In this video tour, New York Habitat ( explores London’s developing East End!

On the tour, David Hill will stop by some of the most popular and iconic neighborhoods and streets in London’s East End, including Shoreditch, Hoxton, Spitalfields, and the Spitalfields market. All of these neighborhoods comprise the greater East End, and overlap with equally popular Hackney. Find out more about Hackney in our blog ( Home to artists, rebels, and young professionals, there truly is a place for everyone in this diverse, eclectic neighborhood. Once a shipping and industrial center, recent decades of prosperity have transformed London’s East End into one of the best-kept secrets in town!

Find this dynamic neighborhood between Bishopsgate in the west and the River Lea in the east, as well as the River Thames to the south and Regent’s Canal to the north. You can find our other London apartments here (


Once a working class neighborhood, this section of town has blossomed in recent decades into a hip and trendy spot for young professionals. Yet architectural elements still linger from Shoreditch’s days as a dockyard, silk center, and furniture hub. You can see some examples of this in our long-term rentals in London ( In fact, Shoreditch has been a home to artists for centuries, and was the location of the first playhouse built in England. The popup shops of Boxpark Shoreditch are especially famous, so be sure to check them out.


Synonymous with theaters and music halls, the neighborhood of Hoxton is known by locals as a great alternative to the theater districts in the West End. Its roots in the area are ancient, as even the Romans once traversed Ermine Street. Today it’s known for its loft conversions and fabulous entertainment hotspots. It’s a great place to look into if you’re thinking of renting an apartment in London. (

Brick Lane

Stretching from Swanfield Street to Whitechapel High Street, Brick Lane is famous for its Bangladeshi cuisine and avant-garde art. Local curry houses are famous for their spicy and delicious fare, while the streets serve as a showcase for professional and student art.


Made famous as Jack the Ripper’s hunting ground, Spitalfields has evolved from a hotbed of crime to a thriving and diverse community of locals. Spitalfields market is a great place to pick up inexpensive vintage goods while St. Catharine’s docks have been recently transformed into a modern marina and crisp housing development. It’s a great place to find a short-term vacation rental apartment. ( You certainly can’t beat the view, since the Tower Bridge and the Tower of London are but steps away.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this tour of London’s East End neighborhood! Don’t forget to check out our blog for more information about the area:

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hi I'm David Hill with New York habitat welcome to another New York habitat london video tour today we'll be discovering London's trendy and vibrant East End the East End of London was once a series of villages outside the city of London high demand for workers servicing Trade and Industry around London's docks saw rapid growth during the 19th century and brought along with it considerable development the East End of London refers to the area east of the city of London the old city walls along Bishopsgate are the western edge the River Thames is the southern border and the River Lea the eastern boundary the northern edge of the East End remains unclear but we will consider the region's canal as the northern boundary this is Shoreditch once a predominantly working-class area it is now popular and thriving with records dating back several hundred years Shakespearean plays were performed in this neighborhood before moving to the globe in Suffolk this is the area known as Hoxton along with shortage it was to become an alternative to the West End in the 18th and 19th centuries with numerous theatres and music halls today Hoxton is synonymous with loft conversions and is popular for its art fashion and entertainment why not take a look at some of New York habitats East and apartment rentals from loft style apartments to modern developments visit NY habitat calm to discover your next London apartment rental the area known as Spitalfields was once a byword for urban deprivation with direct association with Jack the Ripper Spitalfields in the 19th century was not the place to be but all that has changed today the old Spitalfields market dates back to 1638 the original market moved in 1991 but in its place is a top London market offering fashion and vintage clothing as well as food and arts and crafts the East End has seen immigrants from across the globe and Brick Lane is the heart of Bengali Anglo Indian cuisine so if you like curry then you've come to the right place fashion is synonymous with the East End from street art and graffiti around Brick Lane to the modern galleries in Hoxton there is plenty to see a far cry from the working-class docks of the 1800s st. Katharine's dock once managed by the Port of London Authority is now a modern marina surrounded by offices residential housing and restaurants the dock is now a haven of tranquillity located next to Tower Bridge and the Tower of London the East End continues to develop the East End of the 21st century is a far cry from its 18th and 19th century past from an area synonymous with overcrowding and criminality it has now become a respectable and desired location for both residential and commercial housing while we reached the end of our video tour of London's East End this is a fantastically diverse area with many hotspots we weren't able to get in if you know of any fun places make sure you leave a comment in the comment section below and if you're coming to London be sure to visit our website at NY habitat comm and book a vacation rental or furnished apartment with New York habitat you'll find furnished apartments all over London I'm David Hill with New York habitat thank you for watching our video tour and we hope to see you soon in London

27 thoughts on “London Video Tour: The East End

  1. Jeez if thats the best of the east end, I'd hate to see the shlt parts. I wonder were those 'hotspots' you weren't able to get in because you were were white non muslim lol? hotspots = 'no go areas'

  2. When i think of the 'East End, i not only think it as an area, i think of it as a 'people' aswell, if youknow what i mean. This part of London may be East London, but i no longer look at it as the East End. The people have changed,hipsters have moved in from all over the UK and further, and they genuinely look upon themselves as 'Eastenders'. So much of London now seems very fake to me.

  3. How enjoyable and informative. We make hires gopro walk through's of contemporary London on youtube and it's great for us to see other peoples. London is pretty spectacular. Thank you for adding it, we've subscribed.

  4. This guy obviously doesn't know a lot about London other than its tourism attractions. He mentioned hackney in this video HACKNEY But anyway since he sounds new to the UK judging by his accent,I might give him some knowledge about London, hackney is not a tourist attraction unless you wanna see some flats, it is full of crime and gangs Jamaican immigrants who are in gangs and knife crime🔪💀and a bit of gun crime🔫 . Seriously who would wanna go to the west end

  5. The REAL "East End" of London actually extends a lot further east than is suggested in the video … and covers the London Boroughs of Tower Hamlets, Hackney, Newham, Waltham Forest, Redbridge, Barking & Dagenham and Havering – although whether the last three boroughs can really classed as part of East London or as part of Essex has always been a bit unclear, as they don't have London "E" postal codes!

  6. I believe this place is experiencing white flight. People are saying that cockney culture is dead there, many thanks to outrageous immigration policies. They say that the famous soap opera 'Eastenders' is a period drama now because there are too many white actors in it compared to what the real East End looks like today. I wouldn't want to go there and have some black or Asian kids saying to me, drop your phone whiteboy.

  7. One can smell the odor of urine, see the gobs of spit (some fresh) splattered on pavement and the presence of litter fluttering over debris ( not excluding feces). Both the standard of education and living is low for those who actually reside on Brick Lane between Whitechapel High Street and Bethnal Green Road. It is a derelict location which has been romanticized by a wanker who knows how to paint lipstick on a pig. Take a look for yourself…………ITYS.

  8. Shoreditch and Hoxton are not in East London Hoxton is in North London and Shoreditch is EC1 City Brick Lane and St Katherine's Dock are East London I should know because I was born in East London

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