General Secretary of the London Taxi Drivers Association Steve McNamara talks about the Black Cab industry on Islam Channel’s Living the Life.

well it's time now to introduce our next guest okay tonight's second guest is both hypnotherapist and founder of the free mind project it's a project aimed at of course at 3:00 in the mind quite literally that's right for over 15 years Tom Fortas man has been dedicated to helping people enjoy their lives more whether that be through improvements to their confidence happiness or their self esteem more recently however though Tom has been organizing an event called we are one and from what we understand the event is anything unlike anything of course that we've seen before it examines fun and brings people together in a social gathering – the alcohol and drugs which is quite a rarity here in Europe Tom and your lovely daughter Portia welcome to living the life we're thrilled to have you with us thank you and we're thrilled to be here hello Portia are you excited we're gonna chat with you in a moment first we're gonna have a few questions for you dad okay it's a Tom thank you very much as a welcome free your mind project all sounds very very left-of-center sounds very hippy fied but really it's about it's about helping people to learn to let go to enjoy themselves basically all of the troubles in our own personal world and our international world is driven by fear and so the project is about helping people look at their relationship to fear and give them opportunities to experience themselves without judgment without fear and to get them to contrast the difference and we say you don't come and experience what it would be like and we create an environment where people get to interact with themselves and others without fear and give them a chance to see which they prefer that's almost science yeah it's funny said because of course I'm gonna be honest with you there are gonna be people who simply won't get this concept just yet and we will soar in the conversation but the reality is you know dates that you are of course work you're Harley Street you're very respected in what you do where is that gone now from from being a very much a private affair as a consultant almost to now hitting the mainstream media because obviously your workers is been hitting front of the evening stand more recently yes about your journey you know yes there's a kind of serious clinical hypnotherapist and then running things called hypnosis raves it does sound different for me it's just a different medium by which to get people excited about the power of the mind and the power focus and I'm wrong about kind of wishy-washy psychobabble positivity it's literally about looking at what what is your relationship to yourself and how are you behaving most people aren't actually aware of the degree to which they're held back by judgements and fear and politeness and and which on somewhat a surface is a very decent way of being but it often masked a lot of discomfort and for a lot of people they go out socially certainly in Europe as you were saying and the first thing they do to relax is is go to the bar you know have a few drinks whereas using psychology you're able to create environments where people are put at ease more rapidly and the more people come the more they trust what we're doing when some people first come there you know and then little bit like you're gonna be using group hypnosis to get us being more loving of ourselves and others right yeah that's quite frightening for some people well you mentioned it there I mean most of us are familiar with the concept of hypnotherapy so sitting one-to-one with it with a therapist who will get you into a state of rest or a state over I suppose where you're not where your guard is dropped to some degree and you can be yourself a bit more but on this on a larger scale in in what we can almost call a party environment how does that work in practice totally a party environment I mean to look at it it would look like a nightclub right actually with more energy and at the end I mean the the kind of in billion joy that's happening is is extraordinary and so I mean some people don't take it this far but the encouragement is free downloads so there's a hypnosis recording you listen to before you even get that right and that gets you to set the certainly intention of being more loving of yourself and others to be free of judgment and to be yourself to truly be yourself to experiment with that and there's a tone in that which kind of is the conclusion of that recording a very powerful kind of Basie tone and at the start of the parties we get everybody there we do some things to get them relaxed and then we do a group hypnosis it's about a 10-minute process to get them to reinvigorate that intention there are guys and clothes we get them visualizing leaving having had an amazing night and then we play that time and then we go into 90 minutes NLP is an art is an offshoot of hypnose right okay there'll be some people no doubt watching this and thinking they're mentioning nightclubs what is on earth is going on living the life but let us bring some reality and some simpler you know realism to this we're not talking about adults going together trying to socialize to date one another we're talking about all courtship we're talking you know your own daughter you're taking to these events because absolutely must have been appropriate for all people of all ages right well it's not only appropriate for all ages in a lot of indigenous cultures they celebrate life together it's important for adults to party with children they are not to drop them off at kids party to party to celebrate life with them it's important for kids to dance with adults and for adults to dance with kids you know actually life is so short but actually we die at 90 120 and we're still very young at heart and actually life is that short that we're all very young on the inside and it's good to remember that life can get too serious with the way it can support you what do you think of these events that your daddy's been organizing I think I think I think I'd be really happy if I went to one I sorted Kitty's like you're like oh bring my little girls along too yeah that'd be really interesting and what was your favorite part of these events do you remember anything that you really enjoyed yeah like um this like um like when people like came over to our house and sort of like had a cuddle fish encourage people to relate unconditionally and to go around the room giving people cuddles not because of who you are unconditional love is not loving you because of who you are yeah it's loving you because of who I am yeah and bringing love to situations so we train people how to and this is completely on sexual obviously yeah and it's just about human connection beyond judgment and it's really powerful really powerful for kids though if you think it's the innocence isn't it fortunate because we forget so much children are becoming so there's so much in the modern society where now it's constantly about education education education and aspiration which is great but I think it's often very easy for China of children or certainly young people were their teens especially to lose their innocence so it's great deal you're doing saying positives sergeant we're gonna definitely have to talk

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