Robert Frank, host of CNBC’s “Secret Lives of the Super Rich,” joins TODAY’s Hoda Kotb and Jenna Bush Hager live from Bel-Air, California, with an exclusive first look at a $250 million mega mansion. What makes it so expensive? For starters, there’s a 12,000-square-foot entertainment area!
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Look Inside This $250 Million Mega Mansion (And See Why It’s So Expensive) | TODAY

every once in a while it's fun to escape reality to see how the other half lives on CNBC secret life of the super-rich she get to peek inside some of the most extravagant home crazy and the host Robert Frank joins us from Bel Air California you guys we've been waiting for this this exclusive look at a 250 million dollar mega mansion it's gonna be featured on the season premiere tomorrow hi Robert 250 million how'd they let you in there yeah it's yeah I know it's crazy but you know I get to tour the biggest mansions in the world this house blows them all away 250 million dollars you're wondering what makes a house worth 250 we're gonna show you we're gonna start hearing the 12,000 square-foot entertainment game area this is like the ultimate billionaire man cave and we start with not just a bowling alley but four bowling alleys gold and silver bowling pins and then a little lounge there with your fur and your leather sofas and then you guys want I can D here's eye candy 250,000 dollar candy wall how's that for sweet now you got foosball tables you got the pool table this pool tables twelve thousand dollars now we all know the wealthy they have garages they like cars the super-rich they have Auto galleries this Auto Gallery has 30 million dollars worth of cars the fastest most expensive rarest cars on the planet this this car is two million dollars goes over 230 miles an hour this is one of the Holy Grails of the car world 1936 Mercedes 15 million dollars you get all of these cars when you buy this house so we're in Los Angeles all about glitz and glamour and the big screens talk about big screens this house has the biggest best screens in America for a residential home we're going to start with the home movie theater this is the James Bond themed home movie theater it's got 40 chairs all hand-stitched Italian leather they all recline they got their Hermes blankets to keep you warm and by the way there's 7,000 movies pre-loaded in that theater so you could watch movies for like 10 years and never run out of movies or games now if that screens not big enough there's a bigger screen this screen is the biggest TV ever built for a residential home in America it's almost 30 feet long and this is another lounge area this is where all your celebrity friends like Jack Nicholson and Brad Pitt would come over for a drink now this house is thirty-eight thousand square feet it's over four stories now to get upstairs you could take one of two elevators they are lined in crocodile skin or you can take the stairs and the stairs check this out it's a 20 foot tall safe wall because you know when you're rich enough to buy this house you got to keep a lot of stuff in a safe now this house is the second floor is kind of the entertainment area the glam room now it's got two wine rooms 2,500 bottles you got to drink all that wine so this house has six bars six bars how's that now there are a hundred thirty pieces of unique art in this house including ready for your close-up guys million dollar camera like a made out of stainless steel $2,000,000 stairwell hand polished stainless steel now you're ready for the big showstopper we saw the TVs downstairs check this out we come out here 85 foot infinity pool overlooking all of Los Angeles Hollywood you got your plunge pool jacuzzi and a 20-foot television that pops out with a hydraulic lift in front of the infinity pool so you can hang out in the jacuzzi look out over all of LA watch TV and yeah drink a lot of champagne guys here we are in Bel Air a neighborhood filled with celebrities and billionaires this is the most expensive home in America right now 250 we'll see whether it sells guys back to you Wow how many bedrooms in there so there are 12 bedrooms 21 bathrooms and three kitchens Wow sima yeah yeah we just showed you it's hard to believe we just showed you a little bit of this house we didn't show you a single the bedrooms are to die for it crazy especially the master upstairs okay Kathy Lee just called she said get out of my house get out all right do you think you can of course catch the season premiere of secret lives of the super rich tomorrow night at 10:00 Eastern and Pacific on CNBC hello today fans thanks for checking out our YouTube channel subscribe by clicking that button down there and click on any of the videos over here to watch the latest interviews show highlights and digital exclusives

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