This trailer that I made is for book called Madame Tussaud, written by Michelle Moran.
In words…
Madame Tussaud is a dramatic novel based upon the life of a young woman living in 18th century paris Marie Gosholtz (Madame Tussaud). She is responsible for one of the most famous museums in Paris (then) and the world (TODAY). Her museum in paris holds over hundreds of different wax works of the famous people of her time, nobles, criminals and even wax models of the royal family! Which soon grabs the attention of the ‘real people’. Marie’s talent for modelling faces in wax brings her to Versailles itself (King’s palace) to teach King Louis XVI’s sister the tricks of the trade (okay.. ‘skill’) in wax works. Due to Marie Antoinette’s decline in popularity the French Revolution breaks out and places all of Paris in peril. As the king and queen or overwhelmed by the mobs storming in the palace of Versailles monarchy is overthrown. The guillotine becomes a fixture in life and sends thousands of men and women to their deaths. Marie has to survive by showing her patriotism, by making death masks from the severed heads key figures (some of who she knew personally) killed as the Reign of Terror sweeps over France entering it’s darkest time.
It’s a truly compelling book to read and if you read this book you certainly won’t regret it!
The movie, pictures, portraits, wax models, music and books used in this video belong to their respectful owners NOT ME. – i only made the video for a homework task i had to do for school and personal enjoyment nothing more.

thanks for your attention.

4 thoughts on “Madame Tussaud Trailer

  1. A life like a roman !!!
    This woman was a real movies character…
    But there is one thing wrong the describe : Madame Tussaud was not from Paris but Strasbourg close to the german border. She left this city earlyin her life but she was not parisian.

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