Madame Tussauds Orlando was just a few days from opening to the public when we shot this video tour. Every figure that was available to see is here, including Walt Disney; Neil Armstrong; Sofia Vergara; Will Smith; Selena Gomez and so many more. This is a tremendously fun museum, where guests can pose with and touch the figures. Some figures where the original clothing of the celebrity, including Jim Parsons.

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Video shot and edited by Jeff Lange.

50 thoughts on “Madame Tussauds Orlando FULL Tour Including Walt Disney; Steve Jobs; Taylor Swift; Jimmy Fallon

  1. I went to the one in Nashville! It was so cool! I will admit that the wax figures are so realistic that it is creepy! It’s like if you were standing next to taxidermied humans.

  2. The figures look amazing!! What a difference with the early ones. They really captured the spirit of the characters and gave the eyes a real vivid sparkle.
    Elvis at 12:50 is a piece of art and a true tribute to the King.

  3. she was great at doing men but how come most of the women there didnt really look that much like them selves in real life that aint miley cyrus and is she scared to do head wrinkles and dimples or somthing still very realistic ❤️

  4. Good thing these aren't animatronics. Otherwise I'd probably run screaming through the entire exhibit after seeing the first wax figure XD

    Otherwise I'd probably stare at Walt Disney in horror thinking "I thought you were dead?! o_O" Then realize a second later it's an animatronic LOL

  5. 4:37

    Somehow, I feel so sad seeing this. That energetic, happy look is like as if he's about to tell the boys about his next huge idea, but that idea is never going to come because he's been dead since December 15th, 1966… :'(

    R.I.P, Walt. You are dearly missed.

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