Join Si, Jules and the adorable Mud-hound Poppy as they search for lost treasures washed ashore on the Thames Foreshore of London Village ; ) Some fantastic discoveries are made in the space of a few hours when the low-tide reveals London’s lost history.

let's get some luck in the Marmite lovers you go again on Tim's fall short of old London village me and poppy and Jules my pounds go chosen me as well today yeah yeah I just found it all worm a little Liz thinks a little lid lid way yeah it's got a little crush on it lady yeah yeah the dog helps and also found which I'm gonna show you now is this I think is a dress fastener would have had a hope at the bottom motor out days where this a modern thing that's where stone should be or whether it's that's just part of the design but yeah the dogs in a quandary because I throw it a stick a lot of the time but Jules is his daddy her daddy and she's gone with the daddy hurry she'll be back though who you soon though show awaits your sway to go see weapons and that see now Jules bugs off that leaves me to play with the dog so I can't really do much now apart from fro bits of plastic pipe dog that's my excuse when I don't find much anyway the dog was taking up all my attention that's poppy by the way poppy the dog papi put in my hand thank you oh so fast well Tommy thrown it and get back to what you're doing she's there again with the thing in my hand please thank you I'll just set up a lid buckle and you don't never seen a live one before that's a big old shoe buckle you know the venom outlet if I end it is indeed what it is but interesting little fine you'll see yeah and one of our friends with the other side yeah Oracle's jumper he wore it when we went out detectives here we have but you can see if it's for one or not 3x Bobby we were able for you fr do we get Bulldog comes back satis Parkin you'll make his mark on the bottom now – saucony and that aside I'll leave that for the next generation muscle bun ne plus ultra hmm danger boys and others beware of deep water places me Jill said nice little paste doughnut probably probably Georgian or something like that very sweet we're fully sadly cufflink or something like that your precious box well that got my heart racing there was a little gold coin for a second but on second look it's not and really quite it is I think it could be might be an American one I think that I recognized the front of that it's been the white house and maybe but it's definitely modern because it's in such poor condition because they don't make them like the easty if anybody knows what that is give us a shout thank you so this is a lovely bit of early mr. Beldon they've been a lovely big jug I've got an example this at home actually I acquired it really hard to find when they're complete made in Germany import here to use as jugs and tableware it's no that's pretty sweet we've had a gr then George Regina George the third vessel Vera they're cool I usually show you much and all the bones down here because it's quite a lot but then again you find so much is quite interesting you cannot have a picture that as being a LAN or something like that maybe er yeah it's small a small small animal crazy animal I'll leave that there though let's say that it's portable for you again you start a show aren't you really so I've just found amongst all these rubbish sadly is RocketBallz very nice rugby ball tells me to do a little test to see for the first football or rugby I'll keep the football cuz I just love it so much I love the team Tottenham Hotspur our database [Applause] such other clips it's like Oh Charles brainwash and if you don't wear attention you got your back too come to you now so what Jules is doing he's just clearing up a few bits of rubbish that we spot on the foreshore put him in a bag so the you know the little bit of the environment don't usually put this bill on camera because it's a little bit boring but a little bit and as Jules is quite easy cor blimey been man jacket on he really doesn't the path the guy's got a people's new stuff and I'm gonna join him in a sec Thank You papi she's looking after the rubbish we picked up so last ten minutes we had a quick mad dash and picked up all this rubbish two bags there and another bag there and this other stuff yeah okay and so last knockings had what I think he's B of a great shot and it's covered in rust so you know experience we give a bit of a tap and it should all the crud should come off or reveal cannibal and there we go you see what's been cast nice that have been bound up with load of others and if whatever shoot that someone very nice well the master at work Jules here we go he's been doing it how long now Matlock in a while a long time man boy 2 traders but he's had a lovely haul of traversed hard for this today we got a soaking in the process we got Clippard by a clipper we've got to traders probably local yeah pay W a I've got Phillip somebody went under the shores on the other side where there's a little dog or foot or an eel this guy's got your feel on it but I'll get some fight these and show you what these are when they cleaned up but these are 17th century traders tokens and I'm I spoke to you about it before but Mike found a call just one the other day and we've had tools that to up today – – lovely choice tokens and I got the initials on there the initial of the person that owned the trade and sometimes because they we can attribute them to one particular person which makes another interesting absolutely can't cross it was an outline but we all got to find out a little bit this is a little foreign hammered coin I think it's probably French has got fleur de lis got very personal domination denomination but still great fine really early probably many years post medieval and the good old faithful rose father in which we found quite a feel but it always a pleasure to find because you know they're the same age 17th century Charles the first rose farthing and to compliment that these are the other bits this is a Staffordshire slipware 18 yep isis injury host of coins and bits involves another possible hammered coin there again it's quite worn but it was something that sometime whether we anything so now I don't know bit shrapnel from the wall they'll be pastes stone paste Jim there would have grace cufflink or something similar darn it I found a couple of these myself but this is a lovely little things don't know where they came from but there's a story that goes with that I will do that in another episode musket balls marbles and pennies and lid well it's half a leg disk of some description we find some of these little LED lumps some of them are in desire for a ball but other things we can see some the see patterns on the stuff like that sorry yeah good hole is a little lady little dead traders we've whoa it's got my name on again another SOI so I think that's got to be mine I think well I think you view a button earlier yeah and that's probably warn children so moving on some bits are packed oh well jewels actually found that pipe are that he said are Kenosha pottery musket balls I'm palade lovely probably like George an early Vicki button there another button this diverse it's happened jug with a cartouche of two cartouche is something on the front usually got gr on them just wanted to pay close your second or third nice early button there pewter button probably early Georgian stab maybe bit earlier eighteenth-century possible ring there and a little lady bits and bobs and they've got a little LED LED token in there your other bits of lead which probably work corny to some stage and another button there nice little bit of Georgian Georgian buckle case there a bit at Princeton block with the words CEO on it and a little stud so there's my traders take in and it really is in poor condition look you some letters around the edge there but whether that's salvageable I don't know but good job it was saved before it turned into absolutely nothing and that's what we do we save the history before it all gets washed away all throughout it forever and this is a bit silver I think bar don't I buy there something that's pretty much here I did find a few little beads as well you'll think there are little beads in there and that's about it Paul I'm gonna find half a rose father it's just they're so tiny tiny stuff you've got your eyes peeled yeah hope you enjoyed it and uh catch us on the next one

32 thoughts on “Mudlarking and MudBARKING on the River Thames foreshore!

  1. Aw Poppy's so Cute – she's got Kelpie ears & stance, reminds me of our Darling Tess who we tragically lost on Thanksgiving – you're lucky to have that Poppy as a friend, Si – nothing like a dog's devotion. 😉🐾👍😎 Now to see if you find any treasure – thou' that 1st find looks very interesting…

  2. I had such a great time joining you all on your lark! What wonderful finds you and Jules came up with!! Ah, and sweet Poppy, what a joy and a smile! Love the sign "Boys and others" how crazy is that? Take care until next time! xx ~Jen

  3. Another wonderful and funny video….You probably could have found loads more if you didn’t have your “demanding” playmate Poppy with you! LoL…What a cute pup, I had fun watching her fetch her ball/rugby or piece of rubber hose, and bringing it right back to you. She looked like a little fox….🦊Got a good soaking there from the Clipper! 🌊😱 Excellent job keeping the foreshore clean of garbage…Nicola always makes a point of doing that as well.(We all should be doing that..IMO) I also liked the roundup on the record appropriately called “the River”. Very clever…Thanks again for sharing your adventure from the river Thames..See you on your next outing! GL and HH. Blessings from your fan in Canada.🙏🏼🇨🇦🍀 Cheers🍻

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