We found a wax statue museum in Islamabad on our trip, we enjoyed a lot there. We visited, Rawal Lake, Pakistan Monument, Centaurus mall and then ate at Monal Resturant.
Hope you guys enjoyed the Vlog!

what's up guys this is your boy SN here back with another video hope you guys are doing good let's add to this vlog today is my turn in the travel and now we are living the Murray and now we're going to Islamabad and we're gonna eat our breakfast here there is a mature this is a popular blemished natty Mohamed in a hurry yeah we're gonna eat Mohamed in a hurry and then we are gonna leave for Slama part right there is always huge queue here Marie cause there are always always because there's only one row one end over here even those people have bought the card that's why guys just going to the restaurant to have a great first yeah me guys we just made it here at the restaurant and we have to go upstairs to it so guys just look at the scene here at the restaurant oh man this is so cool this scene is so awesome just look at it so guys this is me Hari and this is what we got here and this looks so delicious we just have to have for dinner because Robo guru and another the Holi now we are heading to our hotel to go samovar so we just got into a car and now we are laying the Murray last goodbye to Murray oh good Oh Aiyaa Padonia bye-bye daddy nothin else we have my finger to edit so whaddaya determine the resultant well Monica he looks like my cousin was not reading about so he got a challan for you gotta take a chill on ticket for 300 rupees like three cut like two dollars we have to go there all right there oh yeah top-heavy really hard but again we come here come on go today I've been lying about you like a hawk me right guys you have just treated some about and now we are going to see it our lake so let's go guys I just made it here at Lake and it's ready ready huge it's nice let me show you guys look at this way I just laid guys look at this huge it's not very cool I've seen seven moves way it didn't look so nice fish but it's very nice let's go else guys after the double Park we just we just we I just hair at Lama on one one and it's it's ready stunning let me show you guys oh that's a huge building there and that's you structure actually let me focus it the hell yeah look at it this looks so nice this is sunny let me just go some closer to it well guys this is amazing this is amazing let me show you whoa just look at it it looks awesome in footage it looks so much like dark and small but actually it's very large it's very huge so guys this is the bus this is this llama bad moment this is huge and stunning let's take a close look to it let's take it leather look who looks boys changing hair feels very strange in here whoa whoa now right now I'm in the middle of the monument and it feels very strange to see very where he's changed like my hat in the middle of moment like it's looking like this three monument triangular trying to kill me guys I think I don't I'm not sure but I think this four monument represent four provinces of Pakistan but but I'm not sure so don't just take miles taking I think that's job and I think that's my job to know that's my job that's Karachi and that's keropok upma and that is blotches time yeah so guys now I'm going to the money Munch Museum let me show you the monument Museum is a row but that's a wood wall here you see more let's go Alan come on you hi I'm just done with the Monument Park I'm gonna leave him here and not in person for a small with so guys we are finally at Centaurus and I'm exploring Centaurus mall and it takes like two or three hours to explore quickly so we just trying to see a little bit and then go do now to have a deal I'm also grande lots of shops I could then have everywhere you just name it in the helmet very cool as I'd like to guys I'm on second row and non satis flooring 2nd floor looking for some from the shop check-ins none trying to buy a shop confirming a jacket and they're all so good but they don't have any jacket that I saw online in the magazine break out kids tougher than cardigan lesson on green stone is guys I just meant astonished or SACEM so trusting in buying have Kings but they'll have this one that I want you guys now we are at the door open to us you just guys I'm here at the cafe and I'm cocky and I just got my kick your help so guys after Centaurus we just made it over at Monell and we are gonna have our dinner here it's currently quarter to nine and we're gonna have it you know let's go I just love this restaurant shows all this time about from up here we are on Hills it's Margaret Hill it's a promise la mala I'd be discard of a table there look at the view behind me you feel that you will be able to see the so let me show you guys the view from up from here just focusing on it's the whole summer bottle it's very dim in depict in the video but actually it's it's too bright it these all these building lights look so much bright that you can get it's very good you guys can see all the malls from up here the pessimist so guys the boob just made it here we're already taking just come on main course vinegar guys just have my phone but that's had my food I just said a handful I just have my food and all read their restaurant a belief so guys I was about to show you guys the odd looks clean house outlook about some up but he didn't his head is no wattenbarger oh not allowed to take it he gets another one that's why you wasn't able to show you guys how I'm just living for now so guys I'm just done with moon'll and I'm your living one off guys let's go out of mu now and just gonna go to Lahore next up the hall eternal blessings on my scream I don't know how he eats ice cream in this cold I know I had no idea 2002 disease Carla gardener for video guys in the whole table I did wear my oh I'm the one it's time for you though but no other ISM I mean I get open and you know that's like guys we just ready to wear a lahar and now we're at home now we are going to sleep we are variously bit it's four o'clock and super tight Travel was very long and we just gonna sleep so I'm wrapping today's vlog and see you guys tomorrow peace

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  1. every thing is perfect just speaking skills jo hain na i just want to tell you that donot hesitate while talking infront of the camera just stay calm…… u will go really far !!

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