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hello respected viewers I'm George from Ireland I'm outside Madame Tussauds in London so this is a one of London's most popular tourist attractions have any been in there twice ever if memory serves so it's 9:30 on a on a Saturday morning and I already see there's quite a queue like my advice for just about every tourist attraction in this fabulous city is come as early as possible okay because the the queues build up precipitously so get up get out there because most tourists have a leisurely breakfast then start coming so madam – sword was a French woman living in Paris in some of the French Revolution and she made to death masks of notable personages are executed at the time and then she made their likenesses in wax she came into London she lived in Sir John's Wood not far from Lords cricket stadium and then she live there for many years but her wax collection carried on after her death cost about a hundred fifty thousand pounds today one of these things you can pay for Road lightness to be faction fashioned in wax if you like and they'll take hundreds of measurements of the curves of the body now there many celebrities have them made I mean it well not were there a consent they just made anyway eventually these things can be melted down on the wax reused recycles so that satin up it'll be life-sized and they're just some of them at some times the likeness will just be uncanny they failed a cash amount of Thatcher but John Major it was so it was so lifelike that when he posed beside his uh his image he didn't dare strike a similar pose okay as Kylie Minogue very short woman there's linen and you could really believe it's him and the many many more there's one of these in Dublin one he's in Amsterdam you see the royal family there and you can pose with them and the course some people really wouldn't wouldn't be able to tell it's just or wax dummy both at the side so you get the idea and there's a bit of a show bit of a cinema thing in there as well anyway it wouldn't be high up my priority list if I'd never been to London yes they are wax dummies it's not the area not the only place in the world you can see things like this so you get the idea come here early is it worth waiting for such a long time waiting in line is American say queuing up as we say in Ireland or the Great Britain I submit that it's not but each to their own so that's madame tussauds you can pay for a fast-track ticket book tickets online it's always cheaper and saves you at a time all those you got to pay more for fast-track all right so you get the idea so buy your tickets in one place queue in another people somehow find that less frustrating than queuing one time or imagine you viewed for ages then sunnyvale out the price and worse oh that's too much it's it's pretty steep 20 quid if memory serves so you get the idea I mean a lot of families of children are coming here okay so that's madame tussauds and it's big okay there's more than one floor you see how the roof is so it's near Baker Street cheap station we're on Euston Road all right so that's uh that is madame tussauds and there are hundreds of these little statues in there wax statues clothed in just the kind of garb that that first is most famous for their trademark garments all right I'll switch it off now that's enough from Madame Tussauds

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