Step into the most haunted village in Britain, just don’t look behind you‼️

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welcome to Explorer VR my name is Alex and I will be your tour guide today we will explore the most haunted village in Britain pluckley a small village of around a thousand people just outside of Ashford in Kent in 1989 the Guinness Book of Records awarded pluckley the most haunted village in Britain with 12 different ghosts reported grab a pint at the Black Horse but watch and the pub is haunted by a poltergeist prankster who delights in hiding the personal possessions of staff and customers alike she moves items across the bar and sometimes hides coats and wallets Elizabeth was 9 years old when her nanny pushed her down the stairs and buried her into the wall next to the fireplace this is where she is often seen through a narrow staircase on the top floor of the Black Horse is the secret room the room was sealed in 2007 since the paranormal investigation took place on the TV show most haunted Midsomer Murders it was discovered that witchcraft devil worship and demon summoning took place despite their efforts to put the spirits at rest something evil still lurks of it visits Saint Nicholas Church sounds of knocking can be heard coming from beneath the church at night often accompanied by a flickering light inside the empty building some say the light belongs to lady Derrick who tragically died at an early age her distraught husband wanted to preserve her beauty so he placed her body in numerous airtight coffins to prevent her decay the churchyard is believed to be haunted by a red lady her mournful ghost can be seen wandering the area in search of her missing baby dare to enter the screaming woods the nickname of the screaming woods came about because at night it is said you can still hear the screams of the numerous lost people who weren't able to get out eventually died brave right corner this is where the highwayman would hide inside a hollow tree on the corner and jump out surprising his intended victim giving them affront eventually he was killed with a longsword thrust through the oak tree where he usually hid piercing and pinning him to the tree it is also reported his ghost still appears jumping out at people traveling on the road much as he did in life discover the devil's bush although the exact location of the bush in this area is not known the tale is that if one dance is three times around a certain bush then the devil will appear sit down on pin Uxbridge an old gypsy woman made a living by selling watercress each evening at sunset she would be found sitting on the walls of the bridge smoking her clay pipe and drinking gin from a battered old flask she died the spark will approach she was smoking ignited the spilled gin on her clothes turning her into a ball of fire the ghost is seen as a faint pink glow that hovers in the air on the spot where the water crest lady burned to death for the last stop on our tour enjoy a meal at the daring arms an award-winning seafood restaurant bar and bed-and-breakfast it is said to be haunted by an old lady in a Victorian dress with a bonnet this lively spirit is as solid as you and me and could possibly be sat right next to you at the bar so if you do have a neighbor take a look at the clothes if she's dressed as a Victorian lady don't run just smile I hope you enjoyed our ghost tour of pluckley there are several more ghost stories to explore in this village such as the headless coachman the hanging colonel and the phantom monk for more information please see the description below thank you for watching explore the yard

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  1. I've written about this in another video, but how long will it be before the Americans stop using this antiquated Fahrenheit system, no-one else uses it, the rest of the world has moved on but the Yanks seem detirmined to remain stuck in the past instead of adopting the Celcius scale which is what the other countries of the world use.

  2. This has just been awarded the gayest video on you tube, fortunately for those who have passed like red lady and the wooden spooker who are the most fortunate for not wasting there lives on this video, Good on ya matey.

  3. There is a town in England that actually is extremely haunted ; it is where there had been a fire in the church and everyone in it died . I cannot think of the name of the town.
    An American actor named Richard Belzer spoke about visiting it with his wife years ago in an episode of Celebrity Ghost Stories .

  4. middsommer are probably more haunted because every week few murders there and for 15 years are like that(at least on show)!! there was/are more murders then in all britain and how this village exist when more killings are then inhabitants that only knows bbc dumb asshols of producers !! star trek show because of that have more logic then middsomer show

  5. Okay so I’m glad a lot of people left the tip about the 360 because I didn’t know that. Had to rewatch. I saw the notice about it but dismissed it the first time. Made sense this time. 🤦‍♀️

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