My cab’s windscreen was beginning to look ridiculous with all the gadgets I had on there, so I decided to make my own multi cradle to hold everything in one place, and, away from the windscreen. The cradles were removed from their arms and ether glued or screwed to the frame. Everyone will need to make different versions for their gadgets, but this gives the basics for you to start with.

right this is stone cabs in cab in car in cab 11 cabs are gadget holder multiple gadget holder okay now the problem we all have is that we're getting to the point now arrived – dashboards are filling up with gadgets and arms it looks like an octopus is attacking us here here even just I saw taxi the other day with a sat-nav snack right in the middle of the the windscreen which is it's just a goose a total embarrassment now I have a certain that if you could explain to most customers that sat-nav is very useful for long jobs but that's all it's useful for keeping your bag keep it outside and bring it out only when you need it don't have it on show because it's embarrassing people can look on Twitter and if you read the comments if you searched black taxi and stuff like that then you'll see people so normal a black cab is supposed to have the knowledge y'see lots happen ever so put it away guys stop using it if you're saying it's about finding red speed like speed cameras then you should know where they all are number one and number two you shouldn't be speeding anyway okay right so we start off for this l-shaped bit of plastic strip that I got from hardware store wicks whatever and sort of worked out roughly where was hopefully there's not going to stick out too far from the Dutch here or interfere with the indicator on the left here now lupita moment here's one I made earlier now what is this monstrosity yes it's I basically threw it together very quickly for size purposes because I need to make it look pretty I mean it looks pretty ghastly but the idea is that you buy these l-shaped brackets these are metal things and a blip in a hardware store and you bend them into a sort of 45 Plus that maybe maybe 30 degrees up or whichever is your you know viewing angle it's going to go on the dash like that and you bend it up with some pliers and then you can attach it to the one into the strip and the point there being an L shape is because you want part of it to keep it away from the dash to keep it you know so you can access some of the bits because you will cover some of the – I mean the point is is that if you're using ones on the vent you're going to lose your air conditioning in your heater and all that so the way I've position mine is just slightly so I can get my hand hein just for the buttons for the the the in card lighting and all that and then underneath I've still got access to the stereo it's a very you have to sort of tune it to where you want it to be and far enough away not to interfere with the the air coming out the vents and right so what I've done is I've screwed them into the the holders that are not being used for anything and you just you think well is it going to take the weight but it's these they're pretty rigid I mean that you can see the the the teeth marks on there they're going to stay in there so when you it's hard enough to get in leather then get out so that stays in and that will stay on there now so way I've got it set up my little perfect thing is I've got this this video player which I use for when I'm having my dinner for my pink car cooker as you all know and when I'm sitting at rank so that goes in the first one now that one's good as well because it's kind of I broke there's two more l-shaped bracket so I broke the plastic on these things breaks easily so I just made a couple of new ones on the bottom and what it's good for as well because this is adjustable is for when you need to set now if you take the video player out put it away and you can put any device to the set sort of shape in there now the other one in the middle is convenient for the iPhone kun and then in my case I'm on get taxi to get taxi just slots in like that and you've got your good three swings so comfortable you know out of the battle people's way out of the screen the screen is nice and clear as you can see yeah so it's I mean I can't give any more schematics or anything like that it's going to be completely up to you you know the stuff I've got you know the space you've got you've literally got to come down here make some adjustments find out what's comfortable you know there's not going to interfere with indicators or anything like that there's far away from the – you can hit buttons and stuff all that yeah there is going to sometimes you black on the on the on the stereo you have to sort of like what you know is it that's that number of this number but is that it's a it's what you want to sacrifice you want it all up the screen or do you want to be you know out of the way so you can sort of you know not in front of your your vents so you can't get the aircon but there you can see it flies come straight out I mean yeah so go for it guys have fun

11 thoughts on “London taxi black cab multi gadget holder/bracket/cradle, DIY

  1. This bracket is bouncing its bits off just sitting there without driving down crappy London roads. As a London cabby of 19years, my passengers would rather I use a sat nav to Bristol rather than read a map on my lap. Where does he put his bed as he obviously lives in his cab.

  2. I agree about the sat nav part, I'm studying for my taxi license right now, and it doesn't look so professional when a cab driver needs a GPS.. even though I probably will need one a while before I've learned all the streets….

  3. That doesn't sound good. It's counter intuitive – the meter ticks over slowest when a taxi is sitting still or moving slowly, so it's in a drivers best interest to get his customer to their destination quickly and get another fair on board. I assure you if you were in my cab you'd be holding the bars 🙂

  4. I used to love riding in London cabs…but now they seem to drive very slowly and join the traffic when they can avoid it, in order to charge more money. My neighbour who has to use them because she's disabled finds this as well and it's very sad.

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