Ariana Grande and many more famous waxworks are at Madame Tussauds Blackpool, in this vlog we check them out, filmed December 2018.

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GoPro Hero 6
Canon Powershot SX720
RØDE VideoMic


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welcome to another pledge of each experience blog today we are at Madame Tussauds in Blackpool first time we've been here as a group and the first time we've filmed here on the blog closest Simon Cowell will be very happy with himself there Cheryl Cole or whatever she's told these days what is a full name these days Cheryl shadow just give up and just cut five sites Cheryl yeah getting shot with Cheryl in a bit bigger than Cheryl just a little bit well the box wet though so in today's vlog we have Mike of course we have Jimmy a little Charlie who's asleep so we don't know how long and today's contestant come our might on the show [Applause] by the like he don't like TV so I said no oh I yeah did you watch it yeah oh yeah yeah it's still on I've recorded on my probabilities Chase channel or something we got mysterious beer you're gonna give us a rendition of mysterious girl No as Peter varley's car looking he stuffed his ever I actually watched it to the lights on him Blackpool in 2011 well it was it was funny so we're gonna take some pictures and then we'll move on to the next area no never watched it your wife watched it once not for me any puns of Doctor Who let's move on the winner of our youtuber get me out of it my okay you should do some trials do some trials twerpish ah they'll make interested view it if adults I really hope you don't get your head stuck Jimmy P you might leave that I counted it for that one ya mind me expose my pain that rough on come on Jimmy not sleepy time for my dinner to be a hit we don't see hunt and deck mic your next trial [Laughter] [Applause] there's a lot through what each scrutinizing Joe he's dying that's number one anymore is he even Burnley's number one already that's about as close is Joe ha I haven't got to saving the ball in English air [Applause] we need sir Alex a name you need sir Alex [Applause] Sanofi that jimmy chickey Nolan ruining their legend I was hoping you'd say that sir that's a bit of a giveaway I was testing your football knowledge any country as close as these three people will ever get to will call and this is probably as close as an Englishman I'll ever get to a World Cup again so of course we've got Algeria but me Mike both say too much you should join me not actually yeah all these students loyalties whole team there's a guy who fixes the back of his chest to the transfer request hope is really well-thought-out yeah yeah I'm afraid you can't take oh no no I've to take oh so it was a bigger igloo legend shara shara shara easy one the goal will uro over the order of 96 and another thing he was better in the Premier League appropriately exactly register detected serious commitment detected what we'll say about Shira it's good on much of the day shira's good on much the day I'll give him now suppose my we fell Bell Taylor all missions walked on girls bus true for the real darts as well very very very well nice follow him it's a great darts player by everyone's cup of tea but it was a great player but I certainly helped transform the game that's for sure you know my pulse and later Summerlin five sides fair enough credit where credit's you to become not really that fun fun so I just don't like the guy it's an arrogant so so yeah how many have you got now – still just ensued when I see him I get remind you doubt Europa Park in half Silver Star feeling styling [Applause] now in the marble section which of things fairly new the last time I came for I will say I am NOT the biggest of marble bunts of a DC coming stuff I see what you're trying go there what's your horse a marvel in sign of confidence and competence that's true me coming Oh I'm not a cop say I'm not a marble fuck I am a fan of some of that stuff it's not like I don't like it at all it's just I'm a DC Comics fat over a Marvel fuck boon argue with this guy would you he's incredible throw reason no mics can either go you actually look small next to him my big unicorn iog I'm not talking about my taxi this is absolutely executed I have to say likely say I'm not the biggest fan of Marvel but I could appreciate their films that can appreciate stuff like this all right Captain America films they've been decent obviously Iron Man's decent spider-man's decent so Bruce decent sort of stuff out there it's just done more of a DC Comics kind of fun over here we've caught spider mom at skills the proper pronunciation of the Rovers return a new role was returned clothing get it too far on them forget the jack and roles in Titanic is Jack and big jacket Lyra take a bow Ava Campbell Oh indeed there is actually a real bar here buddington oh yes hi Daniel [Applause] [Applause] my area it's a scary-looking fella I know Oh No well mirror maze yeah bogey [Applause] [Applause] children must be supervised that's what isn't being supervised just to clarify he can do that but he's not being supervised he's blowing your dida stripes okay good about you yeah you know what single time I go home proof that bike does not carry gold track its host rats eat beware and over Oh candles [Applause] [Applause] so we're coming to the end of this pledge Beach experience Madame Tussauds fog before we go gonna get my review of might review starting with might review so busy thoughts yeah it's really good and yeah there's blood going and it's quite regional yes so you all recognize five Tom Bishop Tom there Ken doll party with Phoenix there are local coffee warm up are the guard relevance Cory Charlie blood flow that references to Canyon Darla Stanley Matthews surprising okay yeah fourth you I thought be okay whatever don't begin you have got me so would you recommend it to people yes you've got barely pass yeah forget about this is a bigger shower buddy ones covering up on opening weekend come up on a Friday yeah cool early you've got mail impossible believe all this stuff just to clarify budgets really why should only move down what they do this and then congregating Weatherspoon's is there X's in Phoenix Community Oriented remember going back on the rack so that is goodbye for Mike I'll get from behind the camera and if my final review so we've come to the end of this pledge Beach experience what Madame Tussauds Black Bull this is second time this probably is really really enjoyed it it just really is every one of those brilliant but he like them or not seven to walk they didn't want to tell you I'm wherever even feel like that was good it just on the next revision so well yeah I just miss oh good the whole place is really well though so it's ultimately live my cousin especially become better house we hate opening weekend pleasure beach definitely get yourself a if he comes walking all over for la cuestión it opens again and you've got early outs definitely come where he's totally worth do it my highlights obviously been the spawn area school to find warm particular my life so make the whole place I thought you enjoyed this please let us know in the comments what you think it was fucked up betrayus video

16 thoughts on “Madame Tussauds Blackpool Vlog 2018

  1. Agree Scott & Mike, they definitely need a Sir Alex waxwork there. They have really done a good job with the theming in the Marvel section. Visited here a couple of times this year and they are always making little changes and updates which is good to see. Definitely worth a trip at least once a year, especially with Merlin passes.

  2. OOOHHHHH i'm a big Doctor Who fan and i clicked this hoping to see the Doctor wax figure :'(
    Though i do enjoy Marvel i am more of a DC person, i noticed your Goku statue in a previous video ….. so who would win in a fight between Goku and Superman

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