These are the 5 places I believe are the most haunted in England’s capital city.


hello Filipino to Deus welcome to the most haunted places in London England number five is a Highgate Cemetery the cemetery in northern London opened in 1839 and today has over 170,000 internment it is known as one of the Magnificent Seven burial grounds and it has also known of the very haunted area there is supposedly a sinister figure that lurks here known as the Highgate vampire this vampire even sparked a vampire hunt in the 1970s a gray figure is also seen in the cemetery was some speculating that the gray figure in the vampire might just be one entity and number four is 50 Berkeley Square this haunted town house was built in the 1700s for British prime minister George canning the house has been known for its haunting since the late 1800s the home is said to be haunted by a former owner known as mr. Meyers he was a very eccentric recluse who slowly went mad in a home after heartbreak many people seem to go mad if they stay in the house for way too long and even a monstrous entity is seen scaring anyone away at number three it's a Hampton Court Palace located in a London borough of Richmond upon Thames construction started on this palace for Cardinal Thomas Wolsey in the early 1500s King Henry the eighth's decided to take the palace for himself after he and the Cardinal had a falling-out it was the home of several other monarchs until King George a second in the mid 1700s today is the tourist and ghost hunter paradise two of Henry the eighth's wives are said to haunt the grounds Jane Seymour haunts one of the courtyards and Catherine Howard haunt what is known as the haunted gallery a former nurse who worked here named Sybil pen hunter former room and the spell is also known for one of the clearest CCTV of a possible ghost ever captured number 2 is a cedar royal on Drury Lane this is the fourth iteration of the cedar Royal having opened in 1812 while the site has been used since the 1660s today the cedar is still in operation with stage and music productions occurring on its stage several actors who performed here are said to still be performing famous Irish stage actor Charles Macklin who performed here in the 1700s and where he killed a man over a wig is said to haunt the corridor where he killed Thomas hollom the actor he quarreled with over the wig Joseph Grimaldi performed as a clown is known to help nervous actors and he is also sometimes seen as a floating head Victorian comedian Dan Leno is also seen in the dressing room and the other known spirit here is known as the grey man he was supposedly a nobleman in the late 1700s who was stabbed to death and then his body walled up in the seeder his spirit is seen wandering the fourth row seats in the Royal boxing and number one the Tower of London this historic building located on the River Thames was originally built in 1078 the Tower of London is infamous for the bloody history behind it many people were tortured imprisoned and killed here including Anne Boleyn the wife of Henry the eighth she was beheaded here in May of 1536 her spirit has also said to roam the grounds of the White Tower and she's said to be carrying her head tucked underneath her arm two royal brothers Edward v and Richard of Shrewsbury were imprisoned in the tower by their uncle Richard the third and they also died there they are seen wandering around the tower other royal spirits seen our Henry the Six Lady Jane Grey who was the Queen of England and Ireland from July 10th to July 19th 15:53 and noblewoman margaret poll are also said to haunt the Tower of London well thank you guys so much for watching I hope you enjoyed it if you did why not like and share the video it would be much appreciated if you're on Twitter when that follow me on Twitter to ghost watch I'm also going to be streaming more on twitch at matt baer gamer and if you want to see more my content on subscribe and follow for more paranormal activity hey guys later and if there were any I'm not on this list that should be please leave in the comments below I'd love to hear it and I'll see you guys later bye bye

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