Hey guys, welcome to this London vlog special! We finally visited London’s SECRET underground kpop store. We’ll show you how to find it in case your coming to any London k-pop concerts in 2019 and want to grab some kpop merch. Have you been here already?

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Hello, welcome to TTK – Twins Talk K! We’re Niki and Sammy, identical British twins living in London. This channel is a place for us to chat about all things ‘K’ – Kpop, Korean Fashion, Lifestyle and Culture, and even our journey to learn Korean. You can expect a lot of UK VS South Korea too!

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– [Niki] These are all bookmarks. (gasping) – [Sammy] I'm reading a new
book, maybe I should get one? – [Niki] You can put BTS
in your Lord of the Rings. That sounded like a euphemism. that was not what I meant. (beep) (hip hop music) Today we are going to Seoul Bakery. It has taken us a while but we finally booked in some time in the Kpop shop. – [Niki] So that's where
we're going right now. – They've given us half an hour to fill our hearts with
as much Kpop as we want. – And our boots. – We're not filling them, that's weird. (chilled jazz music) – Just got to Tottenham Court
Road and it is very bright. We've been here several times before but haven't actually
gone into Seoul Bakery. – [Niki] Finally. – Just come up some
steps, I'm out of breath. Here's the Dominion Theatre on our right, – And you have Primark on your left. Fun fact, it's the Primark
with the Harry Potter merch. – Where is it? – Right there.
– Oh yeah. (fun upbeat music) – Some information for you,
you do need to book online on Facebook if you wanna turn up, because you can't just go downstairs. And I've done that for 11
o'clock, which is in five minutes. Six minutes, I'm early for once. This is a new sensation, so
yeah getting some money out and then we'll go back over there. – I don't know what the prices are like, but we're gonna find out in a second. – We'll find out, I think
I've taken out 30 pound. Let's hope that covers
it, I don't know what I, I'm not here to buy anything really. – Maybe we'll put a hold on
that and see what there is. (chilled jazz music) – [Sammy] Downstairs. Oh wow! JNG Kook! – There's so much. – [Sammy] I'm just filming everything. (funky music) – Okay, so you come downstairs, which is there, and then you
have this little room here. – [Sammy] Jimin. – Even the ceiling has writing on it, which, kpop stans are short, so I dunno how they'd reach. Oh they have chairs to go on. Anyway, through this room, here we have just a lot
more writing on the walls. But there's merch over here, kind of. But this isn't the main room, even though it's the biggest room. But the actual merch shop is over here. Oh and behind you, what's this? – [Sammy] You're encouraged
to write on the walls I think. – Shall I write on the wall? – [Sammy] I don't know. – I'm scared to. Anyway I'll show you the
main merch over here. – Feel like we should write
on the wall, we are here. I don't know what to write though. – [Niki] I can write on the ceiling 'cause no one can reach it. – What about BTS sold
out Wembley on two days? – I don't know where to
pick and also what to write, there's so many choices. – [Sammy] Is this Jimins jams? – I can't reach. – [Sammy] No, write somewhere better. – I'm writing here. – I, was, 'ere. I feel like I'm gonna get
caught writing on the walls and get told off but I know
this is part of the experience. – [Sammy] I'm gonna write something. – [Niki] Oh it's kind of disappearing, I think it's not stuck, okay. – BTS are gay icons, love
from a big old lesbian. – [Niki] Oh. – Here. (pencil taps on wood) Stan… (pencil tapping) Looks like a child's written it. – [Niki] That's the worst
handwriting I've ever seen. Do you know what mine is here, but I think it's disappearing, so good luck. And then Sammy's is here, There's an S with a C? – [Sammy] It's a face. – [Niki] Anyway. So first of all, welcome. And then I think the bit that people will be most interested in is this cabinet of albums. We got some rarities in here. Vixx, Shinee, Lucifer, I only brought 30 pound
with me, that's 32. Have you got two pound for that Lucifer? Shinee the second album, Lucifer. Exo (inaudible). That's cute. Loads behind the door. Well. – So we just take things off the wall? – [Niki] And then tell them what we want. I don't know what I want. – [Sammy] Look at this old picture. Five pound 20 vintage. BLACKPINK. – [Niki] Girl Crush. – [Sammy] They're in my area. All this wall, I think you
just take them off the wall, I don't know. – [Niki] I'm scared to. – [Sammy] Look at this, so expensive. – [Niki] And in here we have… I don't know what these
are, are these pins? This is a chocolate bar. I think it's a chocolate
bar called Ghana, so. I'm assuming the chocolate's from Ghana. – [Sammy] Extra cacao. – [Niki] It feels like a snickers bar. – [Sammy] Get it. There's two! We've got BTS, EXO, JYJ. – [Niki] Wait isn't that
the one that we read? – [Sammy] CNBLUE. The one thing I've noticed in this room, there seems to be a big focus
BTS, BlackPink obviously, they've got Seven, and
they've all got Seven. They've still got a Seven area here. – [Niki] I think it's because
we wish got Seven got, the hits and the praise they deserve. What's in here? Posters. Okay, I have no idea what this one is. No I think that's just frozen food, that's actually a freezer with food in it. (beep) 50p for a card, now that's something I
can get on board with. – Shall we get some and do
a giveaway on Instagram? – [Niki] Are these a bookmark? These are all bookmarks. – [Sammy] Well I'm reading a new book so maybe I should get one. – [Niki] You can put BTS
in your Lord of the Rings. That was not what I meant. – So one thing about
the Kpop merch in here is that this isn't the stuff
you see elsewhere in London, the prices are quite high but that's because I feel
like this is all different to what you can get
elsewhere quite readily. And normally in London you can go and find posters at BTS. – [Niki] And even then
there's no choice really. – There's no choice, and they've got even the Nature Republic and Exo collaboration, on the wall. – [Niki] Which I saw that in L.A. Realistically you can't get
any of this stuff in London. (chilled jazz music) – [Sammy] Nazifa doesn't give a shit, I just wanted to eat. Let me mention this in a HMV video. – It's 29 pounds. – [Sammy] I know we mentioned
this in our HMV video, but we're actually in this magazine. – [Niki] Maybe it's not. – [Sammy] It is this one. – [Niki] Are you sure cos
it said YouTube superstars on the back. (chill jazz music) (Kpop music) – You get it? You look very impressed. – Me? – You could be a bit
more excited about it. – Yeah! Alright so the situation
was that it's really busy. – Yeah. – And we can't get a seat there, but there is, I mean, plot twist, there is a Korean restaurant
just around the corner. So, we could go and eat there and pretend that we're in Seoul Bakery? – No, no. (chill jazz music) – Short story, is that
it's really busy in there all the time, so. – It's always rammed. – And we thought more the
point of the gist in the video is showing what you can
actually see in the Kpop shop, – This is the (crosstalk) Kpop shop. – Yeah. And now we are going to a
restaurant just around the corner, to have something to eat,
it's Korean, if that counts. But it's actually a really good chain, I think there's about two of
them in London at the moment. – What restaurant are you talking about? – It's called Kimchee I
think, insert name here. I can't remember so, I'll
show you in a second. I'll show you in a second. But yeah, it was too busy in there to eat, but I'm just grateful that
we managed to get in there and show you the Kpop
shops, so that was that. – I feel a lot better
'cause a lot of you guys have said you know, when you've been there you haven't been able to get a table but you'd be able to go to the Kpop shop. So I feel so much better about that. – If you turn right out
of Tottenham Court Road. – And it's towards the Giles area, which is a big orange building that looks like Google building. – Oh wait they rebranded didn't they? It's the wasabi now. So now it's a wasabi, I think. – Which everyone knows is
as Japanese as Yo Sushi. Which is like a British brand, so. – (chill jazz music) – So we panic bought some
stuff at Seoul Bakery because I felt guilty for
not actually having… Okay this is really bright. You picked up that and I was
like oh well let's get that because the staff were looking and I was like we need to buy something. – Korean rice pasta. – It actually sounds quite nice. – Attractive tastes like magic. – I mean, attractive tastes like magic is what I call myself. (packaging rustling) – [Niki] It looks like… – This is so big. Spicy witch. – [Niki] Oh yeah, thank you. – [Server] We have the (inaudible) – [Niki] Oh that's me. I think they're both me actually. – [Sammy] Yeah, you bought those. – [Server] And the (inaudible) – [Niki] Thank you very much. – [Sammy] Cheers. – [Niki] Don't touch! Come on, hey! We're at Piccadilly circus, and I had to see if it was still running and the Hyundai BTS
advert is still running. Everything about this advert makes me wanna spend a
lot of money on a car! (sound of traffic) – [Sammy] Get the consent. – [Niki] Well that was
our trip to Seoul Bakery. – Let us know if you've been there before, if you're gonna visit it, I will say some of the prices are high. – I mean, it's very high. – But, you can't find
that Kpop stuff elsewhere, for in London. So, maybe it's worth it to you. – Give this video a
like if you enjoyed it, let us know where you'd
like us to visit next because we're always open to suggestions, I need some recommendations. – Also, make sure you press subscribe, and also press the bell
notification button so you get updates when we post, videos and on the community tab. – Yeah, okay, right, bye! – I'm gonna go and drink my coffee now. – See you soon, goodbye.

50 thoughts on “London's Secret Underground Kpop Store vlog

  1. Do they sell stuff jyp entertainment because most of the groups i listen to are in jyp

    Edit just re read it and it doesn’t make sense: i meant does Seoul bakery sell stuff from jyp entertainment artists. Theres a kpop/anime shop where i live but most of the things are bts or blackpink.

  2. Seoul Bakery is like a temple..nice to see you there guys..😍
    went there in 2014…no need for booking back then…but why didn't you eat there? Their food was good and cheap…🙆

  3. woahhh I went there back in 2014 and it's changed a lot! You never had to book online and there were a lot more albums available and there DEFINITELY wasn't that much writing on the walls. It's crazy to see how much Kpop has exploded in just five years.

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