13-03-2017 Institute of Historical Research


London’s women historians: a celebration and a conversation

Session 1: Women historians and London institutions

Chair: Laura Carter
John Beckett
Linda Clark
Caroline Barron

At the start of 2017, gender equality remains one of the most pressing issues in the historical profession. This is evident from research published by the Royal Historical Society in 2015, longstanding efforts by the Economic History Society to elevate women in their discipline, and an initiative at the University of Oxford to launch a ‘manifesto’ for Women in the Humanities. In light of King’s College London’s recent Athena SWAN bronze award submission, this event is an attempt to continue and deepen this conversation, thinking especially about how twentieth-century London institutions have both enabled and constrained female achievements in history. This event will also be an opportunity to celebrate the accomplishments of women doing history in the past, inaugurating a pop-up exhibition of twentieth-century London women historians at the IHR. We will ultimately aim to discuss how to ensure issues of gender equality and the contribution of women to the discipline remain at the fore of history in London via the IHR, as Britain’s ‘national’ centre for history.

our first Sunday which I'm Kerry is on historian and other institutions people are three great people introduce them I think that England and with no bottom implemented on the program so start with we have various areas professor English reading history of universal cornea and the student redirect server Victoria comes history and just a moment I thought what is going on the Korean family mystery fountain emergency information afternoon and I'm going to be talking about 115 early days no i won't eventually egypt i spent five years as director for easy entry 2005 10 and in that period I did authoritive business research and one of them was on the women disorients part of these years all of them operating well before the First World War this gate itself was founded in 1899 and between 8 1902 in 1915 approximately a hundred and twenty women worked for the organization it was not at that stage part of the ayah charcoal founded normally part of the University of London but initially was private enterprise sponsored by the publishing company the logical constants so certainly speaking and it can be accurate to say that I'm talking about living who works for PCH than were willing to worked as historians in London rather than as professional historians working within the Lance of collegiate structure but also I think when I started the idea and to pick up something with your centers now which is a quotation here from relaxing bird back in the nineteen nineties in which she refers to the limit who work under B CH and at the end of this quotation see she comments that this was not part of a reading for that paper and I thought they were on saying today I can perhaps change that under these we didn't want to know okay so these are some of the questions are asking not in any particular order and I hope you will find that we get through some of them at least in the next few minutes the VCH was founded you want to surprise here by a male and first editor are the Doubleday shown on the Left slide and no they formed committees always male it is and he contacted subject specialist and local historians who were equally made but the project quite rapidly ran into difficulties because the financial model that had been established by our chiral constable requires the VCS which is pretty modest and didn't wear a gun and I would say that this thing really work and cuz you'll realize because all these male contributors sales is a big time then the plan that was that each county would have four volumes this is just a kind of random shot I just give you an idea obviously this concept of four volumes in the series the first volume was always to include well this helps this slide should help just get a grip of how these things work probably begin where you start with this the county sent one in one of general essays natural history archaeology doomsday or pausing to on another range of general subjects and then to hundreds at least in the early day before everything got out of control to body Apocrypha until see there are three and four and this would be the plan and this is the idea of how it would work on a county-by-county basis the volumes one so you never get context here every county having a volume one two three and four but I'm talking about the ones then the tunes they're the threes that before you don't get it don't worry about it something a bit later but in the county sense the volumes one were full of natural history in fact I can confidently say that the VCS has published more natural history then he probably published any on the subject because they managed to produce volumes one for twenty seven chances before the First World War and only one that the people writing on this was a woman and that wouldn't be the side business Linda's good so we'll intake very little role in this first part the natural history which was arguing by specialists from they desire 0z inspector well then the section that followed that is usually on romano-british materials and heels to work on margin tailor with some of those students and she reserves all this over the period perspective of the 20th century and she wrote the romano rosetta instruction one doctor to one and subsequently she was enumerated in society with motion roman studies and appointed CBE in 1948 the third name I picked out there is Ella Armitage you note on earthwork Yorkshire and was again a universal human scholar of the eighteen seventies subsequently wrote a book called castles so that's the volume one we now come to morning to under the 1903 scheme which was replacement for the 1902 scheme which is the replacement electro one ski last because then we could really agree quite one good hand but they're less uh ninety no previous and hopping come down to and really by accidentally the degree that the volumes one would cover everything after dune study I'm going to would cover everything after and so the ecclesiastical a medievalist there it didn't get very far through the Barrens they soon abandoned they weren't too good our family history of heraldry spelling to to sure our that was those animals in our lives which in science and extremely contentious as soon dropped and that lesson calls 18th and modern sport which you will fully appreciate was not gained by football and rugby and Ted was of course hunting shooting fishing because he must remember the audiences so this was where they got to and this was where the volumes to took them and so bodies – were full of general essays any of you are ever noting the volume to it very well worthwhile is a lot of materialism even if the interpretation by what you'll anticipate today was a lot in and this is where the influence of women became extremely important the first associated with after Doubleday who only as my eye can see employee men on as it could but in nineteen and suit by which side the initiators worry about 40 volumes behind the inertia which is to morning here he was living problem page on and wooden page dr. william places awesome George editor and join me at that time and you cannot relate them to dine in 1934 and Paige was rattled agent he have had a lot of experience of working with public records particularly of the remnants of Chancellor and it was his idea to bring in Ramat walked a whole range of new people who will do different jobs in first month that was Elizabeth watch this is able to find in vz8 records casino with relatives to Elsa every reference said that because she was a member of a religious order once you discover that she did have a name you don't start with these two she was a Somerville Scott and she went on to write also single this and she also introduced the CH a woman called now I put a doubt here as a me Audrey block but I did see is something I was reading that she was nervous Amy in London and orderly home in which not a conscious and can't guarantee that action case one that I prefer is aiming to become the comeback against but she did all sorts of things see here she had been Somerville she recommended mines and clawed and she made to do work it is very clear to me that page had built up a repertoire of people that he knew particularly in some of the Oxbridge colleges so but so this is aiming aiming off with little book of sure to the left hand side the slightest title is actually a biography of ami written 30 years ago by Bellini subsequently say ultimately is now these leads the great within who were kids of Oxford colleges Oxford particularly these were some of William Klages advisers they would tell him who they thought they had worked for him and you go salt isn't worth with that principle of lady market fall and the snake Wilkins was some of them right and they were doubtedly please advisers but he didn't only take the experience some of the early life while this obscene borrowed you existed principal axis builders had to give up a BCH work where she took over the principal from her mother never very sensitive but you also recruited not just students he also recruited people who will staff members it is these kind of launch very date so many of you Socrates presentation very well then scholar and all seven examples who also work toward instigated some time all of these women went on to write history of their own Hannity I wasn't tried to do many of the museum's really were felt scholars who after their time at this stage worked those areas and publishing opportunities some specialized the topic this is the temple Hewitt grunting page say she liked work this d8 she didn't know any laughing as he thought that libel rat which surprisingly it doesn't appear to Gunther and it said cm2 i lots of things on industry and history and it was a qualification that was but there we go and when she ungodly loyal promptly went upon their work in VCH she pain romantic historical biography under which you could find her listed in Brazil catalog she was quite a livewire and with five conditioners idea of the numbers of operating who were involved in this work by many of the working on the associated companies these chapters are quite new very little definitely propositions and then some of them became suspicious working on these areas if you can get an idea number of the number of columns and there are people just how many of them were involved in social ecology stream on PCH however page an idea behind recruiting women to write these essays in the audience to was to speed up the production of volumes to so that he got more money from the door that katana sure didn't fully love and that making time to think about what should be in audience three for the top of graphical volumes because here the problem was very straightforward simple no one had actually brought what we had put in the topographical body but as opposed to what might be done and what sources up it was a big big bullet Elizabeth was where page introduced a whole new way of doing things my way and what he did was having had all of these women awards write the essay one two he then introduces a new way of doing things for one it's very poor because I discovered is that if every is story started out the public record numbers and work their way through the work their way mr. Dimmick on the time they bring their one parish study even 25 years old and you still only have for one so it devises things a lot of women to go to and work daily in the ER are just going through the list and then just finding out family there should be Layton the facelift dc8 widened things up you take the water to a new office of orange three women involved and enjoy initially or simply to work through the list and make slip also they are settling people in PR you can see from the squint and this because of so many of them and this system keeper wants control so then that what happened of course was the page realized that he could do a lot more people intelligent women they're just listing and taking numbers and so what happens next is that he starts to work on assistive whereby they begin to draw we talk about the hotels and the topographical accounts are are they under scene or in street someone who within the what we're doing and they produce an enormous amount of work budgeted sadly was never actually published so the overall way which this operated was quite simple it was thirty had a whole number of students this is Catholic Jameson in 1904 just describing what it was like probably in the object all of these people running around they had to leave the pro4 thirty or forty on the dock and Wharf from PR our chance event in 2008 down Orange Street where they would practice what we see is called saltation were not used by anybody else sortation in which were all set to put into counties and parishes so that when somebody came along quite happily once again it was done daily you weren't allowed to go home until your kids and so this is what we get we also get topographical supervisors being appointed this is lillian redstone who one of them about who Germans first book some years ago and there were five or six of these right now and just really to push on to a lot more details or another well it just too much going on in our driver is your lease living work and where they came from 16 off of 16 and 150 certainly class 2 at the optional school of poverty Street a me lot were referred to earlier came from which is to some of them and they longer 16th from that route some of these are quotes of God well known women George it was David's who studied what be state London mini rain and I basically help but there were really pointing a number of them many of them did not come lots of Cambridge some came through are the university's serum lq ish how degree from liverpool quite symbols and degrees from suzanne trees yet others didn't have history backgrounds some had classic some publicity and yet others had no qualification at all examples can Campbell the country's Scotland as well as what I can see simply went through the old since service exams photography services sent to the public record office finish washing down there ended up in these th and work for them for wine activists work there did you see what errand and art mostly they were trained on the job paid rent it's of three months on the bunion and quite a few people pass through these classes one party befall at the LSE and plenty of them in addition to his some work someone's contractually don't paint on the job others are actually employed in the office for one mostly they were paid the same as men which I won't go into more now but that does appear to be that's probably and not all of them all willing ah I must tell you about very brief about ADA Hindi who was offered work on Hampshire and went to page sell of his petition this little more tell me you're prepared to only work on Hampshire are we waiting to catch it on the understanding that I cannot once get up if I hear a rat he'll find us he wrote forward several warnings perhaps period last assumably proving she's entirely to be better okay so that's a very brief run through all through they were many of them went on to other words for lots of the internal those he wants to know about any in particular but it wasn't an interesting project to go through and now let's say I don't you could give the impression but this is the holy female world it once thought William pager employed women because he sorted good workers work to delete deadlines he said but they will never learn there were many men working these days particularly in the world of architecture so that probably is a modular cetera State before handing out yet another business for supper thank you please in the dark enter into Parliament why has that posted on 50 battery and computers and the title of my paper is to ensure the contribution of women's leadership one after my doing very much I should say that I thanked my whole life like my meniscus problem what about next and concise talk and I'm going to talk about the contribution of women and the SG Parliament was French Arabic terrible to buy wedges and I work made by back pension it's merged from UT specified in his forehead and Federation institution upon this year marks the centenary and the compilation by larger schools and enthusiastic amateur historian of cool substantial volumes that biographical is that the entries established under 13 the 19th century and was served and the basic models for a national history in 1928 repetitions in the prime minister from over 500 signatures urge the appointment of the select missiles to prepare and complete records the personal and politics of the Parliament and targets before directed to the connecting and its various incarnations 19:30 may plan to place each of the different historical period both in the hands of the most competent historian for half period on the understanding of a team compared to completed form women in five words describe engage with the funny era where ambition idea to unlike the other committee members Wedgwood generally and garden after benefi story whatever legend and open repairing the spire to make you like to layer colors needles mania and then science has betrayed human and Pacific we pouring out with all of the records the history project is completed an individual who unit took up and then discarded grinning for among with a beautiful the blind Canadian Kathleen would mean freshmen completing her PhD at Cambridge was led to believe that she would be given responsibility to affectionate Republic country and rightly permanent employment she eventually discovered by child burglar affection had been handed over to other entities and wedgeworth failed to pay traffic direction already done wedgewood himself took on the task of producing volumes covering Parliament that important personalities be enough to achieve encrypted the health and has devoted an unpaid Richmond and Holt was a big mystery interpreter in 1935 however and hold tended for education because attention people to honor an unwritten agreement that the volume fair graft on will appear on Detroit's authorship in damaging my Marilyn she questioned who this to have entrusted Wedgwood Oh brought additional kinetic affection the management that such a great enterprise she wrote into tension one forget for the first of the volume contrived conveyor pile professional inspection with published by a method with wedge woman's name of sole author quote in collaboration with angles citations of the work very much but in any case she held with what results of promoting that highly critical response to all the review written by negative back in english historical review focused on words with india and project introduction repeat with unverifiable hypothesis and appreciative assumptions are two golden document about beauty and the way the functional it might be pointed out a main to give that was surely as intended to italy molecular section increases but if I went home she look Nebraska beautiful wedge was it has a scientist means Veronica literal but to be virtuous to work on these award here but she might be decided to protect her own reputation during the war is my faculty a bunch of trustees for both health department would apply to other peoples more give our environment gesture affiliate elimination survival and victory and people of anywhere on the project that hopefully it would not come 1951 after edges step where the justice takes or without financials and the projects will be launched by demonstrating in two volumes orientation to parameter wedge work and sure all that when the project was revived it would be corrective researched and written by the professionals and the trustees and justice planning have preparation stallions to an editorial board at Astoria since 94 under their guidance 41 volumes with illustrator has a common that we publish covering 10 with horrible period at the settler from 25 apartment and where 20,000 pages 21,000 biographies and too hard lately stitches to this summer added to last year five volumes to waste applause over time the participation of women in this major projects might have been expected to have increased honest every upward trajectory as more moving main university degrees and tiny informative historical research right there mayor consensus but abroad showing the proportion of women to men engaged in the West's Istria Parliament would reveal a much less straightforward for more the roller coaster director sensible men and women have always been heavily outnumbered by men throughout your migration in the 66 years nice run only four of the many jerseys happy women unexpectedly truthful and Baroness Patricia Hollis and historian 11 in the 19th century and their own life and Jackie sharp and Philippa to that ex-officio guitar and for the editorial forward a distinguished historian until 2015 only four of its members had been women first and foremost daily of the supplement the 13 of automatically returned followed by Maya protect camera arrows for nearly 20 years to 1998 the best of all even class to maintain a computer to prepare and Professor X delayed each other from 2 to 10 then since its inception in 1951 because you have Porter axis originating type of Repertory Theater all these role is really matter too perfect of those four and run in the woman and spy cameras – how prison sentence has successfully negotiated with the Treasury the men's of welcome in history to nuclear proliferation on the same pay scales as lecturer in the university running and be permitted to join ian restil consciously the only difference with academic class elsewhere is that our pay scale stopped short of the proper court level the history styles that have total drop remember – and lazy an affiliation with college level all this and as men put as noticed relation on the basis of gender equal treatment the man of my word was guaranteed a modernize our our very compiled focused on improving the working condition to the star and promoting work leadership weapon until our arrival the staff in-house interlocked positivist Commission's at we're sharing the building with other organizations and trying to – infantile vital FF when most of the polygraph will not in the british library or archive throughout the country research staff but maybe here in the library at the institute for the most part they reach there by all the different constituencies surveys that have not had and after the editorial princess things to be handed to his diligence female secretary to be tired of kyun pockets retiring as director gallery negotiate leadership with the universe's various treaties in supremacist and waited for engineering computers role and radically changed our life and letters in numerical terms has contributed to the rest of the history women have always be in a heavenly yard month of my men now that hopefully more than the workforce and from publications to very positive to give you extreme example only one of the 15 contributed to Roman Forum while in fact 17 articulated chances for the workers and only one in 12 and their official forum breaking is rated to broadly under that the volumes only Restorick the period within make a cup holder all of those for the total value as contributors yet that said it's clear that sometimes will miss punch above their way by researching the writing a disproportionate number of obstacles or by alfred expertise in a particular area which would otherwise rach mulli graduate on publishing in poland the 17th Pistons of this Hall has knowledge the major contribution of ear encryption and have another thank you engagement in the virtual 15 countries proved invaluable most woman to be appointed editor of affection is extremely different creatures who attended to work etc and Hema Malini while as350 19 2015 sections way back from 1951 to her exam she impressible or texted to an important innovation of body ecology decisions as a co-founder and first editor at the German parliamentary group which since his first issue in 1982 and funding strength to strength all the personal note I should say that my own spiracles of the employment in history have been a typical I don't have to put that years ago in 1959 so when I did though I've used something and I like to do visual for moving on through I've been doing search pretty fill it with adult remember with sensational Joe Harris and the Angeles in Gerald suggested during the late 14th 2015 country section of the history under the editorship thought professor John multiple the section the visibility is this planted in right and 16 but the poor excellent male research assistants to almost articles we learn to appreciate and most of the history has been cited of protection being related of source material rod for himself to a chair and they just met Manchester University and didn't have the time work and I also people not as well take the class the price of knowledge here in the editorial board in certain industries and at some time I was completely on my own researching right comparison which package that ontology that child tightly and Margaret Manitoulin defection revivalism on and then by great good fortune in 1955 we were able to improve our water in staying in the adventure until the publication in 1902 about all of that the usual James Island community results between them Carolyn when I wrote over 2600 asset allocation surveys amounting to identify prospective employers how compared of the instructors pervasive application I'd Lydia can be the German code with Florence page group of the web to occur as post them our names with written three appointees fatality house contributions and affections of men I'm enormously grateful for an energizing blenders collaboration their tireless exploration includes material and how it feels lost continent sorta like it was hand of the turbot which we created the net fraction ability but by then she was ready to take up new challenges in fish development and we've come to really aim the chair numerous publications and the men vehicle recitation of lecture and teacher it made relevant to today's special discussion to note that I am a typical in being the first of only two members that visited earth and escaped eternity which I did try from Europe I'm a tree in the twenty third country in history of new bonds that were effective with the heavy stream and as I mentioned the photo component focusing on sources published last year under the editorship relative paving the publish volume and has called clubs comments will be made online by Lewis trees website and the organization of benefited from a variety of right lung rebelled historians or the doctor officials and the petrol our communications of the Fed has encouraged us to blog and tweet and fresh emphasis has been placed on encouraging totally taking interesting problems and rigidity and look at Leyland is the road provider working in appreciation the British Library a piloted the creation of the town Dartmouth a British politics might include five find viewing Palmer energies about a experiences over fist of suction please – people call nonetheless and strangely there remains an extreme gender with other American tourism portability of the 21 we were engaged in five sections currently process as many as 80 are the three women only one for the alarm aney working in the war period and casually as assistant editor of the 1842 catherine has recently published an important monograph on particular culture eight-nation and repair and she can extra role model for the future hearing we cannot long ways in which with time and attitudes to change change but this imbalance remains and are not sure what this should be reported hearing will be our final paper in panel is Alan Alan to prepare America at work making less is under employed I do it that can turn up black people and computers – everyone's head and well tension roller my community discussion it happens because community immediately common look she was at one table and I was rather we returned separately starting with Laura German and you ever have to leave yes and our separate their gesture importantly Institute common area what I think you are athletes do was to talk about winning historians at London University and then you can understand personal reminiscences exactly going together now it hasn't got the handout because a white comes back again I trying to persuade essentially difficult to do you know as I believe live I'm not excited about how we didn't is it writes about women historians of the ecology I'd love the University and I think what more authors do was particularly to look at the world of the women's colleges the three winners colleges which were wrong words Bedford and Westfield and I thought one way I could do this wouldn't even relatively to look at the number of really historians in the history department and all the colleges include whether the women's colleges implanted a significant role well I brought it really easy because there is a publication that some of you were old enough to remember call the white continent you know did you will remember well white icicle students on board study the music every year and it tells you the riskiness communicate with colleges what the course it was and it was included all the lectures and sort of a game on in tentacles and of a substance in optical there was a great publication well I read the archives of University London our concerns and how to read that I won't speak the Ramsey white past which they then produce but they don't have any copies after 1960 reserve guru and history department which might have lerton indexes or fizzle something upset after 1960 of the only ones they have gotten an exhibitor so the first poem yeah our based on what pamphlet in order because the one you might cancel after night release including the husband I live the teachers of history do it and we fear use do and I've combined these two to get a long run from 1923 to 2015 19 20 to 30 and I very similar with us in the middle we as alive and our fans of the information I got from the teaching these doers and same as you are what campus does the fact that it's better in two different sources data me if it's now if you look at that I mean I'm very interested know what you all think about this table how the one agencies I would point out frantically as you obviously know in writing fifties and through ecology so here's meant the rather factor in it so although they talk only winning up to them they have many important philosophical experience and also from 1985 who are more than medical college combined but after that rest field and be very polished in line which is why they are sitting in the table and although University College London and coolest one initiative is Michael reason now what I started and you can see it's try to look at how many men and how many women were teaching industry in these yes I did I had to use not all them here is a complete so I picked here roughly ten exactly the thought but I then as you're see men and women and their share the percentage of women overall which is the bottom line and in the women's colleges in the world conflict on the court and you will see that there's a very low percentage of women in the history school one University ranging release is empty event in the 1970s I'm gradually writing but now they're an exhaustive set of pieces of the university are women in their lives in a large increase in the number teachers a rule the reporters be looking at those videos devoted to this that the women's colleges better go Horan Reggio has significantly higher percentages of women historians teaching than the old world advantage so the first year 30 percent of Bedford a presenter for only a hundred percent of brevity of the way whereas overall in 18 percent and certainly I should be very interested to know what and when you think like if it isn't insulting or anything reason what is quite striking I think it's roughly the in the nineteen thirties there was a 30% quite a high percentage of women another interesting statistic I think is how low the incentives dropped in the nineteen period for the nineteen fifties through to nineteen eighty five ninety look at those related death sentence and sensitive and then glad to be cranking objects and represent value 30 and this to you I think it's quite interesting I think also you can see that women ecology please provide a forum later which will increase during fatigue I had to consider but once they fifty men and then verse and do not have they have a sense that we are recording another couple of things this is a king's college and nobility between 1938 and Washington Kindle is what causes the change vision products they're the atomically comet apart in significantly higher potential Julian and whether the people are empowered that whether credible is now only two colleges can't be other equal numbers of denigrating Sokoto which mainly about priming where more are more within an entity and goudsmit conical number of men willing so I've used to know what you look maybe better than what we inclusive my talk and the kind of discussed we must have apartment Kate and I are going to want impersonal reflection what right our number of great women destroyed and the magical is already I'm killed at all students are within mr. north of here top protocol way and involve the developing in repentance last woman by Scott Ferguson rugby rain University of Victoria Andrews who the lady on the left in that as well John harti.luiz enemies to Department ago or when I meant a little food because food we headed in this department among another perhaps our Western and he actually would total reflection I come to think that I have really thought about it was not nor are what I don't think I have to say that we were woman has been a disadvantage what I think has made the man another researcher explain a little bit about that but I have and repeat advances one of my to work with my mother who is American for the top and curtain closes excuse the hiring on the job there wasn't any but I didn't have to argue that painful often difficult by modeling photoshop my father multiple and how they actually published to work come to us and working on Street and I was together so she published we've got those who comes to Louisville she was a graduate of Lasell College in America and she always had a job in marketing I might bother with me like a magical place so I never grew up with any pencil there would be any commentary in trying to have enormous of work my husband accepted that night my father was worried because he thought my husband would be in pity understand I just imagined the same like I said no she wasn't sort of like I wasn't a army by man if you think I'm going to say about in very nothing to do with inverting you my husband John whenever he's in metal encouraging I never had any problem prior work on science building we always wanted you read multiple irrevocably than I wanted for myself this can you example when I yes hopefully through up to my friends are having children and I'll make up because you're not giving it up I'm not having a mother wanted normally wanted anyway so this is not about John this is about certain situations which I think we made autumn protective that not only for fibers like it being Americans for Americans firstly and when you have to work tonight graduated in to get into graduate speed resulting ion this was gained my wishes happy America anyway I got one of those and I thought what maintenance because I was married I was painting supposed to be 400-pound that I had become forgotten man and I'm not quite sure whether to end in man and marry my problem anyway I got that right one club in Madison now connecting 1/2 or 1/3 gratitude should buy drugs to use with Burton Ingram for this particular tutorial discipline I was interviews uneducated and young bragging rights to my control power 3 n ND by a rabbit Adam I want you to get it right that was there last week he was looking at me a little relatives to document how it happens the lecture actually I don't make ignore effective college and we Valentin before how you voted everybody can't pledge effective the door she's gone semi-automatic era as HD estrogen production team was there and he saw me and nobody thought you needed to say about one mistake 34:18 we didn't give me the job and I can forget how to implicate but with autumn Andy and that is quite I don't like ending well preventive jokingly sustaining the hood anyway so I didn't get by this he never uttered a kind way and then when I told and we can get returned easily you just add a little to the metal group however now they took what 1980 my husband's on visiting professorship in America practically and I wanted to go with integrity women and I asked my father why to go and pay somebody to do my toes and he wasn't happy about that and he says important human condition but I could guarantee principle not like a good unprincipled amantha's in black and I would see him application why I needed to go human life and he said to me that he would give me permission to go because he thought but that's what college has been argued to have the will to be education what a placement policy planning the way make it or provide women together moment I thought so I hoped expected it to be supported to what the my grant card company demarkation but that was having two colored paper tape in that way with quite well carbonated water and finally I would say that again and on college that mental feeling to Oxford as well my next time Network inversion awful way to keep rolling it other soul is meant to be seen from Oxford to beautiful on the other hand I hope and thank you people need like episome I have not been content so commuted but one thing that meant was because I did quite where most encouragement music I couldn't do it ahead of the problem now competitive they're rotten as being a head of department in the Nexus excellent in management in order to you want a job cause I know they are not claimed by this without playing glasses that you can't have experience we have a problem you're not likely p.m. to the appointees to other jobs that might be instant do the president has conditions experience and then give you some part of the house one right is shaped by the flagging system to find records that they will forward was not the keeping it was trying to colonize work in marriage and so this is not in any way a complaint or occurred and he thought I feel I've been immensely important in my I had an incredible education and girls school and what's comin around is very very well thought and it's very good in fighting in London America I feel are the electric forces enables being able to do on to study and particularly I think in romantic universities advantageous days to believe recorded lots of colleges were a lot of different place different institutions in from the American Indian and the drama of university college and came to interpret very private central vein of opportunities to work with each other but in a great institution is wondering mostly and very grateful to the AIA chart we opportunity me and I'm very grateful for that Connie men and women whom I've worked in restoring and I think so actually talk about living in courage I would say that being a woman not in person without really terribly working out how inspiring things have been challenging spot

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