When this RF entered service in 1952 it was originally numbered RF527, a standard London Transport green country bus. It was renumbered as RF308 in 1956 but retained the registration of its previous identity, NLE527. Soon after renumbering RF308 was included in a conversion program that would increase the number of vehicles available for Greenline operation. The requirements for the conversion included installation of overhead luggage racks, rearranged seating (from 41 to 40), partial linoleum flooring, saloon heaters and external fittings to carry Greeline route boards. Standard bus seat cushions and some of the cork flooring was left unchanged.

In the mid 1960’s RF308 was relegated back to bus classification and received yet another conversion, this time to allow ‘one person operation’ and the addition of a parcel rack reduced the seating capacity to 38.

5 thoughts on “LONDON TRANSPORT RF308 Interior Restoration

  1. This is one of the most beautiful single deck buses ever designed. If I had to design it myself, I could not have done it better.
    This is the pinnacle of bus design, there were some nice vehicles before, but, afterward only a few AEC vehicles.
    Nice to see London Country, had a nice ring to it, great finish. Would love to take pictures of this in the country.
    Really nice film.

  2. RF308 is yet another example of master craftsmen at work Well done, this vehicle was without major restoration for over 30 years and deserved all the TLC you could give it. Not a 5 minute job, but patience pays off!

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