achieve no reported problems on any of these lines here all running well at the moment it seems South West Trains into London though running at a reduced speed via Sir Burton and this is how it looks at the Blackwall tunnel northbound traffic they're very busy from the religious flyover and in Camberwell Denmark Hill is down to one lane in both directions at Cold Harbor Lane four works there are delays at times to the south of candlewell green let's take a look now at the weather here's Luci Martin hello good morning a fairly humid feel to things as we move into the weekend today though looking like a decent day lots of dry weather around just the chance of seeing the odd isolated shower first thing fairly cloudy as well there will be some breaks from that cloud and as we move through the day we'll see a gradual brightening up temperatures today a little bit cooler than yesterday with highs of 21 degrees Celsius and a northwesterly breeze it will still feel Pleasant in any sunshine which means if you're heading to Inwood and it looks like it's going to be a decent day lots of dry weather around then we'll see a gradual brightening up and the temperatures edging into the 20s again a light northwesterly breeze so it looks like we'll see lots of play as we go through this evening and overnight a largely dry picture variable amounts of cloud I think there'll be some clear spells at times but it will be fairly muggy with overnight lows between 14 and 16 degrees Celsius to us out of the day on Saturday fairly cloudy it will be a largely cloudy day plenty of brightness in the morning that cloud tending to increase as we move through the day temperatures at a maximum of 22 degrees Celsius I'll leave you with the outlook then Sunday looking like a decent day a lot of cloud around and the chance of seeing the odd spot of light rain and drizzle starting to fill increasingly humid as we move through the weekend with highs of 24 degrees Celsius on Sunday and I'll be back in half an hour for more news travel and whether he can take a look on our website at the usual address so now then it's back to Charlie M mega bison ooh

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