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This latest series covers our most recent trip to the UK and Disneyland Paris where we spent the best 10 days sightseeing and playing tourists with my family!

In this video, we spend our last few days in London with family and friends!

We were having so much fun that our vlog footage didn’t have the most cohesive story. As such, this video is more of a travel diary – showing the highlights of our travels around London, sightseeing, shopping for Disney things in Primark and eating our way around Borough Market and various pubs!

We were so excited for this vacation and to finally make it back to the UK! We hope you’ve enjoyed this vacation series – not long til the next one……..

Last week’s video – UK Travel: Windsor Castle, Stonehenge & Bath IN A DAY?!:

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We are NeverNeverGrowingUp, a couple of Disnerds and Walt Disney World cast alumni living in NYC and vlogging our way back to the magic whenever we can! We post weekly videos of our Disney trips, Disney chat or just general Disney fun suitable for the whole family. Thank you for tuning in – stay tuned each week for more!

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what's going on guys welcome to never never going up my name is john and we are here in london counts para los but i think we know where to go i'm gonna go check out this platform that's very popular with a lot of train station people eat change being sufficient missus if you find what we need to go alright go check it out so if you're ever in London and you like a lot of Disney merchandise and clothes and stuff the best place to go check we're gonna go have a look pretty nice senior Bob this isn't my friend earlier do you want it I don't be mourning no I like the mug too it's Friday afternoon Monday morning I love it but earlier why don't you show us the most random thing in this store here's one we found earlier whoever wanted to be a genie put your face in the genie genie lamp teapot that's a lot of fun so if you're a big Harry Potter fan that's actually a huge Harry Potter section here Wow like clothing any luck shopping and did a few – Bryce – Laura market which is the spice mountain actually literally so gonna have some play maybe different very sitting there you Joe that's mine so that Malaysia curry was so good it reminded me of Thai curry a little bit different amount of spice went down like a Jimmy I think we're gonna go look right now meat pie how do you see it are these fun fun how do you how do you say it's fun people say different everywhere north you buy [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] that's how original we're on London Bridge this is the London Bridge this one didn't fall down so I'm having a late night and giant like that just from what do you having regular size yeah nice and warm so pretty much this evening we spent time with our friends that could be our wedding and the strength up we haven't seen in a long time so much fun a good time what's a good way to just finish our day and complete this holiday trip that we had you know and a great time can't wait for a wedding because a lot of and it's ended now we gotta go back to eating ourselves before we go drink tomorrow yep another trip back [Applause] [Applause] get another with a good amount of history hello lovely so it's the end of our journey how do you feel yeah same here right just planning or less a few village half an hour love the kill yeah probably gonna work out well oh it's just – top wish time no baby terminus yes so shortly we're gonna get a taxi to Emporia get last week Express to the most part that is it we are finished hope you guys enjoyed it as much as we enjoyed being like the best yeah we got so much done so much done great trip but now it's time to say goodbye the pets of Oh all the bags pads so we're here at eat here we have a few hours to actually kill ya we are very one thing that I I wanted to win one thing I wanted to do the whole I've been mentioning this health a little walk I've been mentioning a Kelsey was that we have to go to all weathers anyone but yeah but but you guys don't know it yes a restaurant it's a pub restaurant slash it's a version of a pub and like like a Denny's I think that's what I would call it me you know I could be wrong for other people other people would hear that but actually that's how I feel it is it's like a denim but there's no you can have now and what's so cool about it is that so for like for ten pounds you can get like a whole meal and a glass or a pint of a specific beer that you want and it's one of those he's a guy I thought it was such a good deal every time we would come and visit that I always try to make the time and effort to go to spoons but we never had a chance to just been running around we're actually going good places to get food and if it wasn't if it was like quick service top food it would just be something on the go because we have to be somewhere so finally we have some actual time and there's a Weatherspoon's heater in you're right there this one's called the flying horse now we're gonna go check it out have a little bite now I'll show you guys what the actual meals look like years so we're here at the spoons and it's actually a bad example of what a spoons would be because here at the airport they don't have to Pablo deals just because it's an airport we can get away with charging you what everything so a good place to grab good food you know simple victory old map 1939 physicality was an airport and a racing saying goodbye everywhere we go

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  1. My YouTube debut 😂😘 I LOVE that John caught your reaction to me arriving 😱 and also love that that’s how you react to me arriving 🎉 the BESTEST day, I loved meeting all your people 🥰 and I can’t get over johns excitement over spoons! Xox

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