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beauty sometimes I get a chance to see it when we go up in our old car for a night out I've had a parking ticket in my time before I was a warden I'll usually find a space to park but it takes a lot of looking for before we can go off on the spray school crossing duty is the best part of my job I love kids and it makes a nice change after being sworn at by some of the motorists it's on this sort of day I think Mather is it worth it wardens never know who they're going to meet on a meter quite surprising sometimes yes of course it's hairy cecum well this happens to most motorists sooner or later and so far as the wardens are concerned it's the end of the story they don't have to chase the motorists for excess charges there's

11 thoughts on “London Traffic Warden: 1967

  1. The most crazy part is there is still nowhere to park because its been made illegal. Typical propoganda to make the people think that the reason for a traffic warden is to allow you to park your car easier.

  2. @rubysson57 All I can say mate is…Its a shame you don't enjoy life as much as I do. Obviously life has not turned out the way you want it to be. A shame. I have looked at your profile & so many people have slated you that there is little point to add to it so instead I wish you a Merry Xmas (I will have a beer & watch the Bond movie) & maybe you can pine for the days when you could leave yr back door open & how your Dad knew the Krays & took you to see England win the world cup in 1966 etc!

  3. Nice to see London in the sixties again, so much more interesting…sorry to see that traffic wardens were just as big a pain then as they are today. Thanks for posting!

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