Happy Vaisakhi from the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, at the Vaisakhi celebrations in Trafalgar Square.

my guru Jagger how's my guru jacket father I'm so proud to be here today in Survivor Square to celebrate Pataki with London's key communities I published to bring back with the ventures by the square this year and I'm happy to deliver on this pledge today this is a way to open up this celebration to even more people giving Londoners for all backgrounds and beliefs the opportunities to learn about Sikhism besakih marks the birth of the road and seek high density and the formation of the culture Noli is a pivotal event in Sikh history it also has lessons for us about the values of courage humility and equality here in London the Sikh community makes a massive contribution and I want to say thank you your community embodies our city and it's compassionate fest I know all of you have a fantastic vaisakhi besakih the lark lark with ice Oh

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