it's the latest development in the route between black taxis and private hire companies a raft of measures to support the black cab trade has been criticized by firms like uber as being unfair they say whilst the mayor has moved to help cabbies they face stricter rules introduced my city hall as to lure doughy reports London's iconic black cabs getting people around the capital for more than a century but in recent years our big rivals emerged competition from private hire firm uber which allows passengers to book and pay using a mobile phone app has seen some cabbies complaining of being driven out of business now London's mayor has set out a new plan he says can help protect the black cab industry tfl is to open 20 extra bus lanes for use by taxis the number of taxi ranks will increase by at least twenty percent by 2020 a new technology will be introduced to help customers connect with taxis more easily meanwhile the mayor wants all private hire drivers to take a formal English language tests and more robust insurance regulations perhaps unsurprisingly ubers not happy it says the mayor is showing favoritism we think that 65 million pounds worth of taxpayer money for black taxi and more red tape and more cost of private hire drivers is imbalanced it's disproportionate it'll mean that private hire drivers have significantly more costs placed on top of what is already an expensive industry to get into and it'll mean that some people could end up losing their livelihoods as a result black cab drivers staged this protest against uber back in February the license taxi drivers Association says the mayor's plans are about improving safety for passengers and not favoritism what the mayor's planning here with basic safety issues basic safety requirements the insurers are all Londoners whether they choose a safe secure black cab or choose to use a minicab what at least going to be in the knowledge that the vehicles in short how Ruby can challenge that god only knows so what do customers think about the changes will it affect people's decisions about who to pay to get around the capital no it wouldn't I still go through bur they're accessible and it's the digital app it's a very easy to use it depends on pricing at the moment I think Hoover's might have the sweat advantage because their bit cheaper if black cabs are achieved by the yeah I guess uber is up and coming but still new the Black Caps they know their way around they're professionals it's a plan the mayor says will create a vibrant market for all but the black cab versus uber battle shows no sign of abating to lure daily a BBC London news

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  1. Uber sucks, but you need to accept the fact that your prices are too high and they offer more convenience to customers.
    "Uber rapists" claims won't bring people back to you, as it only enhances your reputation of angry hateful individuals.

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