China’s HALAL HEAVEN in Guangzhou – BEST Muslim Street Food

Today we visit Guangzhou’s HALAL HEAVEN! The best muslim street food in China! Chinese street food is very diverse and muslim food is one of my favourites! We went to Lanpu Lu to check out the Friday morning muslim market to try some delicious street foods!

We sampled all kinds of Uyghur and Hue Chinese food including : Pilaf, Roast Lamb, Pomegranate Juice and much more! This market is PACKED with the best street food in Guangzhou!

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what's up and welcome to Guangzhou China my name's Luke Martin with chopstick travel calm and today is day four of our series here in Guangzhou so yesterday we had an incredible day of eating we started with some incredibly delicious deep fried wontons these are some super crispy deep-fried wontons that just looks absolutely incredible oh we also visited the amazing Canton tower it is quite a work of art or architecture and we tried some Michelin recommended Cantonese double boiled soup this is our double boiled soup serve in a whole coconut I'm gonna start with trying the bra so if you want to see any of the videos from the past three days you can click the link down in the description box today's video is going to be a little bit different it is Friday morning here in Guangzhou and we have come to LAN Pulu which is home to the Muslim Friday morning market so I can already smell the roast lamb in the air and this place just looks incredible so let's go start eating it's about quarter after 11 here in Guangzhou and Friday morning prayer would have just been finishing recently so the market is just starting to set up we're gonna kind of just explore and see what looks good wait until everything's hot and fresh and then start eating go to any abuse in xi'an when you're young it's good news did you say okay glad you job let's memorize it oh this play we stopped at our first stall today for some roast lamb I just couldn't pass up this is honestly meat heaven here at this market so this is a roast lamb in the shinjang province style so as you can see here we've got box we bought $40 worth 40 yuan worth this just looks absolutely incredible it is rubbed in some spices of some sort probably some turmeric and then serve with some onions over here you can see and then some spices down here I'm guessing it's probably a mixture of some Szechuan peppercorns and some other spices so let me take this piece here dip it in a little bit of spice let's try that Oh oh yeah that is absolutely succulent roast lamb and I was wrong that's not Szechuan peppercorns that is cumin and it is full of flavor served with some crisp fresh onions and that lamb is super smoky and I think it's rubbed in some turmeric and probably some more human let's just try another bite of this this is so good this is meat heaven ho man sorry so juicy and delicious let me show you how to assemble the perfect bite of roast lamb grab some skin here rub it in a little bit of cumin some onions of course and then get a piece of meat the skin is nice and crispy oh man super smoky – Wow downtown yeah I guess your salad salad okay so imagine you're ahead Yoda probably the most popular dish at this entire market is the pilaf which is rice cooks in with meat and carrots and all kinds of different things and we just ordered up a beautiful plate of it here and also a plate of naan bread so as you can see here there is tons of carrots inside of this pilaf that rice looks nice and juicy and then we got a piece of roast chicken on top and then some sort of a salad over here it looks like probably some onions and some more carrots and then maybe some chilli and then of course our naan bread which looks like it's been kind of topped with some green onions and oh man that feels nice and thick so let me just rip off a piece of that here and I'm just gonna grab some rice first to try that with some carrots and then chase it with some bread oh that's so Hardy oh let's try a piece of this chicken now and with some of this salad this is honestly so filling and hearty it's like survival food but done really deliciously so let's try this bite mm-hmm oh there's actually some noodles in there a little bit of vinegar I think that salads a little pickled and some chilies in there as well gives it a nice little spice and again I've got to chase that with some of this bread just tear pieces off this bread it is a little bit dry and very thick but it goes nicely with the pilaf oh man I love this style of food my favorite part of the pilaf is definitely the carrots it makes it really smooth and really juicy I'm gonna take some bread to none and go in with the rice and the salad to try that out together that's a lot huh good more salad oh nice and sour great flavor finish off with our pilaf that was absolutely delicious the these types of foods are just so Hardy so you get full really fast but there's a couple other things we really want to try here so we're gonna keep eating this is such an interesting market you honestly hear more English than Chinese here and there's people from all walks of life here and it's just starting to pick up it's about probably 12:45 1 o'clock maybe and it's really starting to pick up now and there's a lot of people here so we're gonna keep going if it next up we've got this really interesting kind of dessert of yogurt and ice and a little bit of sugar they were chopping off this huge ice block and you can see here there is this massive bowl of ice for only 10 yuan and there is tons of yogurt as well so let me give this a try here Oh super super sour and super refreshing not too sweet at all but that yogurt is where all that flavours coming from super velvety smooth and nice and sour oh man that so let's just mmm that is perfect for today because it is smoking hot out here in Guangzhou and the owners of this stall were really friendly and he was putting on a little show cracking up that ice for us this is so good this is like my dream dessert it is ultra sour super creamy and nice and cold and refreshing this is to die for here in Guangzhou let's try this oh man it's not the thickest yogurt ever it's actually quite like watered-down but with that ice so refreshing that yogurt was unreal honestly that just cooled my body temperature quite a bit this market is really starting to get busy now and the people here are just really really friendly and it's quite easy actually as a tourist because everyone speaks pretty good English and you know there's people from all different parts of the world here but the majority cuisine representation here it would be the way ethnic minority Chinese and also the Weger group that food comes from like I mentioned earlier the Far West of China but man it is just so good this food I could just eat all day long next food today and I'm not exactly sure what the name of this dish is but it's basically like a stew a halal stew full of tons of tons of ingredients so let me try to identify everything so we've got some pieces of lamb maybe rib there it looks like we've got some noodles there is a few different types of these fungus so one brown one like that another one like this looks like some radish cilantro there is chilli in that broth there is peppers here this is Leung young fun which is like a jelly and I'm definitely missing some things there's carrots yeah wow this is just quite a crazy hearty lookin stew so they kind of mix this around here and I'm just gonna try whatever I get in my chopsticks hmm I got all kinds of different things in that bite I definitely tasted some of that radish some fungus in some of those noodles and that is quite a spicy and salty broth so many hearty ingredients in here once again this is just one of those foods that's almost like a delicious survival food oh look there's even a meatball in here let's try that with some of the spicy broth hmm I think that's a lamb meatball and whoo that is quite spicy and quite salty too it's not my favourite this is quite a unique dish there's all kinds of different textures and flavors going on in there but it is very salty like too salty it's kind of hard to eat especially on a hot day like today I like the textures and I like the spiciness but too salty for me I've had similar dishes to that soup before when we were in Xi'an and it was really delicious I think that just wasn't the best version of it it is quite spicy to our mouths around fire and I think we're gonna order up some pomegranate juice now so at this market you will find a few different sells selling this this is pomegranate juice and this is actually a Shin Jung specialty they are squeezing it fresh right now and they serve it to you cold or warm we got ourselves a cold bottle of juice and I don't know if I've ever actually tried pomegranate juice so I'm really excited to try let's give it a go hmm oh wow that's only a little sweet it's quite sour and it's very pulpy there's a lot of pomegranate pieces inside so you know it's fresh we are absolutely stuff we bought a couple extra naan to go home with us we have them earlier and they're really good we have a big train ahead of us tomorrow nine hours to Western China and Yunnan province to Kunming so we're hoping we're gonna make a video for you guys there but this is the end of our Guangzhou series it has been incredible the food here is so good I know today's video is probably going to be a little bit of a shorter one just because we only went to the market here the Muslim morning market in Guangzhou and it is a quite a small market but there's tons of good food and the people here are really really friendly so hopefully we will make a video for you in Kunming if not the next videos you will see will be from India so we are going to Jaipur and New Delhi we are so excited to get back to India and make a ton of videos for you guys this time if you didn't check out the previous Guangzhou videos all the links for day one two and three will be down below we ate a ton of good food and I'd love to hear what you guys thought of our Guangzhou series so make sure you guys give this video a big thumbs up and subscribe and hit the bell icon so you're notified when we post new videos and we will see you again from China or India very soon [Applause] [Applause]

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  1. Pour moi la vidéo est très explicite sur le prix, le produit, le goût, et bien sur l'envie de prendre l'avion et de visité cette région du monde🌏 Bravo et grand merci a vous chère Monsieur. 👍

  2. Where's the CHRISTIAN Street food in China?
    Where's the JEW Street food in China?

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