Mark Knopfler – Full Concert at the Royal Albert Hall [30th May 2010] Get Lucky Tour.

Setlist :
1) Border Reiver 0:00
2) What it is 4:52
3) Sailing to Philadelphia 11:18
4) Coyote 19:00
5) Prairie Wedding 27:52
6) Hill Farmer’s blues 32:26
7) Romeo and Juliet 37:42
8) Sultans of Swing 46:37
9) Done with Bonaparte 1:00:44
10) Monteleone 1:08:13
11) Marbletown 1:11:42
12) Speedway at Nazareth 1:21:26
13) Telegraph Road 1:28:13
14) Brothers in Arms 1:44:10
15) So Far Away 1:51:26
16) Piper to the End 1:56:18

This is the official recording from :

37 thoughts on “Mark Knopfler – Live in London 2010 – Full Concert [Official audio record]

  1. Listening of Mark crystal guitar sound is more then any other sound.And he try hard to bring odion on stage same sound like in his albums.Dear Mark, what I to say to You.Best wind in the back Mark sailler…trough the ocean of peacefull music sound

  2. i went to an old style grammar school [may they never return! we are all born equal]. we had a horrible teacher for shakespeare. i would have loved to interrupt R and J with "you and me, babe, how about it?" but probably would have been caned.

  3. Dire Straits is my favourite band for decades since 1979 when I first heard the "Sultans of Swing". I remember the amazing new sound, great feeling. Since than I have many vynils and CD LPs from DS and Mark Knopfler as well. We went twice to Budapest Arena in last 15 years to DS concert. Both was disappointing. I would have liked to see the good humored Mark performing the great well known music that I could see on Night in London DVD. That not succeeded. Seems Budapest Arena is not The Royal Albert Hall. Of course the technics and sound etc. was great. Great performance of professionals , sharp 120 minutes. Only a smiling larky guy missed on stage. So sorry Mark if you come next time to Budapest I remain at home with my vynils. Thanks for all songs.

  4. I myself am fighting 3 different kinds of breast cancer at this time! Thanks to you mark I am able to hide in your music! Sometimes the anxiety is just too hard to deal with! It is what it is though! I will tell you that meeting you is on my bucket list! I saw you in concert in Portland, Oregon probably 35 years ago! Wowwwwww! I'm old!

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