Lounge Squatt Podcast #067 Justine Perry
recorded at La Station Gare des Mines (Paris, Spectrum) – 02.03.2019

Justine Perry is a Berlin-based Techno DJ. Influenced by the Berlin club scene, her sets are coloured by some dark and acid techno ambiences, which bring her public into the essence of Rave.

Soon after she began her career as DJ, she became resident of two clubs in Paris, before recently beginning to play at some great venue in Paris, London and Berlin, like Rex Club, Griessmühle or Tresor.

After she moved to Berlin she joined the Berlin-based concept Art Bei Ton. Her work allowed her to play with Electric Rescue, Ansome, JoeFarr, Blazej Malinowski, Alan Oldham, Bnjmn and Raär soon.

Originally from Lille in France, Justine Perry moved to London and Paris in order to work as a music journalist alongside with developing her taste in music and DJ skills. She finally relocated to Berlin recently, in order to develop her career and her Art.

Soundcloud : @justineperry
Mixcloud : www.mixcloud.com/justineperry7/
Facebook : www.facebook.com/justineperrydj/
Instagram : www.instagram.com/justineperry
Twitter : twitter.com/JustinePerry13
Youtube : bit.ly/2hdJFHe
Email : [email protected]
RA : www.residentadvisor.net/dj/JustinePerry

Booking: Tom – [email protected]

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