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This is the first video of my adventures in Europe!!

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[Applause] Oh Oh Leicester Square actually I don't even know where I am I think I'm going to Piccadilly Circus but I'm so sad because there's so many cool places that I want to take pictures look but no one oh I'm walking all alone Danielle's not here and I just that won't burn my fucking eyes I don't know I am still just walking around waiting for Danielle I'm trying to take nice pictures but I feel like I can't because I feel like such a tourist that I am holding a camera like this closer to the peace house where yeah I decided to walk by this place that smelled like poor shit it's kind of yellow I would also inject my picture but I don't have anyone I found Big Ben but I made it I walked around and I found it hey guy is it so I've been not walking Titanic J so I just couldn't take a loss see it's not a half of you I'd say I don't really know where I am but I'm pretty sure over there there's the church that William and Kate got married in that's obviously big bad I know that subway soft is called I'm in Westminister over here I'm in there and I don't fit in so I'm so stressed and I'm just standing outside in an alley I can't go in there anymore I was waiting in that like restaurant for so long and there was so bougie and it did not feel right and like I went to go take a walk around I ended up in some random-ass public are like private room they way this is any old she's going to be with us with our on our adventure and it's gonna be great so she's gonna be my muse and the camera sorry I don't want to scream but I literally shake shot – a shark forever in the Shake Shack needs to come to Canada and I'm so obsessed like so did you other in the Shake Shack table it's on but hey guys I'm exploring London alone again I'm going to see the changing of the guard the nails not going well I think Shake Shack gave us food poisoning wasn't worth it probably because a chance always worth it but I'm going to see the Queen now hey guys so I'm at Hyde Park I wanted to go see the changing of the guards this morning but unfortunately there's so many fuckin people couldn't see shit thank you shoot I saw some of the horses but I didn't see like the actually changing of the guards so that's sometimes two girls I'm just walking around then y'all like at home like I said before and yeah it's like been kinda raining I saw unlike the map there's like some fountain where's the fountain I can't find it guys I found the fountain I was just I think I was just walking there absolute wrong direction look how cute it is I mean like the water is green so that's kinda gross but I'm literally so I'm like trying to get someone to take a picture of me but I'm like oh what you want me to take a picture of you guys I'm like hoping to like oh do you want to picture of you so I said picture of these people hoping that they like did you want us to take a picture of you and they didn't cry

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