London city raised from the ashes of fire turned into world’s most important global city. Catch a glimpse of the famous London City. #London

A trip to #London might be a trip through history. London city is full of modern construction mixed with ancient buildings. London and Isle of wight Travel vlog Trailer shows the quick glimpse of all the places which we visited.

Your London #vacation must include below places

In addition to London, Isle of Wight Island is a beautiful and charming Island in United Kingdom. #ventor is a beautiful place to stay in #Isleofwight island. Stay tuned for more LONDON TRAVEL VLOG SERIES. Subscribe and Click on the bell icon to get notifications if new video is posted.

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Foreman is not seeing new landscapes but to have new eyes to admire the nature and to feel the heartbeat of the city come along with me to explore the trails of London city and Isle of Wight eylem London City raised from the ashes of fire turned into world's most important global city in London everyone is different and that means anyone can fit in and the city kisses you with its beautiful weather open I through the waves cut through me hypnotized by the sounds of breathing and hold tight hold tight chemicals collide Londyn opens to you like a novel itself it is divided into chapters chapters into scenes and scenes into sentence it opens to you like a series of rooms do's and passages every direction has a hidden place to explore and to feel the tradition and culture of the people they show tremendous love to the Queen open I through the waves cut through me hypnotized by the sounds up breathing man hold tight hold tight get me close can I hold tight pull pull all being drift only your loss I hold up chemicals collide hold tight hold hold trippy night

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