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Today, Trayaurus and I are helping out London with a great robbery mystery!! With the help from the crowd at Minecon 2015, can we find out who stole the royal jewels and return them to the Queen?

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hello and down here from dad's I'm like up welcome back to another minecraft video where today's is extremely is special today I bring you the mine corner 2015 a custom at TDM mod adventure this was done live in front of thousands and thousands of people and I now have it to show to you for those of you that couldn't make it to mine con it's a really cool adventure I hope that you enjoy it if you did please leave a big fat thumbs up that'll be awesome and enjoy the show ladies and gentlemen please welcome Dan TDM hey how's it going so you enjoy Minecon so far good there's a lot of you out there so I'm going to do it a customer eventual life any of you maybe seen a customer adventure at some point yeah you're good so we're gonna do one we're going to do one live today so I think I'm just gonna get straight into it so I'm excited to show it to you so hopefully you enjoy as well so let's hop over to the computer and we will get started oh all right then here we go so hopefully everything is gonna be on the screen any second now so good mongkhon everyone enjoy London as well yeah good good good kids we're all ready to go so where are we now yep that is true we are here and I think who's gonna it's gonna be around who do you think might be around it's looking a little bit different actually so kind of we're different Oh what is what is going on anyway we need to find someone who can explain this whole situation to us so who do you think he'll be yeah I heard a Craig maybe maybe so it's him he's here of course and I'm Grimm's hero as well so how's it going but are you doing kids I think he's doing good so what are you doing over here we need to go like a TV and a radio let's just turn the radio on it's it's not not too great but um I think we're I think we should just like sit down chill out and and the police are working as hard as possible to what the culprits any information should be reported to British police with breaking news okay so did you guys hear that join me to explain what just happened okay so Brad ender you know you guys know Brad and oh he was on the radio and he said the the the queen of London of course of England's her crown jewels have just been stolen overnight and no one knows what's going on so you know what I think we might be able to help out what do you think guys yeah I think we should so um the main man Taurus might have an idea yeah he has an idea so the thing we saw at the beginning is actually a teleporter so this teleporter right here can be set to any coordinates in the world and I like this this looks cool I'm liking it so this teleporter actually can send us to any location in the world so wait a second choice choice buddy we need to set it to London is all set to London it's set to London good okay let's go all right I think we need to do is flick this switch and we'll be taken there so here we go three two one Oh Oh chars came as well look check this out look at it it's looking epic oh Jesus of London I'm the London Eye is here right I think we should get you to follow me along and we need to find like some more information about how this robbery went down so we can solve the crime and save the day of course so I don't trust where should we go what do you think we should do okay no we don't we can't go on the London I get I'm sorry I'm sorry we can't do it just yet we've got important matters to sort out first so let's go over here maybe we can take the bus there so I look over here actually okay there's a guy in here we'll just see if he actually knows anything about this so Melissa how you doing right and hey there chap how are you doing so I mean what's going on what is going on sir so he doesn't know much about it but apparently one of the most valuable jewels from the Queen's personal collection has been stolen it's a right scandal so how did that happen he's not too sure that the police station is just behind you and then to the right I'm sure they have some kind of info by now okay no problem mate have a good day yeah it's so kind so kind so he said the police station was excuse what are you doing what are you doing no no we're not riding the bus today I'm sorry excuse me we have better things to do than this we have more important things to do so come here come on yeah there we go he's cooperating now so he said behind me into the right is that it yes okay police station beautiful here we go this is pretty fancy I'm liking this people hard at work Oh tourists look translator's police property I shouldn't let him near that chair should I definitely no they see what's inside oh no we definitely shouldn't let him near that chest that is that could be potentially dangerous check that out we've got this is a graphic that's it let us talk to the police chief we're gonna get in big big trouble here we go hello sir how can I help you today we're here to help with the crime the biggest crime that we have seen in a while ah well this is an extremely high-profile case of course it's involving the Queen so I'm afraid you're just gonna have to leave this one to us thank you for your help anyway but we've sold a few crimes before right we've solved quite a few we've even done a police adventure so I think we've got the credentials to maybe help out yes we have we have it obviously hasn't seen the videos that sounds very impressive say why don't I get you to prove yourselves that's fair enough yeah that'll be perfect are you up for that then we'll may let you help with the jewel thief okay so I guess what we've got to do since this jewel fee should have come about we haven't had as much time as we would like for a crime here's the case I need you to solve right let's pay attention now a sign from one of the famous big red buses in London has had its front signs stolen this has caused major inconvenience to the bus managers and must be retrieved those things aren't cheap you know okay do you think we can find it good I think we can – are there any clues there we go got a new quest as well no any major clue we have is look we found someone saw a UFO and unidentified and identified floating object in the River Thames on the same day the sign was stolen not sure if that's a major clue but maybe checking there would be a good start okay right let's do this Charles come on we might need to go for a swim actually uh have a look over the edge okay there's boats here there's something there's something in the distance let's go check that out I'm gonna get you to stay here because you were gonna get major trouble otherwise how can we get down here safely here we go it looks like there's a lot of ice unfortunate so we're gonna have to carefully navigate around here here we go please don't break please don't break my boat skills are being tested majorly here come on this boat is not behaving itself what are you doing but come on boat come on boat we might have to swim you know what we have to swim stop it boat and he's gone what is the flow to it all right we're gonna have to swim over so what do you think here guys you think we should check it out I think we should so this is our first potential crime that we could solve it's use the ice a little bit as well want to take a little bit longer than planned to get over we should be fine my parkour skills aren't the best but we're gonna try a little bit at least it looks like there's kind of like an open kind of subway or like sewer area maybe and oh look there's footprints as well I think we're onto it I think we're onto the souls to be able to solve this case anything around here let's go in here how can you see that look this is looking a little bit different and there's something right down here might be a little bit hard to see let's just give it a quick oh yeah there we go look the red bus sign someone has stolen it and hidden it in the sewer I mean why there we go the missing bus sign has been found so now we have proved ourselves hopefully the police chief will allow us to be able to get on this major case to try and find the jewel thief have you got any ideas maybe who it might be maybe maybe did someone just say try us really here it could be I guess it could be there's some good suggestions we'll have to wait and see I guess cuz we have no idea what it could be come on parkour skills are failing me right now all because of that boat all because of that boat okay give me a sec here we go there we go finally made it Travis is here as well so we better get him to follow us come on buddy you can come with us let's go back to the police station and deliver at the bus sign here we go police chief oh wow you found it that's incredible we were stumped for weeks it wasn't really too difficult though was it thank you I think you've proven your worth now go ahead and talk to my advisor over there and he'll give you the lowdown on the clues from the case that we've collected already good luck recruits thank you sir I took the bus sign as well all right charge you ready are you ready buddy he's ready also write the chief adviser is here Sorrell I've heard from the chief the or have helped us solve a smaller crime thank you for your assistance now are you ready for the details of this case there aren't many but maybe I can find a lead we ready we're ready good good this is gonna be very very important if we can't find these the jewels to be lost forever okay so it turns out this one is quite a mystery whoever conducted this did it with almost perfect accuracy and didn't leave much of a trail however there's a single witness over at the tea rooms I guess we're in London tea rooms are pretty common who claims to have seen a suspicious event in the evening before the jewels were taken we haven't spoken to her yet so feel free to do so where is the tea room I've got a new quest the missing jewels it's the important one they are just next to here lead through the door behind me then take a right and then head left the tea rooms have clearly been marked on your left thank you sir we're gonna find we've got to try and find at least at these these these mystery jewels right Saturn right then left yeah we're here awesome tea and coffee rooms boom let's go inside here it's pretty busy in here my goodness really busy how you doing sir oh no no I've been very rude so I how you doing madam how you doing it's like it smells good in here as well how you doing hello dear can I help you yes you can do you know anything about the jewel thief someone said you had like maybe a lead yes I may know something but I'm extremely busy at the moment so we have a new question as well as you can see there's lots of customers but I haven't got enough hands to serve them all so I may be able to help you out if you could help me first okay that's that's fine great right I need some coffee making oh we couldn't have like a job for a little bit guys oh man I guess we need it for the information so it should be fine all you need to do is grab some coffee beans from the chest use them with the mortar and pestle to grind them down and then add them to some boiling water to get the coffee the customer should give you the money I just bring it back to me this sounds pretty intense actually okay cups of water okay she said about the coffee beans the mortar and pestle what did she say to do with them do you remember cried yes she did okay let's try that shall we there we go look you remembered better than me we have coffee grounds okay now we just need some hot water so let's go ahead and boil this we should be fine we should be fine with this let's wait for this to boil the awkward Travis no this isn't for you where are you how are you shout very very loud look him is this like peering in the window he secretly wants tea and coffee but we can't give him any okay we've got boiling water and carp and now if we put these inside yeah there we go nice okay we got a full cup of coffee so I think we need I'm not sure how many we need we might need four it's got a boiling cup of water there we go some more coffee well I didn't think I'd be getting a mini job in exchange for some information right here right and another cup of water who actually needs these we've got Carl called you need you need some he does oK we've got two iron coins let's grab those who else needs some meadow you have a strange name you have a strange name right two more iron coins right we need some more coffee a couple more bits of coffee we should have some more clues to this case right in there a man's it this is hard work actually pretty hard work there we go full cup of coffee who else needs one we serve car meadow Ken how you doin you look very familiar sir initial where you might be from anyway let's grab iron coins I think the last person that needs one is Mable Steve the Mable if you change your name maybe maybe that's a giant cup of coffee as well sir Giants right find a while boiling carp and there we go if we craft it right we have a full cup of coffee now who was it that was last it was Mable I'm able to Steve okay there we go well done and coffee service is complete now give me your information please I'm fantastic thank you so much right so this is all I've got from what I've heard there was a lot of scurrying out in the streets last night I can't remember exactly whereabouts but apparently there was lots of banging and dragging – okay so something some kind of coup fawful went on a friend of mine Millie who runs the London Eye it told me she got a good view of what was going on you might want to check their next well thank you Belle enjoy your I would like this thank you let's go take the bread and leave oh no she she locked me I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry I'll give it back there we go no no you don't want this there we go I'll give it back right we allowed out now yeah no it was stealing bread from Tea Rooms writer are you ready to go good job buddy right she said the London Eye which is just over here it doesn't look like it's turning at the moment so I said finish it mind you it does turn pretty slow has anyone visited the London Eye maybe why they're in London yeah it's pretty cool let's see if we can help out and see if she's got any info just random cows I'm not sure that happens in London I'm not sure so the person we're supposed to talk to is merely welcome to London I and here is MIDI right here come on interest when him no very good at working doors hey how's it going I thank goodness someone is here I'm in such a pickle right now I need someone to help me out could you be that someone good I'm here for your info information I'm sorry but this is urgent if you help me then I can help you does that sound fair I guess it does thank you so much I run the London Eye here but when I came in to set things up this morning I found that one of the engines and one of the pipes in the engine room two of both broken so that's why we didn't see you moving around I removed the broken parts and each replace them as soon as possible do you know how and remember this is just like it's searching for info she has info and maybe have seen what went down on that night so she does the eyes enging right thank goodness you're a lifesaver if you can get the engines back in order the London Eye will be back was working order then you can have all the info you've got I'm not sure why these people won't just give us the info maybe they just heard we're super super helpful so in your room too okay this one's not working there's just not an engine here okay right let's compare it to engine room one and see what we've got to do we need okay they all need to be working just like this so half of them working half of them aren't so we need some spare parts to be able to do this oh geez we used to make a redstone engine so we need a piston first so scribe maybe some iron scrap some glass what else do we need words I think we need some words we need some commas started as well cinder block I guess that could help let's see if we can remember how to make a piston can I get some help maybe what goes along the bottom three rows stone there we go there we go and then what about the top woods and then in the middle is that right [Applause] I've actually forgotten how to make bistec guys there we go right we so with this piston we can actually make like a redstone engine which is the thing we need for this so I don't know if any of you have maybe seen some like we we've made them before in a series so we actually need them like this and we need oh you know what we need we need gears so let's grab those we need some sticks for those and this is a very special recipe so we need two four six eight that makes two wooden gears and there we go a bit rough around the edges these gears but they do the job they do the job we also need a piston we need some of these it's some glass there we go look a redstone engine perfect so this should be the start of something big I think so I'm getting the the London Eye in working order is a pretty big job excuse me sir excuse me get out of the way there we go right so we need to place this down here is that gonna work hello there we go beautiful oh no wait we need one more it looks like we to follow the pattern so above every redstone torch there's a cobblestone pipe and above every other redstone thing we need a wooden pipe right and that is made by waitress what's that made with yeah that's I think that's right – so he said two words and a glass so actually put that with us already so 1 1 and then that ya see low trousers right he knows what he's doing what we completed the quest but we need to get it working first here we go yeah look at that oh my goodness someone's sprung into action super quick I've just realized we accidentally took this as well oh no no she's not gonna be happy with me is she anyway we got it working perfect right then where is there we go alright Millie how you doing wow thank you is so much that the eye is back and working again gets all thanks to you now I don't have a lot of information but I did see something from the top of the eye now that it's working you can head up there and see for yourself there's a strange-looking defect on the face of Big Ben that wasn't there yesterday it definitely needs check-in I think that's that's probably does need check-in so Thank You Milly good job we actually need to go into one of the pods up there so which one would we need actually okay we should probably try the one that says Big Ben right so here we go over here yeah we're here at pod 3 where's Big Ben Big Ben oh there he is look check it out right we need to do a little bit of it to take a closer look can you see that look there's like a little it doesn't look exactly the same as that face there so right there there's a little hole so that's looking a little bit suspicious to me so I think we should head over there what do you think Travis yeah that's probably a good idea right there let's go back down and that was pretty cool got to ride the London Eye that's not too bad so we need to go back over to Big Ben because something's looking a little bit suspicious up there now what do you think it could be do you think do you think maybe the culprit could be inside I think so I think this could be we could be on the verge of cracking this case you know what if we need to get up there there's no way we could you know what I remember something that we saw earlier we saw something that was involving a grappling hook remember seeing that it was in here right yeah so try us I'm gonna I'm gonna need you to back up off of this chest because I know there's some things in there that you might want to use so we're just gonna grab this and I think we need some string to help it along let's grab all jeez no I won't do that teachers there's a man it is face that's not a good idea okay here we go let's go to Big Ben with our grappling hook in our hands oh jeez I'm a bit nervous actually I'm not sure if this is gonna be safer hey we need to solve this case and get the jewels back to the rightful owner who just so happens to be the Queen of England come across your wrists low he's only got tiny legs to be fair look at those look at them need to work out try us just a little bit his teleporter was pretty impressive though gained us all the way to London in literally two seconds that's not too bad right we have arrived it's looking it's looking amazing and it's pretty so I'm glad I bought this there are doors right here have a quick look mr. Kao kanji is holding up that bus it's just okay maybe not we can't get in okay it looks like we might we might have to grapple up this could be wait let's work out a ruse that's a little bit high let's go up here for starters here we go wish me luck oh my goodness there we go yes okay that's working and there's holes in here as well someone has really changed a Big Ben this is it's not good sign okay let's try and fire it here gone gone quick quick oh geez that's very far down that would have not ended well so we're in sides yes we made it and it looks like we can only go either out here which is obviously a bad idea or we can head up here oh man I feel like we're getting close to the end of this case it's it very very cool clock tower jeez it's treacherous copy areas he's just kind of peering oh he's using a special teleporting power okay let's see what here we go we're about to find out what's here there's some ones up like a lab in here I think they have is like TV screens redstone strange pipes leading through the ceiling as well treacherous what you're doing well I can't I can't hear you speak louder outsides oh Jesus someone there there's someone there um I don't have any I don't have any weapons I have more to him but I could throw coffee in his eyes maybe um I don't know what to do oh jeez there's no crafting table here as well I'll know right we're just gonna have to take him head on right excuse me sir excuse me sir just hello oh I don't know he hurt me no get away get away you get away get away get away get away get away Oh Oh No oh geez he's not he's not there I shouldn't be laughing I've done a terrible thing out here I think he might have been the corporate he looked pretty suspicious right and he did hit me back so I'm sorry we have to go back down to the bottom Joris where are you oh yeah he says he's here but he's not okay we got to go to the bottom and think about what we've done and see if he's there oh this is kind of awkward this is not good we're trying to help the police but by doing so we actually actually hit someone oh there's oh no it's raining as well there we go we're definitely in London geez oh he was the culprit wait a second we've got to anything else around here I think we've got that we've got I will be back what he said he will be back who could that be it could be oh there's something over here as well yeah I think you know what he looked suspiciously like that pesky brother Joe we know as as Denton he's been around here we been around for a while but he will be back I hope that doesn't mean right now all right we we I think we've we've got everything like world we'd be royal crown and royal crystal that's all he dropped right I think so did I quit complete I think you did right let's go charas chance buddy is he stuck in this Oh charis come on come on rifles over here you've got your little teleporter in your pocket well we're gonna have to go back over here actually because this is where the police station is hopefully these are all the jewels I'm a little bit worried about Denton though it could be either is either going to come back today or in the future I don't want to know when that is he's always up to something pesky I like how he disguised himself this time usually he's all like it was all up in your face but this time he's a bit disguised it's why we don't recognize him straightaway right we're back at the police station let's give in the jaws wow you found them you did it where were they well it's a funny story how did you find them so fast we're actually pretty quick you know what we solved that pretty well and you know what this isn't time for questions that's true we've answered a lot of questions so far so let's get back to the Queen are we gonna be the Queen as soon as possible fantastic work recruits press that police use only button in the corner to take the quick route to the queen and he took the jewels off me but I don't really want this note it's it's kind of making me a little bit nervous what yeah that's a good idea right you know what we'll forget that we ever met let's put it in there see you later note we don't know you're not going in there chillout right we need to go and use this thing we're going to meet the Queen you ready to meet the queen of London and England that's crazy here we go we've got Queens oh there's a chicken hey that's not who is hitting me I'm sorry I'm the police chief are you two in so the Queen is here guys guys in silence we probably should be on our best behavior definitely hey Your Majesty how are you doing Dan Celia and dr. churros wet actually where is he he's all east probably just oh no he's probably in that chest isn't he oh no we need to get back right let's talk to the Queen and then get out of here you may have both been very brave today in solving the mystery of my stolen jewels I have no idea who the culprit was or where he may have gone to but I'm sure he'll be brought to justice one day let's hope so it looks like unfortunately Denton has got away today farewell brave travelers um Queen just one sec I just want to get a quick selfie there we go nice there we go awesome so guys we solved the case London and the crown jewels are safe I hope that you enjoyed it that was kind of fun I know we're Taurus is so thighs when we go plan for the adventure today but I got a few runners that should be appearing any second now to maybe answer some of your questions what do you think who's got some questions if you have a question then the stay in your seats but raise your hands and then someone will be along to answer though so did you enjoy it good I'm glad where are my runners you have a question over over here yes what heels what's your favorite thing minecraft or pugs Oh bugs in Minecraft we've done that before I'm not sure I could choose between the two I'm sorry let's say putting plugs inside minecraft then we could have the best of both worlds right thanks to your question um how many hours of Minecraft do you play a day that's a good question so if a video lasts about 10 minutes you can probably guarantee I played it for at least a couple of hours to make that so let's say a good six seven hours a day maybe can i play in my free time and so if I'm not recording then I'll be playing minecraft too so I play are lots of Minecraft thank you no way thank you who's next how did you choose your name so I was trying to think of a cool like I knew I wanted to do a Minecraft channel but I didn't know what to call it so I literally it's kind of a boring story I'm sorry it's two of my favorite items in Minecraft so diamonds because everyone likes diamonds you're holding diamond swords and minecarts like one of the things I wanted to do like straight away is build a huge minecart system so is it true those two put together so it's not a very interesting story but that is the story thank you thank you who's next we've got a cool looking Ocelot over here check him out nice hoodie there we go which mod do you use to get grim grim a grim I've I made a I have a video another story about hi mega rim so what happened was if you haven't seen it I got a listen this is a real cute little baby wolf for my birthday from Trey Oris and he was like oh I could make him live forever so I was like oh that's cool it turns out the machine did the opposite and turned him into a pile of bones I was super upset and Trey Oris is like trying to make up to me turned him into Grimm and now he does last forever but he kind of has no fur so that's the story of how I got Grimm I hope that answers your question how did you send it because you said it for its way if you send it through Twitter oh cool I'll check it out soon thank you there's a lot of ocelots in the audience actually yeah already cool what is your favorite mod okay so I'm what I use a lot for videos is custom NPCs allows me to do a lot of cool things that I wouldn't be able to do before but apart from that I guess lucky blocks you guys like lucky looks yeah yeah that's probably my favorite mode to this like mess around with it's super fun who's up next did you see I'm running through the crowd okay here we go collaborating with anybody possibly so I currently do a series of pixelmon which is kind of a collaborating kind of thing but me Justin and James who I think noodles and thanks here we are thinking about doing a like something new and fresh so like a new kind of collaboration so maybe with those two in the future but we'll see okay what's your favorite video on your channel that's a good question I really like the one I made it quite recently it's called a damn TDM get sick anyone seen that good yeah that's part of my favorite one it was really fun to make the being sick part wasn't great but it was really fun to make so that's probably my favorite one I've lost my runner oh there is what would you be doing if minecraft didn't exist that's a good question so when I started playing minecraft like doing it full-time I just finished uni so it was quite convenient I just finished uni and then went straight into playing minecraft but I don't know I'd like to think I would still do something like if YouTube didn't exist what if YouTube is still around as a thing then I'd still make videos on something but something in either video or music productions that's why I did my degree on thanks thank you what do you call your next book my next plug oh geez we have three already okay cool I could call it like I would call it grim but that's like I don't want it to lose all its fur and stuff that'd be horrible I have no idea maybe like miles or something something cool like that that'll be a cool name what what is your favorite minecraft favorite I've got to say I like the slime blocks cuz you can like bounce around and do interesting stuff with that but a diamond block I guess yeah of course I got one more question quickly and if you have the power to what look would you take away from Minecraft take away that's a really good question so sand I find pretty annoying so I don't like the never is really I I always die than ever multiple times I'm sure you know but it's all sign just makes it so much worse so you're running away from a ghast you get stuck on source and it's not gonna end well so maybe so sand I'm not sure thank you no worries and what do you like the most about the people who watch your videos they're super awesome and they're just really friendly in this like leave awesome feedback and thank you for being so awesome because you guys are that's my favorite thing okay thank you and they're super polite as well who inspired you to do YouTube I started watching a lot of like when minecraft I started watching like Minecraft videos like skydoesminecraft watch a lot of vanossgaming as well so I'm not sure I think you have more developed there's a thing that I discovered through wanting to show videos to more than just people that couldn't stay in front of my computer screen so less more of like being inspired and more like just enjoying YouTube really thank you I cannot see my runner Darius what is your favorite mob in Minecraft my favorite mob has to be a villager but if you're anything apart from a villager possibly a pig if I have any experiments during the lab it's always gonna be a pig I kind of pick on so they're gonna be my second favorite who is next who is next how long have you been doing YouTube for I've been doing it for like a total of about four well this channel I've been in about two and a half years and they've been doing it full-time about a year and a half so it's been quite a while it's coming up to three years soon so they're pretty crazy lots of questions he's your favorite youtuber Oh if people stare to be down here I've got pressure I'm gonna have to say someone I watched like if I wanted to watch something I would go to vanossgaming because I really enjoy like his quonset is really chilled out to watch and hilarious as well so I would say him if I had to choose thank you the runner is working hard hey what's your mini game oh I really like the one we played on the live stage so I build battle it's like it's fairly new I'm sure some of you guys may have played it sometime or death run death one's really cool as well so yeah they're my two favorites thank you let go well is it yeah it definitely so they actually released in an update in a few like a week or so so you can actually go underground so it's kind of like Minecraft where you come across like caves where you can actually go underground so that should be super awesome especially with like all the the crazy like digging vehicle so you go underground without and dig even further so yeah definitely gonna continue a Lego world's no how do you feed graham he doesn't eat he has the odd bone now on them but he could just like chew on his arm I guess so he doesn't he doesn't need to eat his house the the perks of being immortal so of course she doesn't need to hear yeah and a dragon or wither I really like the Whizzer I think the rib is really cool so with like his three heads and his crazy attacks and ease ash is super difficult to defeat sometimes and I likely you can spawn him in anywhere so I would say that way though definitely who's your breath trend in Minecraft or real life in Minecraft and I probably like I probably spent the most time with Trey Oris in Minecraft and in real life I've spent a lot of time that guy and while I'm recording it's tough so I'm gonna say try Oris and then there's Grimm as well of course okay yes my mom's best friend loves you [Laughter] [Applause] Dan if you had your new feelings on your channel what would be new series I kind of want to try out like I've got a mod pack already but I want to try like a bigger one maybe what revolving around dinosaurs like I like that's a really really cool dinosaur mode so if I did do that then it would be maybe a dinosaur mode fact that be pretty cool what's your favorite what I got answer this earlier so lucky blocks is my favourite mods from with by also like there's one called Pandora's box which is very similar to lucky blocks but you just open it and crazy where the things happen so you can have like ten mobs stacked on top of each other or different ones so I'd say lucky blocks or Pandora's box it might be best if you stay on the seats and you'll come around to you hey what is your favorite thing to do a wine craft I really like obviously doing experiments with different mods but I do like kind of like I mentioned earlier building like huge rail systems because now you've got like the hoppers and stuff you can make really cool sorting machines and literally like automate your Minecraft world with my cards and have it like travel around as well so I would say my cards which is where kind of died my car comes from thank you my favorite could you repeat a question please my favorite so we have the micro systems which I just said and also I really like actually messing around with mods like taking a mod and then just seeing what you can do with it and how far you can take it that's probably one of my favorite things to do along with minecart systems as well oops outside your question thank you no problem what's your what's your favorite game apart from Minecraft Mario Kart 8 I love that game absolutely love the game so America a is probably probably my second favorite game apart from my craft thank you thanks who do you prefer a Grimm or le Grimm is easier to look after but it's not very cuddly because he's like all bony and stuff so I'm gonna say enough say le I'm sorry sorry did you ever expect to get as far as you did with your YouTube channel no way I just used it as a way to like show my videos to other people in it like I said earlier with about like the only way to share your video is to literally sit someone in front of your screen but now I have all these people watching me in front of a screen which is insane like it's unbelievable to be honest Thanks the gamma big cross and the light detector video when she fine dine she kind of found out when she saw the video I just told her the lie detector was broken I mean I think I got away with it she might be watching the stream now so now you've just got me in big trouble pretty sorry yeah I'm sorry if she's watching I'm sorry man I thought I got away with that if you could add anything to Minecraft what would it be time of mine cars like different kind of strengths of mine cars maybe I don't know what they could do but I think a diamonds or maybe like iron wells we have I ain't gold diamond all that good stuff would be cool as a mine car we found have a good use for it maybe they could like smash through walls they'll be pretty good thank you would you really win real world or Minecraft world I kind of live in both like I spend so much time in Minecraft I guess in real life you can't really just build a house in about an hour so I'm gonna say I could say my class my craft would be really cool to live in that we call at least try it what mod have you tried that you really don't like and what I don't like yeah I don't know if there's a mod that I've ever not liked unless it crashes my game obviously that would be annoying but I think yeah I don't think I've ever found them what I didn't like so I'm sorry I don't have one that I don't like Thanks I got two questions okay the one thing you just did did he put it on video yes so this or this whole thing will be uploaded to my channel next week possibly Thursday but yeah it depends when I get the footage I will go alive yeah to be able to relive it all again what was your second question okay thanks to your first night anyway what's your favorite series I really like the custom mod adventure series I'm doing they're like super fun to come up with and also record and edit as well so it's like super fun to do all the stuff that goes into making that video so I really really enjoy that series and we like we keep collecting all the different treasures in the treasure room as well which has got huge now so I really love that be about a serious that would be my favorite okay thank you thank you when you were little what did you want to be when you grew up I think I wanted to be like a policeman fully fluid between a few things like policemen with only one that I actually maybe looked into you when I was older so yeah I want to be a policeman but that didn't work out thank you I have two questions okay who's your favorite youtuber uh I think was asked earlier but vanossgaming I would say and can I guess your autograph after this Q&A uh I'm not sure I'm gonna be after I'll be around and about definitely because it's mine con need to enjoy my con so try find me I don't know where I'll be so definitely I think we're having five more questions what other games do you play in your free time I play I actually do play a lot of Minecraft so I really just like going on servers and just chilling out playing I know like hide-and-seek or maybe mini-games that I wouldn't maybe record so it's just like playing normal survival well I also love Mario Kart and I've been playing a lot of I blow all those Lego games we sneeze so like Lego Jurassic world even though I did make one video on it I really really enjoy that game so the Lego games again my favorite color it is blue if you haven't noticed all of my like stuff like my logos everything is all blue so that's definitely my favorite color I've got three to go which languages do you learn or do you know except of English I already know English actually that's kind of boring luckily English is like spoken most places around the world so I only know one language which is English hilarious if you could live anywhere in the world where will you live how'd you really like England even though it's it can be kind of cold it's kind of wet I do really like England but I do like America too I like visiting there so I'm not sure I'm not sure yeah thank you Norris I think this would be the last question I'm afraid if if I were to make a mod would how would I how would I be able to send it you send it to you to review it I look over like a planet minecraft minecraft forums for most of my like mods so if you post on there as a I probably won't read at some point so there you go thank you Dan one more ok one more let's go for it I'm sorry what was that sorry come to your house oh are you making tea okay if I'm a tea if you make a good cup of tea that maybe I'm afraid I think that's what we got time for apart from one thing I want to just grab my phone and can I take a selfie with you guys okay I think I just broke something oh yeah all right also thanks for coming out it was really really cool and I hope you enjoyed the adventure as well you ready I call you all here three two one awesome thank you so thanks for watching the show thank you for coming out and hopefully I'll see you around around on the show floor I'll be out and about so I hope you enjoyed it do the best ladies and gentlemen please give a warm round of applause for 10 DTM [Applause]

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