same appears in 1st Samuel 15 3 again for vengeance so there you go women and children and men and little infants were old massacred in cold blood and then she comes and points fingers about right mohammed salah salem he died showing the chest look at the comparison yes this is the double standards we have to deal with unfortunately with likes of lizzy always the communal preaching about what about what Muhammad did worried you know come and preach about Christianity sometimes about what you see in your own Bible when you see in the New Testament anyone who curses the mother and father shall be put to death Matthew chapter 15 verse 3 for that's the New Testament why is Jesus telling the Jewish people do not follow the command of God which is what the command in Exodus given to the Jewish people he comes a thousand years after Moses and he repeats the same command that you Jews for the sake of your tradition are not following the command of God very clear words of Jesus in the Bible what is the command of God to put everyone who curses the mother or father the children shall be put to death for cursing the parents again a come on we she doesn't want to bring up because this is something embarrassing for them mohammed salah salem his own enemies who persecuted him who exiled him from his own he had to basically go to another continent city from McRea to migrate to Medina because of the persecution and the killing of his own people in Makkah they were driven away they were bought coated to the extent that they starve to death almost and then when he conquered McDowell is returned after 1314 years yes this is what happens he came to Makkah and he could have taken revenge against of all of them like the revenge mentioned in the Old Testament the revenge of the God to kill every male every female every child mohammed salah salem who's known rahmatullah al-amin who's known as the mercy to mankind yes did not do this he did not take revenge but he forgave them all of them we came with an army of 10,000 he could have much massacred all those people who persecuted them who killed them and who tortured them and who boycotted them to the extent where the people were starving to death the Muslims in Makkah that time he's he had to burn that for thirteen years for thirteen years they're too bad that this persecution in Mecca and guess what he did not seek the revenge against them and he forgave them he did not kill them this was the beauty of Islam that people like Abu Sufyan who was a sworn enemies of Islam who are foremost in persecuting and killing the Muslims even be accepted Islam when they saw this methylamine and they saw Mohamed Salah cell and the message mankind forgive the people and saw his beautiful character of mercy and kindness to even his enemies and this is the real beauty not turning the other cheek not to be a pacifist when you have to be firm with the belief of firm with the people who persecute you kill you but you show kindness where it deserves to be showing kindness yes and not to be are just a pure pacifist so you see the bill of Islam we are not complete pacifists and we are not complete terrorists either we are in the middle we take a balanced view a balanced position of using force when is required and using pragmatism mercy and kindness when it is required that's the beard of Islam so alhamdulillah this is the Deen that we follow we do not follow and attack them that this is the reason you see at least we give we substantiate where it is in the Bible you don't just come here and give us something from a place it's high or something like that you know which many of the scholars will say that many of the things mentioned in there are not accurate or not something sorry I'll is not authentic there are many inauthentic things in some of these zeros the early Sierra's so what we do is we look at it from how the scholars have graded it we look at the authentic bits and we leave away they were unauthentic bits but they bring in the unauthentic ones at least we point them to the to the Bible show me where in the Quran anyone has been mentioned any mention of killing of children or anyone innocent is there the reason they have to go to this questionable sources like if they saw where this unauthentic mentioned or the unauthentic history has been mentioned the reason they have to speak to that is this shows the desperation unfortunately alhamdulillah Islam we stick to the authentic sources we stick to the primary sources and we do not go if he wanted we could have played the same game with the Christians about the later we could have talked about the Crusades we could have talked about other people that they they didn't say that we did not look at anyone except Jesus as a role model what is Jesus himself said do the will of the father did he ever say do my will no what does it mean to do the will of the Father that means you obey God obey the god of him the god of Jesus because Jesus says I go to my god and your God in John 17:3 says the only true God again addressing home he's God Almighty God and this is the message of Jesus as well so you see we we stick to the authentic sources so I think they should stick to their authentic sources the Bible the Bible doesn't advocate the Trinity but they believe in the Trinity nonetheless the Bible doesn't advocate that G anywhere ever Jesus claimed that he was God but they believe is God and that is the word we see as deviating from their original source of stick to your sources and then coming shores the unauthentic sources from Islam what is the point of that you come every week you show us this x y&z about the life of Muhammad why do you always compare the life of Muhammad and men say Jesus is this that means somehow you believe that Jesus has to be compared to another man in order to make sense compare if you believe is God and compare Jesus to Allah yes that Allah never died that Allah knows everything he's not ignorant like Jesus who doesn't know the last hour he said ignorant like Jesus then he doesn't know even the seasoned offense when the figs grow which even the farmers at that time knew so this is what if you want to do a like-for-like comparison I don't think you'll be able to do compare the Quran and compile the Bible the Bible has no authentic sources the early sources have all disappeared yes they have no manuscript from the first century zero manuscripts how do you bridge the gap from the first century from the time Jesus preached this word in words of his to the first to the earliest extant manuscript which I think date to the late second centuries or something like that more than 100 years after Jesus more than hundred fifty years after Jesus and natural fragments majority of the major text manuscripts that the phone is in the third and fourth century three to four hundred years after Jesus can you imagine this and then this area these are the words of Jesus how will you bridge the gap you don't have anything even close to the authentic hadith the sahabi forget even the authentic hadith you don't have anything close to the weak hadith the Bible is right even they have the Senate they have the chain of narration so who narrated from Jesus who are the intermittent people who brought the message to mark Matthew Luke and John later on or whoever wrote those Bibles in the name of Mark Matthew Luke and John who brought the message to them where is this link where is this how do you fill this big gap between them more than 100 years of gap I mean a lot can change in 40 50 years let alone so you see at least in the Quran with regard to the Quran and with regards to the hadith we have both the oral and written tradition from the very early years from nearly the time of – alehsalaam or even during his time and later on with regards to the Quran with regards to the hadith we have these things we have the chain of narrations if not the even the Buhari and Muslim might have come 200 years after the important thing is that they can link what I did this is all the way to Prophet Muhammad through the chain of narration unlike the Bible so you see that Bible is not even close in the comparison to the week hadid the week narrations from mohammed salah salem which has a sunnah that lists so we know from the ULM original we know each entity each person within the chain of narration about the biography about the history what kind of person they were whether they were all when they wrote this whether they were young whether them the memory had lapsed and there when they reach a certain age and because of that they are discounted that hadith as being a week or as being something like that we don't have this science of hadith or the science of Quran duralumin hadith the lumen Quran with regards to the Bible so the sauce is like cows speaking to the guy Theo and the other gentleman earlier they said that they agree that there were no early sources the question arises if they don't have the early sources how do you know that B were the ones preached by Jesus in fact they are not even sure about the language I osdas got killed what language was in it he said Greek and then he was saying I'm not sure maybe your IRA make later on so the question is this why would Jesus preach in something which is not the language of his disciples if that language was Aramaic is going to preach to them in Arabic where are they are MH Gospels where are the Arabic books or the manuscripts where are they they all lost what is the term for God in our made for God ilaha see the beauty of it ilaha is like writing a law with an A at the end very similar pronunciation as you can see which is more closer with Jesus called God Allah and Mohammed call God Allah look at the beauty look at the similarity between the even the reference to God Almighty yes and this is what we are saying Jesus never claimed to be God he says I go to my god and your God he claims that he has a God what more clear passages do you want from the Bible and this is at the end of the day look look at it objectively look at it sincerely read the Bible read the Quran and then you come to an understanding because God has given us all intellect God has given us all the ability to reason the Faculty of reasoning and we should utilize that do not just go into a blind alley and say that everything that I have been taught is the truth and everything else is false and wrong I mean had the open mind mindedness to at least explore all the different avenues and then come to a conclusion do not just attack Islam because of what you have read or heard from some Islamophobic website or some person go and do your own research and look at the look at the message holies the holistic message of Islam that has been given to you yes for 13 years for the first 13 years it is not because Islam was weak that they did not fight a war because they were not commanded by Allah to fight but they were to bear with patience and this is what Muhammad Salla Salomon his companions did when they went to Medina and when they had regrouped only then Allah commanded them to fight the the non-believers that too the ones who are attacking them the ones who are persecuting them the ones who had driven them away from the houses it wasn't just a pre-emptive attack unprovoked no it wasn't and this is what Allah commanded obviously you do not stand by oppression all the time you have to address the oppression you do not just turn by and be a pacifist and say we will remain patient slaughter alive and let them oppressors know there has to be justice there has to be the oppressors have to be brought to account and this is what we believe everywhere look at any civilization whether it is a Roman Empire the the Chinese civilization the Indian civilization the Egyptian civilization or even the Great British civilization yes when obviously I mean I wouldn't say much about the colonialist because there was a lot of injustice there but they had some form of justice there's some four form of judicial system which brought people to account and this was a case we do not just stand my customers are the Christians from the New Testament how do you determine if someone who's murdered someone how shall that be dealt with you know what they'll say you have to be dealt with the law of the country so if the law of the country Sharia guess what how you'll deal with yes because that is what you what it says in Romans if you read your book the government is appointed yes and ordained by God himself you cannot go against it in the book of Romans this is what the Bible preaches you do not go against there are the ruler in a will be a be a taught not to go against the ruler but you see I'm holding to us going against the ruler all I'm saying is that if you believe that you have to abide by the law of the country then how will you abide if the country is ruled by Sharia you you have to bench agree that you have to abide by Sharia as well so for example if you go to Malaysia we come from you yes you have a some sort of Sharia there yeah yes so they have to abide by the law in your country yes Marshall a very good example right here under Lila but yeah so this is what it is so Yahoo's explaining with regards to them being persecuted for 13 years then left to migrate from Ursula Solomon his companions and to migrated to Medina to Yathrib what it was called at that time and later on they came to mop makan when they conquered Makkah yes remember this many Christians actually saying oh the reason they did not attack the creation the Meccans before because they were weak but later on when they became strong yes they went and conquered my clients or no if they did conquer makan beat they persecute and kill those people who took who basically persecuted them in revenge no because that is the real beauty it is not when you're weak or when you're incapable and say look love your enemy that is not the point because Jesus and his companions at the time of the Romans were weak and at that time it was easy to say love your enemy turn the other cheek it is when you're strong and you're capable of capable of basically killing them capable of harming them capable of empowering them it is only at that time you if you show the mercy and the kindness to your enemies that is the real beauty that is a real body say the real mercy the real loving your enemies that actually not the other one when you're when you're weak because you see can say many things but if you cannot put it in practice what is the point of that and even after that Jesus might say love your enemy but guess what he's going to do it during his second coming yes he's going to kill all his enemies yes both enemies like the Jews who do not accept him he's going to make them his footstool according to the New Testament one book to read the book of Revelation because this is what is not loving your enemy really means and what does it mean then what is the point of saying love your enemy turn the other cheek when you're going to kill them at the end anyway what is the point of all this it's pointless Muhammad seller sell I'm sure the real love your enemy when he came and conquered Mecca yes and in short mercy and kindness to the very people who person good at him his companions his family yes some of them were massacred and killed and this is what we see as a true mercy and kindness in Islam hamdulillah and insha'Allah Allah give us all that he there the guidance to follow the true guidance of Allah in his resolve the Prophet Muhammad's Allah Allah is Allah and with this I end this talk inshaallah just like a locker for listening Salonika with the

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  1. It is pointless to speak to Christians like Lizzie who spew their garbage then run away!!! They are all a produce of Jay Scums arse!!! NO CHRISTIAN, BUDDAH, INDIAN OR JEW HAVE EVER WON A DEBATE WITH A MUSLIM!!!! ALLAH HU AKHBAR.

  2. Disingenuous Dizzy Lizzie representative of Christianity…never won an argument let alone a debate in her entire miserable disgusting life!!! She along with the rest of her crew were Shat out of Satans arse and has more shit coming out of her mouth than her arse!!!!!

  3. seriously if this dumb skank do see the comment box for review. seriously lizzie your absolutely pathetic, please do a world favor just hide your face im 1000% sure even christians are asking same for it. probly even worst

  4. Lizzi You just got case arrested on the Spot .
    So now you want to forget Moses ? hmmmm… Was he just an Alien to you then ? even though he is just as much in your Book .
    Don't you Understand Lizzi ? This Book is making you look like a Hypocrite… Why Don't you listen to the Muslims ? They are telling you and SHowing you How it is Hypocritical and Contradictory to any normal Human Being.
    I hope you don't consider yourself as an Alien

  5. The truth hurts. Thats why she was running away. Sometimes i think that the brother Hashim is a lil bit too harsh, but then i remember how many lies she`s telling about islam and her huge doublestandart and i recognice that thats maby the only way to deal with people like her. Because shes not answering the questions and runs always away.


  7. this place is the battle ground were ISLAM prevails like in any other ground, and the words of this brothers are sapper than swords , their brains becomes the atomic bomb for Evils.
    when they exposed evil using evidence it blast and devastating effects shocks the world of evil.

  8. This no triumph for this bully . No matter how much islam attack Christianity and attack christian women whom just want to share the gospel Christianity was before islam still is and Will always be forever . The message of Christianity still lives on and daily changes lives . The Bible still is the word of God

  9. Joh 6:27-29 KJV 27 Labour not for the meat which perisheth, but for that meat which endureth unto everlasting life, which the Son of man shall give unto you: for him hath God the Father sealed. 28 Then said they unto him, What shall we do, that we might work the works of God? 29 Jesus answered and said unto them, This is the work of God, that ye believe on him whom he hath sent.

  10. Joh 7:15-17 KJV 15 And the Jews marvelled, saying, How knoweth this man letters, having never learned? 16 Jesus answered them, and said, My doctrine is not mine, but his that sent me. 17 If any man will do his will, he shall know of the doctrine, whether it be of God, or whether I speak of myself.

  11. Joh 17:1-5 KJV 1 These words spake Jesus, and lifted up his eyes to heaven, and said, Father, the hour is come; glorify thy Son, that thy Son also may glorify thee: 2 As thou hast given him power over all flesh, that he should give eternal life to as many as thou hast given him. 3 And this is life eternal, that they might know thee the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom thou hast sent. 4 I have glorified thee on the earth: I have finished the work which thou gavest me to do. 5 And now, O Father, glorify thou me with thine own self with the glory which I had with thee before the world was.

  12. Haha As a Christian they don't follow Moses Laws. What! the same laws that directly came from the Almighty!! Did he say he repealed these laws? WHERE? Written not some rhetorical blah blah! From the ages, through Divine instructions sent to the Messengers of God, Laws and rules brought down for only Saul of Tarsus to repeal them! You trap yourselves if you use human morality as the anchor point and try to think it the same thing as Divine Morality. "We are the people that hear and Obey." What ever is commanded of us.

  13. I have a question I would love a christan to answer. As a Christian you have to believe Jesus is our saviour in order for our sins to be forgiven and for us to enter heaven. So my question is; what happened to all great prophet's like Abraham, Moses, David, Noah and all people before Jesus time? Did they all die as sinners and went to hell? Who was their saviour? If they didn't need a saviour in order to be forgiven and to enter heaven why do people after Jesus time need one? Why is God not able to forgive people's sins without a blood sacrifice? Sounds like a very sadistic God… would very much appreciate an answer to this question that's been bothering me for some time

  14. im stund by this people, how is it not clear, why is it not clear, is Hashim not speaking english, i understand what is coming out of his mouth, there is no words that is complex in any way, and english is my 3 language!!! im stund……………………………………………………..

  15. Lizzie thought the young man wasn't a Muslim and wanted to interrupt brother Hashim from giving Dawah. Just watch how DEEP she sighed, when she found out the young brother is a Muslim as well ๐Ÿ™‚

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