a very good afternoon to you after a bit of a great start this morning clouds have been breaking to reveal brighter skies that's certainly the theme as the week wears on more more sunshine developing as we approach the weekend calm and dry conditions will mean temperatures respond quite well in that to afternoon sunshine after cold nights and chilly mornings warm feeling days with highs of 16 or 17 degrees as we go into tomorrow and Saturday the best of the temperatures likely to be across the southeastern corner of Britain elsewhere we've got an area of patchy rain sliding through not amounting to too much but it will introduce slightly chillier air through the latter stages of the weekend after a fine end to the day temperatures slip away through this evening and tonight a little chillier as we head through the next few hours close to just two or three degrees out in the suburbs come dawn a slight ground frost for the most prone areas but generally frost and fog free into a new day if a little chilly a clear crisp start stunning sunshine so much brighter than this morning crystal clear blue skies a little cloud wafting three through the afternoon but in the sunshine highs of 16 or 17 degrees very nice to end the week see you soon

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