A long-running row between Greece and the UK is bacck in the headlines. It’s over the rightful owner of ancient artifacts known as the Elgin Marbles. The director of London’s British Museum, where they’re on display, has infuriated Athens by ruling out their long-term return saying that taking the marbles from Greece was a creative act.


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the British Museum is back in the headlines this time it's director has stirred up trouble by saying removing the world-famous 2,500 year old parthenon marbles from greece to be taken to Britain in the 19th century could be seen as a creative act thanks to a new context you could of course be saddened by the fact that the original environment has disappeared when you move a cultural heritage to a museum you move it outside however this shifting is also a creative act technically UK law prevents the return of such pieces but the problem is Greece considers the classical marble sculptures stolen and wants them back seriously what was so creative in the destruction of the temple and the looting and the pillaging of a nation's keys to its ancient history Greece's Culture Minister described the museum directors approach as narrow and cynical a mindset that downgrades cultural heritage to an exchange sale ouch but in fact it's not just Greece that's pressuring the museum other artifacts perceived as snatch during the times of the British Empire are being demanded back to so far to no avail the museum is only ready to loan saying the pieces are better off being displayed as part of a wider collection you have to take keeping him for 150 years just give us some months millions of people come to enjoy the British Museum every year let's find out what some of them here make of this long-standing feud and how locals see it back in Greece I think that's what's being here is probably for the greater good I just got a degree in art history so I feel like they should go back the models should be returned and put back where they belong in every Museum in the world their Greek antiquities why why are we so generous I would keep them here if they were British artifacts in Greece I think it would be viewed differently if I was Greek I would want them returned no I consider this that I consider what Elgin did to be theft since I'm Greek I'm also in favor of returning the Elgin marbles I guess it's quite nice to have them kept here perhaps to go home for a period because the exhibition's do move round I would like to see maybe some kind of sharing arrangement if I build a house and someone in America likes it he cannot take it with him and say I will take good care of it I will keep it in America come see it whenever you like you

25 thoughts on “Lost Marbles: Greece enraged after British Museum justifies keeping ancient artefacts

  1. Of course they are stolen!!!!! Brits were to stupid to become a democracy those years and stil are. they enjoy the greek arts because it reminds them of how stupid their ancestors were to build such classical art.

  2. Why is it always a German (the director of British museum) behind hateful treatment towards Greece its people and its culture ? When I was in my 20's I was visiting Greece and was on a ferry boat going to Turkey from Lesbos a Greek island . I encountered a wealthy elderly business man with his wife that was 20 years younger then him . He was telling me a story of an Ottoman Captain of a ship (the German business man knew I was an American Greek ) where on the ship there was a furnace where they threw the Greeks in, and he sat and listened to the screams until the cracking noise of the scull of the Greek prisoner (the captain was sadistic was getting off from his cruelty toward another person ) . The odd thing was that the German business man was smiling and enjoying this act while telling me the story. I know not all people of a particular nation fit there stereotype, but when you run across a German that shows his sadistic side, my mind goes back to Nazi Germany and almost reaffirms the stereotype German people have . I just keep in mind not to judge people based on one idiot in the Group.

  3. These days very realistic fibreglass copies off the Elgin Marbles could be made.
    Let's make some good copies, and as a goodwill token, send the copies to Athens.

  4. If it wasn't for thievery, the English wouldn't even have a culture. My greeks brothers & sisters: Armenia & Armenians stand PROUDLY with you & support you! 🇦🇲❤️🇬🇷

  5. yea right because a bankrupt country could protect the pieces right. You know these would be targets of angry poor people if there's another collapse .

  6. @mazlum dogan
    The Roman's mafia they come from Europe, and Constantine is the Serb born on the "Nis", also today those Mafia have slaves, Satan worshipers like the PKK , it is better to learn your ancient history, secondly , if you have heard that the stolen land is the land of the Palestinians who stole your masters and North America, South America, Australia and South Africa, the thieves have not stopped yet, the last thing they stole was Venezuelan gold

  7. The last interviewee doesn't know what he's talking about. I've heard that Alan Napier, who played Alfred the Butler in the 1960s TV Series "Batman". bought a castle in the UK, and had it shipped stone by stone across the Atlantic, and rebuilt in the US. So it has been done.

  8. The British Museum should only be devoted to displaying items relating to Britain's history, not historical artifacts plundered from other nations, which should be restored to their rightful countries so that they may display their own history.

  9. Many of the artifacts displayed at the British Museum would be in great danger if not already destroyed if they had remained in their original countries.
    Just look at what Islam has been doing to such artifacts in Iraq, Syria or Afghanistan recently.
    So they are better off in Great Britain than at home.

    Nevertheless, there is the question of ownership to consider. The Brits were not exactly squeamish when carting away these treasures from so-called "primitive places" and also destroyed much in the process. And their sense of entitlement and arrogance towards these objects and their rightful owners is still very hard to bear and quite disgusting.

    They are also always in very loud mouthed when it comes to similar claims against other countries, say against Russia, who is supposed to return artifacts rightfully taken as spoils of war to Germany.

    So why not find a solution, that these stolen artifacts are to be placed under a "permanent loan agreement" to the British Museum. In turn, Great Britain shall pay a certain yearly amount to the countries of origin – a kind of "rental fee".

    I am sure that an appropriate and fair key can be found. And after all, we are supposed to be living in a global world, so who cares where these Artifacts actually stand.

  10. RT is also a fake news Agency. Kohinoor was owned by Ranjit Singh, the last great Maharaja of India who defeated Ahmed Shah Abdali and captured Peshawar. It was not owned by Iran or Pakistan. Ranjit singh was Sikh. 95% of Sikhs live in India. The Diamond was mined in Golcanda, India. Russia on the other hand was nothing through out its history. You were just fake Keivens who migrated to eastern Russia. Real Russian are actually Turks, who Ruled Russia for several centuries. They are the Gokturks, and their decendeant are in Turkey. Don't forget about Tartars who also ruled this are, along with huns, mongols.

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