Madame Tussauds London today announced a new multi-million pound Star Wars experience in collaboration with Disney and Lucasfilm, and revealed the first wax figure from one of 11 immersive walk-in sets to be featured.

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we are here in a studio in London as a team of sculptors and set designers turn the final elements to a scene which will feature in a major new Star Wars experience opening at Madame Tussauds London in May the major new experience being created in collaboration with the Walt Disney Company and Lucasfilm will feature 16 of Star Wars most famous heroes and villains in scenes recreating some of the most iconic moments from Star Wars episodes 1 to 6 including the Jedi Master Yoda in his swamp on Dagobah this new experience is different to anything we've ever done before it's not just about our wax figures but recreating some of the scenes from some of the most iconic films ever made which found will be able to truly immerse themselves in as well as visiting Master Yoda in his misty swamp guests will be able to join Hamm Solo in a recreation of their Cantina bar you'll also be able to sit alongside Chewbacca in a recreation of the Millennium Falcon plus lots lots more it's a huge responsibility working on such a high college character for me and the whole of the team of artists not least of all because many of us are our fans we are making a great effort to make sure that fans of the film's will be happy and enjoy the experience when it opens in May this figure was a particular channels to make not least because even though he's only 66 centimeters tall he still made with the absolute accuracy that we were with any of our wax figures and it took a team of 20 artists for months to create and to make to the accurate standard that we have the first part of the process is that we sculpt the entire figure in clay over a metal armature and then we do a silicone mold of the head bands and the body and the head is produced in wax and the hands of producing wax the body is produced in fiberglass once the various parts are cast the head and hands go to the hair and coloring Department where they are colored using oil paints that are put on in layers so that you get an accurate representation of the texture the hair is then inserted the heads were inserted one by one and the result is what you see here today

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