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Finally I can show you what we did in London. Today I am sharing the first part of my journey in London and I am very excited to share a few special places with you.
Have you ever been to London?

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any card game running guys so I'm just ready to take off to the airplane um copy with me and I will take you with me to see London on me right now arrives at the airport and we have to wait until the gate opening and then it's all gonna be Landin oh my god I'm so excited it's been almost I think two years or something like that and since we've been there and Christina my friend she's now there too and oh my god it's gotta be so amazing I'm crazy like a but youth for which clothing and also art there are some great pieces of art yeah it's gonna be a place to check out which is when Tyrion start serving cereal it's called fury killer and oh my god it's a fantastic there are vents and it to heat up and oh my god I'm just so such a rich man I mean look at them it's a cute we just had lunch and then I already played my workout and opportunity we will this with mr. big man and all this touristy stuff but of course we will meet Frankie and he's gonna show the sky garden and it was very excited because I've been here like two or three times with our movies but I've never been to a garden which is my cell from the main flight and so finally today I'm gonna feed and I'll take you with me and show you how beautiful yes but you gonna pay so now we're we're just having some very spicy Mexican and before we finish sky gardener which is very very you're just about there and you can see London which is so very far away I never realized that I did not many videos Kerala in westfield first few hours and it's just rubbish ball and this middle of the city I just think it is very amazing now we're getting our dinner which will be Edna's oh I really like here he ever goes to do can you have to try that really and then of course we'll head back yeah but to the evening we will not there very good but there's revenge and so we unfortunately can't go downstairs to the serger upstairs very beautiful but downstairs a usual flowers and stuff like that that was real nice yeah for Instagram price on school and I would also like to show it to you very beautiful absolutely don't sign and everyone is so so we should just go there and today while we will be around between us we will go to the top shops are oddly each other well and oh my god yes good evening there's no paper and I will some face masks and oh my god I'm really incorrect to that because yeah the air cards and all this dress and all that I think you might be given for breaking out don't scratch I just I think it's very important to clean your skin very good at you care if you're an oh yeah even if you're traveling like I do and yeah the Chester coos but tomorrow we will be here again so I'm very looking forward to that and now we will go shopping all right I packed not too much with me so I still has enough space to take my shoppings back home so if I will have too much habitus paper I learn more but I hope that my baggage won't be too heavy but yeah yeah

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