A clean cut extract from Priku’s set this past September in the depths of Casa Quien, a sixteenth century house in the Dominican Republic, currently an art space dedicated to the development of contemporary productions. Local promoters Duo invited Priku and Arapu for an extended 12-hour party within this amazing setting.
The Romanian artist without fail always delivers a unique blend of grooves, however this isn’t your average mix. Something very special, as it differs from the norm. A chunk from a set played out to an audience tells a completely different story, it gives you an idea of the surroundings it’s taken from and the true versatility of the mixer, something personal. Adrian takes you on a journey of tastes, hypnotic rhythms with no boundaries, allowing the listener to become totally involved. Smooth and slick as each record combined creates a whole new atmosphere.
Zoom in with a fine magnifying glass on the sounds of Priku.
(October 2017)

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