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you can note from the figure itself is a very dynamic pose where his toes are barely touching the ground he's mid stride and you can tell from this pose that he's clearly about to score a fantastic goal we constructed this figure through hours and hours and hours of research we collected from the research we put together about 250 very accurate measurements of Lionel from still in video assets the figure itself took about three or four months to complete there are 20 studio artists who are working on him the hair alone took about six weeks you know it's definitely both there is a popularity of soccer in the US which makes him a great fit for all new SportsZone but also the international community which is a big piece of our volume in the summer this particular figure caps off the all new fully renovated sport zone and he's in a position where he's in front of the soccer simulator which is a brand-new addition where guests can come up and actually kick the ball into a simulator just like they're in a stadium with a goal in front of them and everything

11 thoughts on “Madame Tussauds unveil new waxwork of Barcelona superstar Lionel Messi

  1. In what way can you tell he is going "to score a great goal" by his stance. If anything the way the figure looks it just looks as if he's dribbling 😂 Fucking Americans when it come to football they're clueless.

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