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Lucy Martin here on BBC London news hosting the weather, what a good name!
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hello good morning it's another gray start to the day today plenty of low clouds mist and murk around first thing got further showering outbreaks of rain to come today as well as that weather front slips it's very gradually south so here's how it looks this morning plenty of cloud around some showery outbreaks of rain gradually pushing Southwest through the day think perhaps coming a little bit dry the further north you are into the late afternoon the temperatures at a maximum of around 13 degrees Celsius with an East northeasterly breeze through this evening and overnight we'll see the skies clear will become dry and with some clear spells that will allow the temperatures to fall away so we're looking at an overnight low of around 3 to 5 degrees Celsius with a northeasterly breeze tomorrow then is an improvement on today would be a good deal of dry weather around and some spells of sunshine the temperatures however are on the way down as we move through the next few days and towards the weekend bye-bye

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