hi guys I hope you had a great weekend earlier I had some free time so I decided to film a video for you guys I haven't actually filmed in a while and I've recently moved to this new place so I thought I'd film a studio flat tour for you so yeah here's the video so this is what you first see when you go into my flat I have this little hallway thing that me right there came with a flat so I'd already know where that's from and I have this thing from my tΓ­a where I store some of my shoes and I got that from Marks & Spencer it was on sale from 45 to 20 pounds so that was good I absolutely love my little hallway it makes my studio a little bit more homely and I have this shopping trolley bag and I do my grocery and just some slippers and my heater and here is my bathroom there's two lights one is for like bright sir one and the other one is just a little light here which is good like during the evening because I don't really want like bright full-on lights all right yeah so this is my bathroom it's just a standard sized bathroom it's perfect size for me I have shower I have bath and there's some toiletries absolutely love rituals so how my bathroom is a little bit and by oil is like the best and I always have some lush products this one here is so good it makes your hands so soft afterwards I need to try this some little hooks that I use this one is from H&M and yeah just a little heaters well put things so yeah that's my bathroom nice and clean and to my right here is my bedroom slash living room this bed came with a flat and so as the sofa there yeah and this is my little cute setup where I do most of my work and stuff it's just like a monitor where I can plug in my laptops with so I can watch Netflix and you know stuff and then this way I don't have to pay I'm TV licence and my usual hanging rail for my clothes I've got some random stuff in here that during the summer and this one my friend gave me this the other day is a boss I can't wait to actually use this like look how cute and elegant that looks like I love it thanks Andy so anyway this desk is from ikea same as this Africa where I got the monitor from but this is Dell I like it because I really need like a bigger screen from when I'm working from home so I can just plug my work laptop there as well and I love that this is grey because otherwise everything will be too white here and I don't want that and my phone I'm just blogging and just charging and yeah it's just adding some day old plans to add some color to it and this globe thing as you all know if you watched my previous video is from TK Maxx this chair though although it looks a nice like this it's not uncomfortable when I'm working so I'll probably buy a new hair sometime soon but for now this will do yes cute little space it's just perfect size for everything really it gives me space to work out here and it's also easier for me to watch from my sofa and my bed and here is where I do my makeup in the morning I just caught he really and I've got this massive mirror from Ikea I've had this mirror for 33 years now I think so it's a really good investment makes my room looks a bigger – so yeah this mirror cost around 80 pounds I believe as my bed and then this canvas is from Ikea as well basically most of my stuff are from Ikea including this little carpet here this was 27 pounds at first I'm not really sure if this suits here but I guess it makes it a little bit more homely so I like it now I've also added this little plant for my key again surprise and this is me I can't be bothered to get changed so excuse me and over here is my little display area where I put some of like my stuff like this accessory holder from John Lewis my little blue Yeti microphone which I should really use more actually and just some of my perfumes over here then this clock is from TK Maxx it goes with this and the overall theme in my room yeah that's how it looks for now oh this one is from Ikea again it's 25 pounds I believe it's really affordable and just look sleek and nice and over there is just like a hook where I have some of my backpacks and bags and hats and stuff as you can see it's just like a black and beige oh my god that just white like the same colors I love just neutral colors really because it goes with everything so yeah that's how it looks in that corner and over here is my little wardrobe is actually quite worried at first before I moved in that I won't be able to fit most of my clothes in here but it actually is quite spacious inside it's still a bit messy so excuse the state of it for now I've hang some of my clothes in there and there's also drawers here right but my trousers and jeans and stuff adapted the qunari method which is really useful because it's now easier for me to like kick my trousers in the morning and it's also easier for me to put it back in there and same for everything else really I've I've just arranged it like that kisses a lot easier lots of clothes and just like some extra bed covers in there also that's up here there's space for where I put some of my handbags as well which is quite good so yeah it's not bad space but this bed here has under bed storage so that's where I put some of my stuff as well like my summer clothes so we got and obviously I have that rail as well which is quite helpful I have this little plant as well and I have this little glasses drawer thing from muji are so cute I love it and this one is from the Philippines I forgot where I got that now yeah and and obviously I have a little store as well because I can never reach stuff and just my laundry basket and over here is another display this came with a flat so I just had to like make something out of it I thought I just frames hmm some books and yeah and here is my lovely little kitchen I love this because because it's wire then it's just like spurt and it's just like perfect space for me so yeah that's pretty much my place I hope you enjoyed that video and probably film another video sharing some advice for you guys support to expect to what to do when moving and many more I'm gonna be working on posting more stuff again soon so if you have anything that you don't want me to film just let me know leave a comment down below or leave me a message thank you again for watching I hope you enjoy the rest of your week and yeah see you soon

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