of Trafalgar Square this morning they'll be extensive road closures in the area from midday until midnight for Formula one live it's also affecting some bus routes but nearby stations will remain open and Oxford Street is closed eastbound from Oxford Circus because of a burst water main buses are being diverted that takes us to check on the weather now with Lucy Martin hello good morning a slightly unpromising start to the day today but we will start to see improvements that cloud and rain giving way to some sunshine so a gradual brightening up as we moved through the day today after you're wet like tonight we will see the tail end of that rain clearing out this morning so some outbreaks of light rain and drizzle then as we move through the day starting to gradually see some brightness and sunshine later in the day one or two patches of cloud hearing there but feeling warm in any sunshine with highs of 22 degrees Celsius threes and evenings from late spells and sunshine and then overnight we'll see a dry night some patchy clouds around but plenty of clear skies and temperatures falling to an overnight low around about 11 to 14 degrees Celsius so we'll start the day tomorrow on a fairly bright note we'll be feeling slightly fresher than a late but plenty of sunshine around we'll see a little bit more in the way of clouds bubbling up through the day so turning to sunny spells but staying dry and again temperatures in the 20s so maximum tomorrow of 23 degrees Celsius just the risk of seeing an isolated shower through the late afternoon and evening I'll leave you with the outlooks and plenty of sunny spells through the next few days just the risk of seeing the odd isolated shower tomorrow and things turning a little bit more humid into the weekend I'll be back with the latest in half an hour it's back to you Louise and John

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