The successful stage adaptation of Mughal-E-Azam, the movie has come to Delhi. The stage musical with its cast and crew of over 350 people, with more than 200 lights illuminating the stage, 550 costumes designed by Manish Malhotra, not to mention the live singing on stage along with dazzling Kathak sequences performed by 30 classically trained dancers is a sight to see. The show premieres on 8th September and is scheduled to run from 9th Sept. to 17 Sept.
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18 thoughts on “Mughal-E-Azam: The musical comes to Delhi

  1. I am not so sure why you have to glorify the original actors of the film. While the film was a phenomenon, I feel the credit is owed more to the story and set design than the actors thenselves. They did a good job, no doubt, but I do not feel at a level that cannot be surpassed today, especially by stage theatre trained performers who could possibly be more authentic than a typical Bollywoid masala name. And no offense, Dilip Kumar has a name but I would not call him the most dashing Mughal Prince, either. I felt he was a bit too lethargic for that kind of role. Hence, I have high expectations that new stage actors could potentially surpass the original film actors.

  2. I was here when it was played @jawaharlal nehru stadium,.Delhi. It was really a piece of art for me…theatrical plays have always been the best in term of all aspects…never fails to impact the audience but this one was brilliant and we'll executed by all the actors and actresses. The live music, song,dance,visual effects, beautiful costumes,well versed dialogues etc were spectacular.
    Keep the good work! ! 👌
    Absolutely beautiful play put together by Feroz Abbas Khan 👌

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