Giles Miller Studio, DuPont™ Corian® and the London Design Festival are proud to present the ‘Louvres’ Desk, a multi-faceted functional design piece created to represent the first point of contact for visitors to the Victoria & Albert museum during the London Design Festival 2013. The curved desk is made from ultra-versatile DuPont™ Corian® high-tech surface, which has been machined into a specially designed finish created by Giles Miller Studio, a young team of designers fascinated by the manipulation of light and reflection in surfaces.

my studio is interested in playing with surfaces and in creating texture in order to reflect light and then show imagery in surfaces this of a subtle technique that we use to give our clients the ability to have graphics and branding and pattern in their surfaces for interior projects you've developed a sort of surface application that that involves of louver system which can show the imagery depending on the orientation the design is going to hopefully show a real overload of geometric reflection and it's the sort of purist way that we thought demonstrate our concept in the new color works particularly well for the sort of machining of the surface of Corian we're really excited by it and we hope it's going to look great the new deep Nocturne is part of dupont innovations latest development for korean the deep color technology gives us the ability to mask any wear and tear it gives a greater depth of color it really displays what how diverse the material is Charles Wien we've created this surface it questions what the chorion element how it performs in this this installation is really sort of questioned the way the way the product is to be manipulated deep on I'm very good at opening their arms and working with designers to really on their latest innovations it translucency a new color palette this new technology they've always like to work with designers to take a surfacing product and really push it to the limit the London zyphus are all very fortunate to work with VNA every years of our venue and for severely attracts really wide and varied audience the need for a desk therefore was an imperative this year and we were delighted to work with Cory DuPont to create a custom-made decibels we weren't going to go with anything off the shelf initial investigations as to how on earth we're going to make a desk at the entrance and we were delighted to start talking with DuPont corian to our blessing we were told about a very very rich dark black finish then we start thinking well who can we work with it as a designers but actually it came very obviously she worked for Giles Miller Giles is a designer who's been exploring surface texture for a number of years now and really looking at ways it can turn the sheet material into a very rich texture rich finish so one of the things that were very keen to do at the festival in all of our projects is to find designers that perhaps haven't ordinarily worked with the material that we then present to them and in this case Charles had never worked with corian as a material and for him he would think was slightly overwhelmed by the great breadth of what he could do and actually for him focusing in on on the design we've got to was a great challenge and one that evolved fantastically over a few months to where it is today

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