Today we head to Madame Tussauds wax museum at The Venetian on the Las Vegas Strip. This is a family-friendly interactive attraction on Las Vegas Blvd. We had a really fun time with Derek from All You Can Vegas. This is a great way to spend a couple of hours and get some fun pictures but to try to find a discount online or even by asking at the front desk.

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good morning everyone i'm danny 702 in today's adventure brings us to a Madame Tussauds in Las Vegas located right in front of the Venetian Resort Hotel and Casino is a Madame Tussaud if you've ever wanted to party with the Stars here is your chance this is a two-story family friendly and hands-on experience and there are tons of photo ops with realistic wax figures of your favorite celebrities now I haven't been in here for about 13 years or so I'm excited to see what we can find but let's see what celebrities we're gonna come across today wait a second Derek from all-you-can Vegas hey nice to see you too you want to join me oh yeah all right pretty great thing I feel like I'm going into the twilight zone small warning guys the music is so loud here so I knees are gonna have to be chopping this up a lot or dubbing over it with my own music he'll head let's see here we are right when you walk in oh my gosh there's a lot going on it looks like a club up in here he'll the dress that kind of looks like that I'm in mourning in a long time it looked like very similar to that okay I'm thinking it's lean oblique I don't know I mean the Thai food is kind of is what I'm going off of and there's George Clooney here they are sure and at a holly transition here we're in these the sports area now Dale Earnhardt jr. oh it's crazy his eyes literally look like they're moving what the heck oh that isn't weird little boy by the camera no not really okay in person I swear his eyes are moving to avoid like staring right at me Madame Tussauds Las Vegas opened in 1999 and it was the first amount of two thoughts to open its doors in the US but the history of the attraction goes back hundreds of years Maurice Assad was born in 1761 and started to learn about modeling wax at a very young age she made her first wax sculpture at the age of 16 and by 17 she was working for king louis xvi she was in prison for three months during the French Revolution and was awaiting execution but she was let go due to the help of a very influential person she had modeled before she became very well known for her models and travelled with her work around the UK they found a permanent home for exhibit in 1836 but now you can find these exhibits all around the globe there's a few in the US and of course Europe but there's also quite a few in Asia here we go mm Justin and Britney oh my gosh and their denim outfits we grew up with the Spice Girls it's like I get to be part of the Spice Girls here Daft Punk and it's very cool Madonna pretty sure it's Madonna they're playing biggie is music video in the background with him thing is really at all you find a button you push it which I got Hawaii found guys Lady Gaga okay we're gonna get a side-by-side comparison up in here young lady Houston and Fergalicious lift Madame Tussaud here or they met up to so very short I think we're getting closer to the hangover bar experience not look pretty good you can find him on the streets in Las Vegas there's a couple of them that look good so this is like the hotel room that they were goodness someone party a little hard last night wedding capital reach show which Vegas wedding it looks like we're in the Vegas right now they're gonna have some Vegas headliners over here Blue Man Group and here's Bugsy Siegel and there's old blinds and Sammy Davis jr. mr. Vegas Liberace oh I'm loving the Elvis from Viva Las Vegas in his lucky number seven the right way the wrong way and the way I do it you never have I think something's missing from here mine freak Captain America him alright guys thanks so much for joining me on the adventure to Madden facades here in Las Vegas and a special thank you to Derek from all you can Vegas definitely make sure to go over to his channel and say hello and subscribe it's all kinds of goodies and all kinds of good food on his channel from Las Vegas and thanks so much for coming with us absolutely until next time guys take time to explore your town and we'll see you later

30 thoughts on “Madame Tussauds Las Vegas 2019 with Derek All You Can Vegas

  1. Love your videos. I found you just before I took a trip to Vegas back in Feb. 2019. You have a very cool vibe, and yes my first thought was, "She looks like Lady Gaga".

  2. I've never gone in there, but I'm really surprised they let you touch the statues…especially if they've ever seen Derek's hands during his eating vlogs! Get that man a Wet-Nap!

  3. Another fun, great & informative video Dani. Love going back to places I went to 15 years ago. Thanks for capturing all the new and old things Las Vegas has to offer. A subscriber since way back.

  4. Nice Video, I never knew that you could touch the statues there. Most places like that have signs everywhere "Do Not Touch". It looked like a fun place, Thanks for the Tour.

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