Converted from VHS-C tape here is our visit to Madame Tussauds Waxworks London.Featuring the whole walk through as it was in the early 1990’s,including the infamous Chamber of Horrors.With some shots of the Planetarium and then off to Soho for a Chinese.

that is attraction yeah almost two months yeah next show is rubbish anyway definitely in the planetarium your attention to the two exits that we have oh ha ha very funny go back to sleep in future base nice Jimmy baby reminisce TV the plastic Fuhrer puzzle fully wheeler cubrir Steve attach our force eagle I think we're just coming up there my is the best the best the best back the century sounds that is a for that well these are recording flatly for Moose's up and alert though you notice after dunno Menuhin box leg because everybody and the nitrile Kristen Kennedy yeah yeah furthermore I'm maintaining to my friends and this is what cuisines done for us today in the knocker as well is the specialist I boys either with Bank Rao mr. Manish chicks never go right for dance hours they show me one every back trick miss yeah and who we here we have who's this chef very fit professional stalactite and personnel yeah and there goes tutoring or who make fight next honoree mr. troublemaker and Quentin please I'll hear he's fixing the parrot sketch six noise king air brakes making his way to a bunch of them that's prima donna and save quite laugh Patrol get through several moves ahead Pink Panther the last 20 seconds in the ward oh yeah that's right what's that it was the least super yeah yeah what's the first the motorcade smokes about 76 or something yeah same way by origin day of January 1977 at sunrise in the mountain certified by law to dependents having erratically attributed by cutie became sick from there to there saved ours please maybe how you know boost a night course moon cakes cakes new orders food from the grand City restaurant here we go some panoramic view yeah new in the back light and for seafood yeah we don't such differences yeah yeah big here Neil says yeah and where is it new poorest just not interested thank you much what's the sake bomb oh I see that on the video yeah lambda is hot it's very hot at a point away for the interest of this camera and this video news or go back to work in a minute yeah and news go go back to work the natural situation in Britain nowadays will be considerably more widespread after John you know that I just tweeted thank you on the chariot over food you push operate to stop it do suck in 18 points of Guinness lay down yeah I know it's a scotch egg trade away a minute I won't keep it still see this right now excuse me yeah I'm on scotch egg yeah we're gonna Garin it away was in trouble okay Scotch egg it's a rare Hedgehog babies eating a little too happy Jason hope it goes digesting process to complaints mistake this way wash it down in a minute with a bit of liver juice yeah that's very nice watch out no silly salute salute silence David Harris training off Bentham new world Soho by

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